Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu Iai kata

These drawings were made by R. Habersetzer in 1972 from a recording of a demonstration of iai by Mochizuki Hiroo in France. They were published in Budo Magazine, Jan. 1972. According to the book, these are:

Some research on the TSKSR curriculum gives a somewhat different list:

Iai goshi

Tachi iai

Gokui no iai

The unnamed "juponme" then probably is Yukia migi chidori no tachi, although I don't see much migi chidori about it, I wouldn't be too surprised if it were another one, maybe Nuki uchi no tachi.

By popular request, I add the list of TSKSR kata I used. Please note that I didn't compile this list and I don't know how accurate it is.


Omote no tachi :

  1. I-kajo Itsutsu no tachi
  2. Ni-kajo Nanatsu no tachi
  3. San-kajo Kashumi no tachi
  4. Yon-kajo Hatsuka no tachi

Gogyo no tachi :

  1. I-kajo Mitsu no tachi
  2. Ni-kajo Yotsu no tachi
  3. San-kajo In no tachi
  4. Yon-kajo Sha no tachi
  5. Go-kajo Hatsu no tachi

Gokui hichijo no tachi

  1. I-kajo Toyama no tachi (Ukifune no kurai)
  2. Ni-kajo Kataname no tachi (Yosui no kurai)
  3. San-kajo Agenami no tachi (Sangetsu no kurai)


  1. I-kajo Eigetsu no tachi (Ni O no kurai)
  2. Ni-kajo Suigetsu no tachi (Tenchi no kurai)
  3. San-kajo Isonami no tachi (Huyo no kurai)
  4. Yon-kajo Murakomo no tachi (Sasu no kurai)

Gokui no kodachi

  1. I-kajo Seigan no kodachi
  2. Ni-kajo Suigetsu no kodachi
  3. San-kajo Hangetsu no kodachi


Iai goshi

  1. I-kajo Kusanagi no ken
  2. Ni-kajo Nuke tsuke no ken
  3. San-kajo Nuki uchi no ken
  4. Yon-kajo U-ken
  5. Go-kajo Sa-ken
  6. Rok-kajo Happo Ken

Tachi iai jutsu

  1. I-kajo Yukiai gyaku nuki no tachi
  2. Ni-kajo Zengo chidori no tachi
  3. San-kajo Yukia migi chidori no tachi
  4. Yon-kajo Gyaku no tachi
  5. Go-kajo Nuki uchi no tachi

Gokui no iai jutsu

  1. I-kajo Kumo giri ken
  2. Ni-kajo Hangetsu no ken
  3. San-kajo Mui ichi no ken
  4. Yon-kajo Nu ni no ken
  5. Go-kajo Seigan no tachi


Omote no bo

  1. I-kajo Seriai no bo
  2. Ni-kajo Sune hishige no bo
  3. San-kajo Saiyu no bo
  4. Yon-kajo Kasahazushi no bo
  5. Go-kajo Hane tsurube no bo
  6. Rok-kajo Tachinami no bo

Gokui no bo

  1. I-kajo Gedan kamae no bo
  2. Ni-kajo Kasumi gakari no bo
  3. San-kajo Denko kamae no bo
  4. Yon-kajo In-kamae no bo
  5. Go-kajo Hikizue kamae no bo
  6. Rok-kajo Ritsu yo kamae no bo


  1. I-kajo Itsutsu no naginata
  2. Ni-kajo Nanatsu no naginata
  3. San-kajo Kasumi no naginata
  4. Yon-kajo Hakka no naginata

Gokui hichijo no naginata

  1. I-kajo Embi no naginata
  2. Ni-kajo Tombo no naginata
  3. San-kajo Yoko no naginata


  1. I-kajo Hiryu no yari
  2. Ni-kajo Kyoryu no yari
  3. San-kajo Tsuke dome no yari
  4. Yon-kajo Ageya no yari
  5. Go-kajo Denko no yari
  6. Rok-kajo Yoruya no yari


  1. Omote no shuriken 7 kajo
  2. Gogyo no shuriken 8 kajo
  3. Gokui no shuriken 9 kajo

JU-JUTSU 36 kajo