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The following is the fourth part of a list of manufacturers of vintage cinematographic equipment, with most of the apparatus they marketed. It is by no means complete, but a basis for expansion.
Presently you will find the country of origin, year of manufacture and size. The ACR number, if mentioned, refers to Ariel's Cinematography Register. I expand it continuously with more images and data on other apparatus. In general this list closes in the year 1965 with the introduction of super 8mm.
For super 8 movie cameras refer to Anssi Puistot's list
I listed apparatus I could not find the manufacturer of under Various

In many cases I am not sure of the years of manufacture. For guidance I have made guesses with a question mark. Of course all data are tentative.

I'm always grateful for any info you can supply to correct or update this list. Email to: but delete the word NOSPAM from the address.

If you like to find out more about a certain apparatus, click on the first letter of the name of the manufacturer to go to the relative section of this list. If the apparatus is not listed look for a model number near to it for an approximate date. As models often have a different name than that of the manufacturer you might also search with the Ctrl+F keys or the 'search this site' window below.

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Pagu/Projektions A.G. Union, (1902 Frankfurt, from 1912 Berlin), Germany

Paillard (see Bolex (click)

Palmer, George, Great Britain

Panavision, San Fernando Valley, CA, USA

Paragon Camera Co., Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

Paramount Mfg. Co./Motion Picture Machine, Boston, USA

Paris-London Universal-Studios ??

Parmentier, Maison, Brussels, Belgium

Parnaland , Ambroise-François (1854-1913), Paris, France

Pathé Frères (Pathé S.A.), Paris, France (See also Pathescope below)


Projectors (Pathé, see also Pathéscope below))

Various (Pathé, Pathescope, Pathex, Pathé-Norris)

Pathéscope, Great Britain.

Cameras (Pathéscope)

Projectors (Pathéscope))

Pathéscope Co. of America, New York, USA.

Pathex = American or German Pathé. See Pathé, France and Pathescope, Great Britain above

Paul, Robert, Great Britain

Payá, Spain

Peak / J.S. Frieze & Co., Ltd., London, UK

Peerless / Camera Productions Ltd., London, Great Britain

Peko Inc., Chicago, USA.

Pentacon VEB, Dresden, East Germany, DDR (see VEB Kamera und Kinowerke)

Pepsodent, USA

Perfex/Candid Camera Corp.of America, Chicago, USA

Périnal, Georges, London, UK

Perkin-Elmer Aerospace Systems, Pomona, USA

Petri Camera Co., Kuribayashi Camera Works, Tokyo, Japan

Phantoscope Manufacturing Co., Washington, USA

Phebus, Marseille, France


Philips Gloeilampen Fabriek N.V./Philips Cinema, Eindhoven, Netherlands/Norelco, USA

Around 1932 Philips obtained the rights to J.Nitzsche projectors. In 1970 it sold its cinema activities to Kinoton in Munich, Germany.

Phillips, Richard, Great Britain

Photec?????????, USA

Photo Cines, USA

Photographic Industries Corporation

Photo-Kinetics Inc., New York, USA / James Ippolito & Co., Inc.

Photonic Systems Inc., Santa Clara / Photographic Analysis Company", Wayne, NJ, USA

Photophone Ltd, Bombay, India

Photo-Sonics Inc., Burbank, USA

Picard & Launay, France

Picturoscope (designed by Charles E. Dresssler, New York)

Pink,J.J., Chicago, USA

Pipon & Pressecq, France

Pio Pion, Officine, Milan, Italy

Pirou ??

Plank KG, Ernst, Nürnberg, Germany (EP) 1866 - 1932. (see Plank below)

Ernst Plank logo. See also Plank/Norris below

Plank KG, Ernst (E.P.) - Noris Projektion, Nürnberg, Germany 1932 - 1980). See also Plank K.G. above. Schaller Bros. took Plank over in 1932 and used the name Noris for their movie apparatus. In 1935 the firm Falk was acquired.

PLB, Paris, France

Pockette: see International Projector Corp., New York

Poch, Novedades, Barcelona, Spain

Polaroid Corp., Mass. USA

See: Precinema

Pordell Projector Inc., New York, USA

Powers Co., Nicholas, N.Y., USA (changed name in 1925 to International Projector Corp., New York, N.Y. after merger.)


See Reynaud,, Plank and Kodak (various)


See Après la Pluie, FranceBing, Carette, Dannhorn, Delagrave, Eckenrath, Falk, Hoffman, Hughes, K.H. as well as Flipbooks and Filoscope. Also precinema links

Precision Engineering Pty. Ltd., Sydney, Australia

Precision Machine Co., New York, USA (founded in 1909. After 1929/30 see International Projector Corp., New York)

Presenta Ltd, London, Great Britain

Prestwich Mfg. Co., London, Great Britain

(see also Mitchell & Kenyon and Hughes, represented in the USA by The Motion Picture Apparatus Co. Inc., New York, R.Hastings, agent.)

Prévost, Établ. Lucien, Paris, France

Prevost S.P.A., Attilio, Milano, Italy

Prince, Le, Louis Aime Augustin(1842-1890), Leeds, Great Britain

See also here

Prinz International Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Professional Cine Products, Dallas Texas, USA. Later: Gordon Yoeder Inc.

(Conversion of Mitchell 16mm cameras)

Projectors NZ Ltd, onehunga, New Zealand (projectors of various models were made for the NZ market)

Projektions-Maschinenbau Gmbh, Düsseldorf, Germany

Proszynskiego, OKO, (Kazimierz Proszynski 1875-1945), Poland (see also Aeroscope

Protonic AG

Proyecson, Valencia, Spain

Pruzhinnyi,USSR See Lomo and Neva

Publicinax ?, France


Quarz (see Krasnagorsk)

Quixie, USA

Q.R.S. Company,Chicago, USA (1902 to 1929)(Merged with DeVry Co. in 1929)


Radex, sold through Woolworth, London, UK

Radio - Cinéma, Cie, Paris, France

Radiquet & Massiot, Paris, France

Radius, Marseille, France

Randall J.& L., Great Britain

Rangertone Research Inc., Nutley, N.J., USA

Rank-Aldis, Great Britain

Ray projectors (see Bingoscope)

RCA-Photophone Inc. (Westinghouse), USA

RCA Victor Co. Inc. , Camden, USA

Realtone, Japan?

Rebikoff, Dimitri, Cannes, France

Rector, Enoch J. USA (also Ikonograph)

Red Lake Labs Inc., Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, Ca, USA

See also Fastax. Service: Visual Instrumentation Corp.

Rees Frères, Van, Brussels, Belgium

Reger Manufacturing ? , USA

Reid & Co., London

Relexi, Spain

Reno?, Italy.

Reulos & Goudeau Co., France.

Revere Camera Co., Chicago, USA 1939 - 1968?(click also here for another list)(Revere was sold in 1960 to 3M.)(See also Sears Roebuck)

Cameras: See also Schwinger: Movie cameras

Projectors (Revere):

Rex?, France

Rexer Camera Corp., Chicago, USA

Rexina? , Japan

Reynaud, Emile, France

Richardson Camera Co., Burbank, USA

Richmond Research Corp., Richmond Hill, N.Y., USA

Richter Cine Equipment, Essex, USA

  • Ricoh Co.Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

    • Ricohmite 88 E 1960 camera lens Rikenon 1.8/13mm 2x8mm ACR 1055
    • Ricoh Auto Zoomstar Standard 1961 camera zoom 1.8/11,5-34,5mm 2x8mm
    • Ricoh Auto Zoomstar Super 1961 camera 1.8/8-32mm 2x8mm
    • Ricoh Auto (Trioscope, 3-teeth claw) 8P (de Luxe, Dualmatic) 1960 projector regular 8mm
    • Ricoh Sound 8 1961 record & play magn.sound projector regular 8mm
    • Ricoh Zoomex (Zoomlex) 1962 camera zoom 1.8/10-30mm 2x8mm
    • Ricoh Auto zoom (B Reflex zoom 1.8/10-30mm)1964 camera 2x8mm
    • Ricoh Zoomphonic 1964? camera zoom Ricoh-Tominon 1.8/10-30mm 2x8mm

    Rien & Beckmann, Hannover, Germany

    • Projector 35mm 1912/3

    Riley Brothers, Bradford, London, Great Britain, New York, USA

    • Kinetoptoscope 1896 projector (Cecil Wray, designer)

    Risdon Mfg. Co., The, USA

    • Risdon model A 1931 16mm camera

    Roama, Australia?

    Robinson & Sons, J., Luzo, Great Britain

    • Camera Obscura - Zeitform ACR 0819

    Rokuo-Sha, Tokyo, Japan

    . (Their cameras were marketed through Konica)
    • Rokuoh-sha 1941 type 89 aerial gun camera 35mm

    Rola K.N.W., Tokyo, Japan

    Rolls, Japan / Grt. Britain
    I get conflicting reports on Rolls. one says that Rolls cameras were withdrawn from the British market, because of possible legal action by Rolls Royce or Rolls Razor Co., Japan, for infringement on their name. The cameras were imported (from Japan?) by Alan Bloom in Great Britain. Yet the projector below bears the mark Rolls Razor Ltd, made in England)

    Rondo Co.Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

    • Rondo Electrica 1959? camera 2x8mm
    • Rondo Electric Eye 1959 camera 2x8mm
    • Rondo 88 Cinelec (3-turret) MD8T 1959 camera 2x8mm
    • Rondo model 850 1961 projector regular 8mm
    • Rondo Zoom 8 model P 1962? camera 2x8mm
    • Rondo Cinematic 8 (Z-801) 1962 3-turret camera 2x8mm
    • Rondo Cinematic Zoom 1963? camera 2x8mm
    • Rondo 8 T Traveler 1963? camera 2x8mm

    Ronkonkoma, New York, USA

    • Apollo QL 100 1975? sound projector 16mm

    Rosko, Hong Kong

  • Rosko Electric 1960? battery operated camera 2x8mm (similar to Anglia camera and H & G

      Ross & Co., Thomas, Great Britain

      • Lantern Wheel of Life 1871 Optical toy ACR 0834
      • Lantern Wheel of Life 1875 Optical toy ACR 0835

      Ross Ltd., 11 New Bond Street, London, Great Britain

      I do not know whether this famous optical company had any connection with, or was the successor of Ross & Co. above.
      • Projector 1918 35mm (according to 'Barnes')

      Roul Scope, France

      • Roul Scope 1897 France UNB Optical toy ACR 0836

      Roume & Martinet, Paris, France

      • Planeta 1928 projector 35mm

      Rous, France

      • Rous projector Duo Quartz 1968? regular and super 8mm

      Rowe ??

      • Pictorialograph 1898 projector (mentioned in Hopwood's 'Living Pictures')
      Royal, Stockholm, Sweden

      Royal Optical Co. (Distributed by Ralph J. Golsen, Chicago)(Royal projectors were also sold by Atlas Motion Picture Comp., Chicago in 1927)

      Rubica Seiko Ltd., Japan

      • Rubica Zoom R8 camera 1962? zoom Lens Rubica 1.8 12/32mm 2x8mm
      • Rubica R 8 Zoom EE 1962? camera zoom lens Magnon 2x8mm

      Ruffell, Great Britain

      • Bioscope 1905? projector 35mm
      • Vulcan 1915? projector 35mm

      Russian/East German cameras/projectors.

      See also Russian Cine and Photo Cameras and RafCamera. I'm sorry but I'm a bit groping a bit in the dark as far as what equipment was made by which manufacturer on account of language difficulties. Erkan Umut has been a great help with corrections. Visit his site: by clicking here. .

      Russokow Can Co., Chicago, USA

      • Komic Kamera toy 1939 35mm filmstrip viewer


      Sack, Franz, Germany

      • Riesenkaleidoskop 1850 Optical toy ACR 0556

      Sadar/Société Anonyme d' Appareillage Radio-Electrique, Paris, France

      SAFAC LB (Société Anonyme de Fabrication d'Appareils de Cinéma) As from 1958 manufactured Movirex cameras for GIC holdings

      • Movirex 1958-59 camera 8mm (15m reels, similar to GIC 8)
      • Movirex V59/8, V60/8 1959-61 camera as above with 5 speeds 2x8mm
      • Movirex 9,5 1958-59 camera (similar to GIC 9,5) 9,5mm
      • Movirex V59/9,5, V60/9,5 camera as above with 5 speeds 9,5mm
      • Movirex 16 1958-59 camera (similar to GIC 16) 16mm (15m reels)
      • Movirex V59/16, V60/16 camera as above with 5 speeds
      • Super Movirex 1958-59 same as V59/8 with 3-turret 2x8mm
      • Super Movirex B 59/8, B60/8 1959 camera 2x8mm ACR 0375 (as above with multifocal viewfinder)
      • Super Movirex 9,5 camera 1958-59 as Movirex V59/9,5 with 3-turret 9,5mm
      • Super Movirex B59/9,5, B60/9,5 camera 9,5mm (as above with multifocal viewfinder)
      • Super Movirex 16 1958-59 as V59/16 with 3-turret 16mm
      • Super Movirex B 59/16, B60/16 1957 camera 16mm ACR 0376 (as above with multifocal viewfinder) 16mm

      Safety Projector and Film Co., Duluth, USA

      Sala Spiele - Bernhard Kellich, Germany

      • Lebensrad mittel, zootrope ACR 0549

      Sales Producers, London, Great Britain

      • Wundatone 1936? sound projector 16mm
      • Peerless 1937 silent projector 9,5/16mm (re-appeared as Triplico)
      • Kirax 1939 sound projector 16mm (blimp case)

      Salonika/Kosmas Dosigenis, Thessaloniki, Greece

    • Salex, seeCity Sales

      Sankyo Seiki Mfg. Co. Ltd., Japan

      • Sankyo 8 T 1957 3-turret camera 2x8mm
      • Sankyo 8 L and Y 1958 cameras 2x8mm
      • Sankyo 8-R 1958 3-turret canmera 2x8mm
      • Sankyo S 1959 camera, Sankyo 1.9/13mm lens, 2x8mm
      • Sankyo 8-E 1959 3-turret camera 2x8mm
      • Sankyo Zoom 8 (REF8, XLF) 1960 camera 2x8mm
      • Sankyo Movimat 1960 3-turret camera, Pronon lenses 2x8mm
      • Sankyo 8VP 1961 projector regular 8mm
      • Sankyo 8 CM Super Micro 1962 camera 2x8mm, Pronon zoomlens, ACR 1056
      • Sankyo 8 R 1962 3-turret camera 2x8mm
      • Sankyo 8 Z 1961 camera (Sankyo zoomlens) 2x8mm ACR 1057
      • Sankyo Auto (4x or 5 X) 1963 zoom camera 2x8mm ACR 1058
      • Sankyo Loadmatic 1963? projector 8mm
      • Sankyo Super Macro-Focus 606 1972 camera super 8

      Santa-Graf Corporation Chicago, Il., USA,

      • Aerial camera 1928? 16mm

      S & B Manufacturing Corp, Brooklyn, N.Y., USA,

      Schädel & Co. , Düsseldorf, Germany

      • R.S.C.-Stahlprojektor I 1926 projector 35mm

      Schalie Collée, Switzerland

      • S.C. Kamera (chrom) 1931 camera 16mm ACR 0240
      • S.C. Kamera (schwarz) 1931 camera 16mm ACR 0420

      Schimmel, A. , Berlin, Germany

      • Theatrograph 1907 projector 35mm

      Schimpf, Kurt, Werkstat für Kinematographie, Berlin, Germany

      Schlicker, Herman (see Vitalux, Spirograph)

      Schneider, Eberhard, New York, USA

      Schneider & Sohn, Essen, Germany (1949-1951)

      • C III 1949 projector 35mm
      • S 50 1950 projector 35mm

      Schoenner, Jean, Nürnberg, Germany

      Schokking jun., A. J., Netherlands

      • Camera Obscura ACR 0543

      Schoenner, Jean, Nürnberg, Germany

      • Jubilee 1902? (kerosene) magic lantern
      • Camera Obscura - 1905 Camera obscura ACR 0546
      • Laterna Magica - 1905 magic lantern ACR 0533
      • Laterna Magica magic lantern ACR 0801
      • Laterna Magica 1905 magic lantern ACR 0534
      • Laterna Magica - 1890 magic lantern ACR 0535
      • Laterna Magica magic lantern ACR 0802

      Schottlaender, Germany

      • Peepshow 1896

      Schustek, A.,USA

      • Seeligs Standard Camera 1920 35mm

      Screnus, Great Britain (Sold through Gamages). The camera/projector was so badly made that the company went bust rapidly. The unused spare parts were bought up and production resumed without the name of the failed company on the nameplate)

      • Cinecamera 1935 (1932?) camera/proj. 9,5mm ACR 1059

      Sears Roebuck & Co., Simpson, USA
      This department store/mail-order house marketed under their name numerous cameras and projectors of different manufacturers. For example:

      • Optigraph 35mm projector 1898 (mentioned on pg. 185 of Hopwood's 'Living Pictures')
      • Premier projector 17,5mm (2 perf. per frame) 1905 (similar to Ikonograph, acetylene lamp)
      • The Movie King 1925? toy movie/slide projector 35mm
      • ACE 1929? projector 16mm
      • Movie King model R 846, R 849 1930? silent projectors 16mm
      • Happi Time 6265/6266 silent projector 16mm 1938?
      • Tower 803 1955? sound projector 16mm
      • Tower T-87 1957? projector 2x8mm
      • Tower (Revere) T-92 1957? single lens camera 2x8mm
      • Tower (Revere) T-94 1957? magazine single lens camera 8mm
      • Tower (Revere) T-182, T-185 1958 8mm 3-turret camera
      • Tower 9125 1959 Varizoom double 8mm camera
      • Tower 9189 1959? 3-turret double 8mm camera
      • Tower (SUPER) Automatic 1959? double 8mm projector lens 1.6
      • Sears Simpson model 3-9145 Automatic Electric 8mm camera 1960? 2x8mm
      • Tower 584 1961? double 8 camera with varizoomlens 1.8/9-27mm (Yashica)
      • Tower 584 1961? regular 8mm projector
      • Tower P-911 1962? regular 8mm projector (Revere)
      • Tower Varizoom 1962? camera 2x8mm
      • Sears 3XL Auto Zoom 1962? camera (lens 1.3/8.5-25.5mm) 2x8mm
      • Sears Reflex Zoom 1962? 2x8mm camera
      • Sears Easi Load 1962? cine 2x8mm
      • Sears 'Ted Williams' model 584 cartridge load Varizoom 1963? camera 2x8mm
      • Sears / Bell & Howell 1964? sound projector 8mm
      • Adams 940 automatic loading 1964? projector 8mm

      Seeber, Guido, Germany

      • Bioptik Kino Kamera 1920 camera 35mm ACR 0682

      Seischab & Co., Germany

      • Heimprojektor 1930 projector 35mm ACR 0756
      • Esco-Prima 1,2,3 1928 projectors 16mm

      Sekonic Optical Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan / Copal Co. Ltd., Japan

      • Sekonic 8 1960 camera 8mm
      • Sekonic 30-D 30-C 1960 projectors regular 8mm
      • Sekonic Auto Load 1960? projector regular 8mm
      • Sekonic Ideal PM-33 1960? projector regular 8mm
      • Sekonic 30 J 1960? projector regular 8mm
      • Sekonic Elmatic 1960? 3-turret camera 2x8mm
      • Sekonic 8 Zoom (10-30, 1,8) 1961 camera 8mm ACR 1060
      • Sekonic 80-J, 80-P (PB) 1962 projectors zoomlens regular 8mm
      • Sekonic Dual Run Simplomat 1962 camera (rotating film chamber)2x8mm
      • Sekonic Dualmatic 1963 camera 8mm ACR 1061
      • Sekonic 46 Eye Matic 1963? 3-turret camera 2x8mm
      • Sekonic Dual Run Simplomat 10,5-32mm auto-exposure control 1963 camera 2x8mm
      • Sekonic Dual Run Simplomat 80-100 Resonar 1.8/11,5-32 1964 camera 2x8mm
      • Sekonic Micro-Eye 53EE (D, F3) 1964 zoom (1.8/11,5-32mm)camera 8mm
      • Sekonic Dualmatic Zoom(11,5-32/1.8) 8 model 100 1964 camera 8mm
      • Sekonic Dualmatic Zoom 130B 1964 camera double 8mm

      Selic, Ciné, France

      See Ciné Selic (Claude Mettavant) and <"">Société d'Exploitation de Licences Industrielles et Commerciales

      The Selig Polyscope Co.Chicago, USA

      (Col. W.N./Andrew Schustek,)

      Sem, Aurec, France

      In 1942 Paul Royet founded « Société des Etablissements Modernes de Mécanique » (SEMM abbreviated to SEM)
      • Véronic 3 LR 1960-64 camera 8mm ACR 1063
      • Virginie 1962 camera 8mm ACR 1064

      SEP, Société d'Exploitation Photographique, Paris, France

      • Sep Perfect Elec B8 M 1950-52 camera (Berthiot 2.5/12,5mm) 2x8mm

      Serra & Co, Fratelli, Italy

      • Tek Tipo B 2 1918 projector 35mm ACR 1065


      • Battery operated projector regular 8mm 1958?

      Shinko Electrical Co., Tokyo, Japan

      • GR-MPS-1 projector 35mm

      SIC, Societe Industrielle de Cinematographie Marseille

      Siemens & Halske AG, Berlin, Germany Cameras:

      Siemens projectors

      Silma, Italy

      • Silma 120, 130 M 1960? projector regular 8mm
      • Silma Sonik 8 1961 magn. sound projector regular 8mm
      • Silma 240, 250 -S 1956 magn. sound projector regular 8mm
      • Silma Compact 8 1965? projector regular 8mm
      • Silma 8 Zoom 1965? projector regular 8mm
      • Telematic 1966 projector regular 8mm (also super 8 model)

      Silver, Cine, Japan/Hong Kong?

      Simplex (see International Projector Corp., New York (Simplex 16mm camera and 35mm projectors) and Precision Machine Co., New York.Latest manufacturer: Simplex Projector Co., New York (purchased in 1983 by Ballantyne (see)). Marketing through Strong International, USA (see)

      Simplex Photo Products Co., New York, USA

      Simplex-Ampro Ltd. Great Britain

      • Ampro P20 forerunner of the Major sound projectors
      • Ampro Major Mark II 1955 optical sound projector 16mm
      • Ampro Major Mark III 1956 optical/magnetic sound projector 16mm
      • Ampro Major Mark IV 1957 magnetic playback projector 16mm
      • Ampro Marine 1956 optical sound projector DC 16mm
      • Ampro New Educational optical sound projector 16mm
      • Ampro Standard and Universal 1956 optical sound projector

      Sinemat Motion Picture Machine and Radio Machine Co. Inc., New York, USA


      • Schoomaster 500, 750 1962 magnetic sound projectors 16mm
      • Graflex 700, 820 1964 magnetic sound projectors 16mm
      • Graflex 900 1962 silent projector 16mm
      • Graflex 915, 920 EX 1970? magnetic sound projector 16mm
      • Graflex 1000 G, 1015, 1100, 1970? sound projector 16mm
      • Sixteen Sound (1021) projector 16mm
      • Instaload 16 (1115a, 2110/20, XL) 1970? sound projector 16mm

      Skandinavisk Aero Industrie

      Skladanowski, Max & Emil, Berlin, Germany

      Slechta, Czechoslovakia (see Cinephon)

      Smith & Co., Dr. J. H., Zurich, Switzerland

      • Smith Patent Cinematograph Camera 1897 camera/projector 35mm ACR 1070

      Sochor F., Vienne, Austria

      Soho Ltd., London, Great Britain

      Soligor/Nihon Seiki, Japan

      • Soligor 1960? camera (lens 13mm 1.8) 8mm

      Solus, Cinema Solus, Et. Bancarel, Paris, France

      • Solus 1924 table projector 35mm 12 V. 4 A. bulb

      Sommor, Paris, France

      • Armor 1951? projector 8mm 10V. 7,5 A
      • Armor 8 (Armorette/Sommor Junior/Armor Luxe/Kerjean) 1951-1961 cameras 2x8mm
      • Armor 60(75 W.) 120(150W.) 1956? projectors 8mm
      • Armor Somaflex 1956 camera 2x8mm
      • Armor C Reflex (Artflex, Combourg) 1956-61 camera 8mm
      • Armor C (Luxe, Kériolet, Armorette C, Armor Automatique) 1958-61 single lens cameras 2x8mm
      • Armor C Luxe 2 (ELM) 1958 camera 2x8mm ACR 0685
      • Armor C Reflexe a Lunette (Dinan) 1958-61 camera 2x8mm ACR 0686
      • Armor modèle Super 1960 TBE (G7) projector regular 8mm (Shown upside down?)

      Soyuz? (= Union). Factory unknown), USSR

      SP , see Sales Producers

      Specto Ltd., (1935 - 1960), Windsor, Great Britain.
      They also made Spectone taperecorders.

      Spiral / E. & H.T. Anthony & Co., New York, USA

      Spirograph (of Henri W.Joy) 1907 (See Urban)

      Sprague Specialities Co., North Adams, Mass., USA

      Stachow, Berlin, Germany

      Standard Projector Co., The, Edwardstown, South Australia

      Starfield & Co., Toronto, Canada

      Stedman, Great Britain. (I wonder whether this equipment ever reached the market)

      • Stedman 9 studio model 9,5mm cine camera with 150' magazine 1932?
      • Portable Talkie equipment: Pathé Baby projector and an electrically driven camera coupled to gramophone.1932?

      Steeg & Reuter, Dr., Germany

      • Laterna Magica System Dubosque 1850 magic lantern ACR 0770

      Stein Co., William P., USA.

      • (William Fox) Natural Color 192? camera 35mm (two color filters exposing two frames simultaneously). In 1953 Paramount bought a few of these cameras and converted them into the widescreen Vistavision format to film the movie White Christmas. It was also called the "Lazy-8" because it pulled the film across horizontally in 8 perforation frames.

      Stephens Products, Connecticut, USA

      Stephens Products Inc., Middletown, USA

      • Mickey Mouse Club model 488 1949? toy plastic battery operated (filmstrip?) projector

      Stereoscopic & Photographic Co., London, Great Britain

      Sterling Camera Co., USA?

      Stern Co., David, Chicago USA

      Stewart Warner Co. Chicago, USA

      St. George Cine Equipment Co. Hong Kong

      Stineman Systems, Los Angeles, USA

      Strong Electric Co., Toledo, Ohio, USA

      • Junior 1935? projector 35mm

      Strong International, USA/ The Strong Electric Comp., Toledo, O, USA See for Simplex also International Projector Corp. Manufacturer/Sales Agency of Ballantyne, Simplex and Century modern cinema projectors, Balantyne of Omaha Inc., and ICECO.

      Style Toys Ltd., Great Britain

      • Mirrorscope 1920 Optical toy ACR 1072

      Suchanek, J, Brno, Czechoslovakia (1934-37, see Meopta)

      Suga Co. Ltd.

      Sun Coast Merchandising Co., Los Angeles, USA

      • Sunscope 1961? camera regular 8mm

      Superson, Spain

      S.V.E./Society for Visual Education Inc, Chicago, USA

      Swanson, Crawford Film Co., St. Louis, USA

      Synchrophone Ltd. Great Britain (Branch of Curwens music publishers)

      Sziraki, Germany


      Talkiola Corp., New York, USA

      • Talkiola 1931 projector/gramophone 16mm

      Technicolor Corp., Hollywood, USA

      Teledyne Camera Systems, Arcadia, USA

      • Milliken/Teledyne DBM 74 1960? sound-on-film camera 16mm
      • McDonnell Douglas KB 25A or 27A gun sight camera 1970? 16mm

      Telford Products Ltd., Great Britain

      Tellag AG, Zug, Switzerland

      • Tellcin S8 1970 camera super 8 (after Bolsey 8, only 50+ were reportedly produced. See also Bolsey)

      Terta (Elektroimpex), Budapest, Hungary

      • Terta Sound BM 2006 1958? Optical/Magnetic recording 16mm projector
      • Terta 8 (also Cinérex) 1960 projector regular 8mm

      Tesla, Czechoslowakia

      • Tesla Memoclub sound projector 16mm

      Texas General, USA

      • Texas General TGX 16 camera 16mm

      Theoscope / Mendel, Charles, Paris, France

      • Theoscope mutoscope like animated viewer of rolls of 700 cards round 1900

      Thornton-Pickard Mfg. Co., Altrincham, Great Britain

      Thunderbird/S.B. Manufacturing, Brooklyn N.Y., USA

      • Thunderbird 1500 1955 projector (150 Watt) 8mm

      Tobis Klangfilm, Berlin, Germany

      • Slechta sound camera 35mm 1941? 35mm
      • Slechta 16mm camera prototype 1945

      Todd AO, USA

      Toei?, Japan

      Tokiwa Seiki Co. Ltd., Japan

      Tokowa Co., Japan

      • Tokowa 'Portable' sound projector 1965?

      Tolana, Italy

      • Tolana Sonoflex S 15 camera 16mm

      Tolkiola Corp., New York, USA

      • Talkiola 1931 gramophone/projector 16mm

      Tondo/Polistil S.N.C. Italy

      Tor Optical Co. Ltd, Japan

      • Tormat 8EEZ 1963 camera 2x8mm Cinetor 1.8 zoomlens

      Tor Optical Co.Ltd., Japan

      • Tor Reporter 8 EEPZ 1963? camera 2x8mm
      • Tormat 8 EEZ 1963? zoomlens camera 2x8mm
      • Tormat 8 1965 camera 2x8mm

      Torpedo Motion Picture Machine, USA

      • Standard Torpedo Motion Picture machine 1910?

      Towa, Osaka, Japan

      Tower, see Sears Roebuck

      Traid Corp., Sherman Oaks, USA

      • Traid 500 hi-speed 1950? US Navy camera 100-200 f.p.s. 16mm

      Tricolor Inc., San Francisco, USA (see Colorco)

      Triplico, Direct Trading Organisation Ltd.,Liverpool (see Sales Producers)

      Triunfo, Sao Paulo, Brasil Brasilian cinema projector manufacturer.

      Trixine / Tenag S.A., Neuchatel, Switzerland

      • Trixine Cine bakelite toy projector using 2 vertical frames animated 35mm filmstrip 1950? (Dux alike)

      Trojan Sporting Goods Co., Chicago, USA

      TSI/ Technical Service Inc., Livonia, MI, USA. See DeVry (lite)

      • TSI Moviematic model 6 continuous loop sound projector 16mm 1945

      Tsugami, Japan

      • Tsugami-8 1959 camera 2x8mm (looks like Zeiss Movikon-8 camera)

      Turchi, Antoine, Marseilles, France

      • Ciné 9,5 (model D) 1937? (amateur?) projector 9,5mm

      Tuscarora Advertising Co. USA

      • Animatoscope 1900 optical toy

      Twencen Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Great Britain

      • Designoscope 1910 Optical toy ACR 0823

      Tylar, W., Birmingham, Great Britain

      • Lanternescope 1908 glass slides viewer ACR 1074

      Tyler, Great Britain

      • Indomitable 1910 projector 35mm


      Uncle Sam. Durable Toy and Novelty Corp.,New York, USA

      Union Tonbildmaschinenbau- und Vertriebs Ges., Berlin, Germany

      • Gigant projector 16mm

      United States Projector & Electronics Corp., Washington USA

      Universal Camera Corp. New York, USA

      Universal Camera Co., (Division of) Burke & James Inc., Chicago, USA

      Universel, France

      • Universel model 12.111 1934 camera 16mm
      • Universel type 36 1934 camera 9,5 or 16mm ACR 0257 (also available hand cranked)
      • Universel Grand Amateur 1935 camera 9,5mm ACR 0690
      •">Universel type Monobloc 1935? cinema projector 35mm
      •">Universel type ACC 1935? cinema projector 35mm

      Unknown. See 'Various' below.

      Urban Bioscope Co./Charles Urban Trading Co.Ltd., London, Great Britain

      Click for more info on Charles Urban. Urban was manager of the Warwick Trading Co. from 1897-1903). After 1903 Charles Urban Trading Co. (trademark Urbanora)
      • Junior Urban Bioscope (model A) 1906 camera 35mm
      • Urban Bioscope Katalog 1906 catalogue ACR 0811
      • Urban model B 1906 camera 35mm
      • Urban model D 1906 camera 35mm (a Duplex model had two mechanisms and lenses built into one case to make two negatives at the same time)
      • Urban Bioscope model H & U 1906 projectors 35mm
      • Kinemacolor 1908 projector 35mm (distributed by The Natural Kinematograph Co.Ltd, London)
      • Urbanora 1910 projector 35mm
      • Bioscope Giant (studio) camera 1910 35mm

      Urban Motion Picture Industries Inc., New York, USA

      (See also Aladdin Cine products (click)

      Urfée, see Blanchard & Jourjon

      Uriu Seiki Co. Ltd., Japan

      • Cinemax 8 TV 1960 camera 8mm ACR 0596
      • Cinematic 8 Z 801 1960 camera 8mm
      • Cinemax 8 Triauto 1960 camera 8mm ACR 1098
      • Cinemax 8 EE 1962 camera 8mm
      • Cinemax 8 D Compact Zoom 1963 camera 8mm
      • Cinemax 8 H High Auto 1965 camera 8mm ACR 0597

      US Cinematograph Co., Chicago, USA


      Valette Inc., Chicago, USA

      Vanguard, ? Co.Ltd.,UK?

      • Silver Vanguard Cine 8 camera single lens 2x8mm
      • Vanguard 1959? camera twin turret 2x8mm

      Varimex ?

      Various - manufacturers unknown

      • Acme animation camera (Mitchell magazines) 35mm
      • Ajax 1955? projector (viewer?) 8mm
      • AKA (Foreign) 1920? German battery powered toy projector 35mm
      • Analector 1960? projector 16mm (see Oude Delft)
      • Armor 1955 projector regular 8mm
      • Aroca Japanese 1961 projector regular 8mm
      • Astral (Baby) 1960? Japanese projector regular 8mm
      • Astro 1960? projector regular 8mm
      • Autograph 17,5mm projector 1915/6?
      • Azomax 8A 1960? camera 2x8mm
      • Baby Movie cine projector for animated strips (Dux like)
      • Barigo 8 projector 1960? 12 V. lamp regular 8mm
      • Baskon Argonaut 1960? 3-turret Japanese camera 2x8mm
      • Beacon 1927? projector 35mm (see Cameron '28)
      • Boston Vision 1935? hand-crank projector 16mm?
      • Bral (Italian?)/Cinebral 1930? toy projector 35mm
      • Camac 1960? projector/viewer? regular 8mm (French?)
      • Cavalier 1960? projector regular 8mm
      • Cinebral 8, toy 1960? Italian projector regular 8mm
      • Cinebral 8 - 2 Bipasso, Italian projector regular & super 8
      • Ciné Viewer 8mm, hand held movie viewer 1962?
      • CinExin 1965? battery powered toy projector regular 8mm
      • Clou Austrian 17,5mm (double perforated) projector 1920
      • Codeg 8 1960? toy projector regular 8mm
      • Compact Cine 8 1963? projector regular 8mm
      • Consul, Consulmatic(automatic threading) 1963 (Japanese?) projectors regular 8mm (test in ACW Feb'64)
      • Cronica 8ET 1960? 3-turret camera 2x8mm
      • Cycloidotrope 1880 GB magic lantern/zootrope ACR 1078
      • Cyclope Des Beaux Arts 1946 France Optical toy ACR 1079
      • Da-brite 1938? projector 16mm
      • De Ville 328 1959? single lens Japanese camera 2x8mm
      • Disc camera and viewer 1905 France camera and viewer 16 frames on 7 x 11cm negative Disc ACR 0706
      • Elite 8 1959 projector regular 8mm
      • Ernomatic zoom 8 1964? Swiss projector regular 8mm
      • Featon 8EZ(oom)1961? camera regular 8mm
      • Flash 1958? battery operated toy projector regular 8mm
      • Gédéscope 1920 Germany Optical toy ACR 0825
      • Heidi projector (size?) by Remco Inc., Harrison, N.J., USA
      • Hollywood Movie Theater 1950? toy projector
      • Igma 1961? projector regular 8mm
      • Illustravox Standard projector/gramophone by Magnavox, Ft.Wayne, Indiana, USA
      • Imac 1962? projector regular 8mm
      • Imperial 193? magazine camera 16mm
      • Iteba 1950? camera Russian? 8mm?
      • Junior Kino Danish toy projector 35mm
      • Kalimar CE 31959? 3-turret (Japanese?) camera 2x8mm
      • Kiddy cinema 8mm projector 1958?
      • Kino Movie "W" Czechoslovakian 35mm film clip viewer 1920?
      • KN17 portable sound projector 16mm , Russian 35mm
      • Koka 1963? Japanese camera, lens Cinepar 1.8/13mm 2x8mm
      • Koma - Lux Zoom 8 1961? Japanese camera 2x8mm
      • Lampascope France magic lantern ACR 0489
      • Lion Vitascope 1927? Japanese toy projector 35mm (came with 'Lion Domestic' film titles such as Mickey Mouse, printed in Japan)
      • Lion 1960? battery operated 8mm toy projector
      • Magica film projector 195? regular 8mm (Ernst Plank/Norris?)
      • Major P-106 Japanese film projector with 15-25mm zoomlens lamp 8V. 50W. 1960? regular 8mm
      • Matahari 8 model P-116 1960? projector with zoom lens and self-thread regular 8mm
      • Max Tri-auto 8 3-turret 1961? (Japanese?) camera 2x8mm
      • Max 1961? (Italian?) projector regular 8mm
      • Maxius 4 1962? zoomlens camera 2x8mm
      • Melson 1960? camera battery operated 2x8mm made in Hong Kong
      • Microjector 1957? Japanese projector regular 8mm (courtesy George Kordelakos)
      • Micro Zoom 1962? battery operated projector regular 8mm (British?)
      • Mikado Automatic Zoom 8 1962 camera 2x8mm
      • Miki 1959? Italian toy projector 8mm
      • Minicinex 'Lucky Luke' 1964? toy projector 8mm (France)
      • Minilap 1965? red plastic (French?) toy projector 8mm
      • Miracon II 1960? camera 3-lens turret 2x8mm
      • Momuscope, The 1902 GB Optical toy ACR 1091
      • Moviecam Super 1984 prof. blimped camera 35mm
      • Muplet Matic 1960? battery operated Italian projector regular 8mm
      • OKA Russian range-finder military 16mm magazine camera said to be of the KGB (Modeled after Siemens camera)
      • Ombro Cinema- Illusion du Mouvement 1915 France shadow theatre ACR 0555
      • Pacemaker Auto 8 1959? Japanese single lens camera 2x8mm
      • Panorama 1860 France Optical toy ACR 1093
      • Paramount 35mm projector around 1920
      • Photina Reflex B 1963? camera 2x8mm
      • Photopia 1960? camera 2x8mm
      • Pleven-1 1979 Bulgarian projector 16mm
      • Practic 200 1980? projector 9,5mm
      • Private PM-8 1960? hand-driven viewer regular 8mm
      • Project Bien french projector 9,5mm
      • Raycophone Supa 1960? theatrical 35mm sound projector
      • Realview Electra 1961 Japanese projector regular 8mm
      • Royal SW1 (sound?) projector 16mm, Stockholm, Sweden
      • Sabre 1961 camera single lens 2x8mm (German?)
      • Sabre 707 1963? Reflex Zoom camera 2x8mm
      • S & B 1960? silent projector regular 8mm
      • Scalare 362 projector regular 8 (Make 'KZ')
      • Scioptric Ball (Form=rechteckig) 1850 GB ACR 1094
      • Scioptric Ball (Form = rund + = 14,6) 1850 GB ACR 1095
      • Slavjanka T-1 1957 Bulgarian projector 16mm
      • Solé 1959? single lens Cinetor 13mm/1.9 camera 2x8mm
      • SS III professional camera 35mm with Mitchell magazines
      • Stein 88 Zoom 1961? projector regular 8mm
      • Sunscope 3-turret (Japanese?) 1960? camera 2x8mm
      • Troncynémato Nr. 2 1910 flip book viewer ACR 1096
      • L'Omme à la Lanterne Magique France illustration ACR 0536
      • Show man,The GB illustration ACR 0809
      • Sunlite theatrical projector 35mm around 1930
      • Tarleton projector regular 8mm
      • Titan P438 1964? Japanese projector regular 8mm
      • Tormat Auto EE Zoom 8 1961? camera 2x8mm (The Optical Co.Ltd., Japan)
      • Valiant 8 1959? camera 3-turret with 'Winzer' lenses 2x8mm
      • Vista 8 1960? camera 2x8mm (Hong Kong)
      • Votar 1960? 3-turret camera 2x8mm (Japan)
      • Wizard 8 1959? 3-turret camera 2x8mm

      Pentacon / VEB Kamera- und Kinowerke, DDR (East Germany) Later: Pentacon VEB

      • AK C1 1945 Aircraft military camera 35mm (after B&H Eyemo)
      • AK 16 1955 camera 16mm
      • AK 8 1955 camera 8mm
      • AK 8 1957 zoom camera 8mm with 'Abefot' lightmeter accessory
      • Pentaka 8 1958 camera 8mm
      • Pentaka 8 B zoom 1960 camera 8mm

      Vedes, Germany

      Vego, France

      • Vego 16 1950 camera 16mm ACR 1102

      Velograph Syndicate

      • Velograph 35mm projector 1898 (mentioned in Hopwood's 'Living Pictures')

      Vernon, USA

      Veronese Paolo Cinematografia, Italy

      Vevers ?

      • Viviograph 35mm projector 1898 (mentioned on pg. 185 of Hopwood's 'Living Pictures')

      Vicamphoto Appliance Corp., Philadelphia, USA

      Victor Animatograph Co.Inc., Davenport, Iowa, USA.(Also Victor Cinematography Co.)
      (After 1951 their sound projectors were manufactured by Motiograph Inc.. Later Division of Curtiss-Wright Corp., Davenport, USA)(See also Samuel G. Rose: Alexander F. Victor. Motion-Picture pioneer

      Victor Camera's

      Victor projectors Viewlex Inc., USA . Viewlex was only distributor under the Viewlex name of projectors bought from manufacturers. See also JAN projectors

      Vinten Ltd., London, Great Britain

      Vista Cameras/J.H.Hallberg, USA (Not to be confused with Vista 8mm cameras made in Hong Kong!)
      • Vista 1915 camera 16mm

      Vitak, USA (W.Wardell mail order, see also Ikonograph, Latham)

      Vitalux Camera Co., Milwaukee, USA (see also Schlicker)

      Vitascope Corp., Providence, Long Island/Middletown, Conn.,USA

      VO Mashpriborintorg, USSR.

      See Lomo

      Voigtländer & Sohn, Braunscheig, Germany

      • Voigtländer 8 (PT) 1945 camera 8mm ACR 1105

      Vorkländer, Germany

      Vought, Beverly Hills, Cal., USA

      • Model A-10 Aircraft Combat camera 35mm
      • Model VDR-5T (for Convair S.D., also said to have been used by Langmuir Labs for time-lapse photographic sequences of cloud and thunderstorm formation ) recorder camera 16mm


      Waddell Inc., John M., (Manufactured by James Ippolito & Co. Inc., USA

      • Nova model 16-3 1960? military camera 16mm

      Walker, James, Great Britain

      • Panorama 1880 Optical toy ACR 0837
      • Panorama 1880 Optical toy ACR 0838

      Wall Inc., J.M., USA

      Wallace Heaton, London, Great Britain

      Walterdaw Cinema Supply Co. Ltd., London, Great Britain

      Wandertone ?

      Wamoo, France

      Wards, see Montgomery Ward

      Warrick Co., Frederick P., Clarkston, Michigan, USA

      • Warrick F 8 high speed oscilloscope recording camera 35mm 1952?

      Warwick Trading Co., London, Great Britain See also Darling. Before 1897 Maguire & Baucus Ltd.

      Wassmann, Spain

      Wegman, S.J., USA

      • Kiddy Mini 1955? projector hand-cranked, battery-powered, regular 8mm

      Weimar Feingeräte VEB, DDR

      Wenzel Projector Co. Chicago, USA

      Werfak Werkstätte für Feinmechanik, Switzerland

      • Kapro- Kamera- Projektor 1925 patent ACR 0562

      Wesco ???????????

      Westar, China

      Western Electric, USA (See also Redlake Labs

      Westrex, USA

      Wilart Instrument Co.Inc., La Rochelle/Wilart Cinema Ind. Inc., USA (see Institute Standard Camera Corp.)

      Wilding Picture Productions Inc., Detroit, USA

      • Wilding COM-1112 1947? sound projector 16mm (looks that much like a Ampro Premier projector that I do not know whether Wilding is the manufacturer actually)

      Williams Bioscope Co.Ltd., London, Great Britain

      • John Bull maltese cross projector 35mm 1910

      Williams Electric Camera Co., Los Angeles, USA

      • Williams Electric 1930 (movie?) motor-driven camera 35mm (I saw it fitted with a Wollensak Betax no.2 photo shutter lens, which makes me doubt whether it is a movie camera)

      Ted Williams, Great Britain

      • Ted Williams Reflex Zoom 1962? cartridge load camera 2x8mm

      Williamson Kinematograph Co.Ltd., London, Great Britain

      (Also The Williamson Kine Co. Ltd., London)(Distributed thru Butcher & Sons. See also Sam Dodge: Williamson camera movements.

      Williamson Mfg. Co.Ltd., Reading, London, Great Britain

      • Cine Gun-Camera G 45 B MK 5 1943 camera 16mm ACR 1108

      Willoughby's, New York, USA

      • Willoscope 1930? projector 16mm

      Winckelmann & Söhne, Johann C., Germany

      Guckkasten (BG = 38,5x28) 1830 Goggle box ACR 1109

      Wirgin, Gebr., Wiesbaden, West-Germany Germany

      Edixa 8 (pro) 1964 projector regular 8mm

      Witte, G. W., Philadelphia, USA

      Wittnauer Camera Co., New York, USA

      Wollensak Optical Co., Chicago, USA (see also Fastax. Wollensak was bought by Revere)


      • Movendoscope 1898 (mentioned in Hopwood's 'Living Pictures')

      World Syndicate Co. Inc., New York, USA

      Wray, Cecil, &Co., Bradford

      • Perfection Cinematograph 35mm projector (Ad in Hopwood's 'Living Pictures')
      Wrench, Alfred & John, and Sons, London, Great Britain

      Wundatone. See Sales Producers Wurm & Co., Stuttgart, Germany


      Yamiya ?, Japan

      • Yamiya model III 1959? camera 2x8mm

      Yashica Optical Industrial Co. Ltd., Japan

      • Yashica 8-T, 1957-58 camera, lens Yashinon 1.4/13mm 2x8mm
      • Yashica 8 1958 camera, lens Yasikor 1.9/13mm 2x8mm
      • Yashica-C 1961 turret camera 2x8mm
      • Yashica 8 T2 T3 1958-61 turret cameras 2x8mm
      • Yashica 8 E III 1959-60 3-lens turret camera with separate viewfinders 2x8mm ACR 1113
      • Yashica 8 EC (Zoom) or EE 1959-61 cameras 2x8mm
      • Yashica 8 S 1959 camera yashikor 1.9/13mm 2x8mm
      • Yashica 8 1960 projector regular 8mm
      • Yashica 8 E (1.8 of 2.8) camera 1960-61 2x8mm
      • Yashica 8M 1960 camera 2x8mm 2-turret
      • Yashica 8-TS 1960 camera 2x8mm
      • Yashica 8 V and W 1960-61 cameras 2x8mm
      • Yashica 8P-2 1961? projector regular 8mm
      • Yashica 8 U-matic C (G, L, S + Power) 1961-65 camera 8mm ACR 1114
      • Yashica U Electric (also UP, and Cds) 1963-65 Yashinon zoomlens 1.8/9-28mm (model U-G with 1.4 zoomlens) camera double 8mm
      • Yashica UL & UP 1963 zoom lens camera 8mm
      • Yashica Yashimat S 1963-65 camera, lens Yashinon 1.8/10mm 2x8mm
      • Yashica 8 ES 1964 camera 2x8mm
      • Yashica Yashimat (Reflex) Zoom 1964 camera 2x8mm
      • Yashica U-5 1965 camera 2x8mm
      • Yashica Single 8 TL-30 1966-68 camera single 8


      Zavod, Pleven, Bulgaria

      • Pleven-1 1979 projector 16mm
      Zavodza Kinomaschini, Sofia, Bulgaria

      • Slavjanka T-1 1957 projector 16mm

      Zeiss Ikon AG., Jena, Germany (see also Carl Zeiss, Jena, DDR and VEB Kamera- und Kinowerke, DDR) (See also Ernemann Cine Tec Gmbh)


      Projectors (Zeiss Ikon)

      Zeiss, Carl, VEB, DDR, Jena, East Germany

      Zenith, Austria
      • Zenith 35 1920 camera 35mm ACR 0431
      Zenith, Duluth, USA , see Safety Projector & Film Co.

      Zimmermann, G., see Cima

      Zix Co., Detroit, USA

      • Zix 1920 camera 35mm ACR 1120

      Zodelscope see Wallace Heaton

      Zollinger, Ernesto, Italy

      Zonal Film Facilities, USA

      • Zonal Videotronic 8 1961 rear (with screen) and front sound projector regular 8mm


      • Zoomica Reflex Zoom 1963? camera 2x8mm

      Zunow Optical Industry, Tokyo, Japan

      • Zunow 1962 camera (lens Zunowmatic 1.8/13mm) 2x8mm (resembling Paillard Bolex B8)

      movie reel

      I also have a list of 300 items: movie cameras, projectors, accessories in 8, 9.5, 16, 22, 28 and 35mm, and many books I have to clear for lack of space. Please email for a list, specifying your interests, and what size, to: , but first delete the word NOSPAM from the address.

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