MUN-MYU(Confucian Shrine)

Historic site No. 143



This Confucian Shrine was built in 1398,

the seventh years of King Taejo, the founder of Joseon Dynasty.






The Commenmorate Confucius and the other famous Confucian Scholars,

there are enshrined in main buiding, Daesungjun.


There are also called

 Myeongnyundang (the main lecture hall),

Dongjai·Sujai (east and west study room),

Jongyeonggag (the stack room for Confucian and other books),

Jihnsa Refectory (the dining hall for the resident students)
















Sungkyunkwan Scandal

성균관(成均館) 스캔들

Traditional drama is taking place.
The story of the Joseon Dynasty genius