MUYE24KI(24 martial arts)






MUYE24KI(24 martial arts) are drawn and explained in this book which was compiled in 1790 by the practical scholars who were Lee Deok-mu, Park Je-ga and the martial arts master, Baek Dong-su under the command of King Jeongjo. This book contains 24 martial arts consisted of not only Koean traditional arts but also superior martial arts of China and Japan, showing the spirit of the practical science for a wealthy and strong kindom.


Soldiers of Jang Yong Yeong guard, consisting of the elite soldiers at the time, staioned in Hwaswong, Trained these MUYE24KI, so this book is an intangible cultural asset, highly valued historically as well as artistically and for athletic education. Soldiers stationed in the north camp and south camp of Hwaseong Haenggung also trained these MUYE24KI to safeguard the palace. At the same time of restoring Hwaseong Haenggung, these MUYE24KI containing the versatile physical movements and lively spirit of Korean people are performaed here.




Volume 1 : Janchang, Jukjanchang, Gichang, Dangpa, Nangseon, Gichang
Volume 2 : Ssangsudo, Yedo, Weageom, Gyojeon
Volume 3 : Jedokgeom, Bongukgeom, Ssanggeom, Masang Ssanggeom, Woldo,
Masang Woldo, Hyeobdo, Deungpae
Volume 4 : Gwonbedo, Gonbang, Pyeongon, Masang Pyeongon, Gyeokgu, Masangjae