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2020. 1. 21.

Dear friends, cosmic webs, spiders, earth, air, mountains suns, clouds, bactria, ... We would like to invite you to join us on January 28th 2020, when Aerocene Pacha and its pilot(s) will take off on a voyage always dreamed about, flying free, lifed only by the sun and air, without lithium, solar panels, helium or fossil fuels.

Tomás Saraceno (San Miguel de Tucumán, 1973) is an Argentinian contemporary artist. He is best known for his large-scale, interactive installations and floating sculptures, and for his interdisciplinary approach to art. With his practice he explores new, sustainable ways of sensing and inhabiting the environment, the result of research into the origins of the observable universearachnology and the potential future for airborne dwelling.

Saraceno launched the Aerocene Foundation in 2015; an open-source, community project for artistic and scientific exploration of environmental issues. Relating to arachnology research, Saraceno is the first person to have scanned, reconstructed and re-imagined spiders' woven spatial habitats, and possesses the only three-dimensional spider web collection in existence.


Aerocene is a project that aims to explore environmental issues scientifically and artistically. It consists of sculptures that are kept in the air by the Sun's heat and by infrared ratiation.

Aerosolar sculptures were officially presented during the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21, at Grand Palais, Paris, 2015, after that a similar prototype has been tested in November at the White Sands Dunes of New Mexico.On November 8, 2015, it broke world records by achieving the longest and most sustainable certified flight (without fossil-fuel, solar panel, helium or batteries) ever registered: During approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, seven people were lifted up in White Sands' desert landscape. With a net lift of more than 250 kg, the payload of the "D-O AEC Aerocene" solar sculpture has no precedent in the long history of manned solar balloon flight attempts.

The project has evolved from Tomás Saraceno's residency at L'Observatoire de l'Espace, CNES. Led by Saraceno, the project's team is composed of leading scientists and engineers, including collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), Braunschweig University of Technology - Institute of Architecture-related Art (IAK), TBA21 AcademyRed Cross Red Crescent, and numerous universities, research centers, cultural and art institutions, and museums around the world.

Aerocene Explorer

The Aerocene Explorer is a flight kit. Participants can hack the devices pack, create their own lightweight sensors, and lift them up. Data collected with the Aerocene Explorer can be uploaded and shared with Aerocene's open-source online community, via an interactive website that encourages participants all over the world to share their experiments, photos and videos, comments, and innovations.

Hybrid Webs

The secondary output of the research conducted in the Arachnid Research Lab are the 'Hybrid Webs' - the collective term for a series of sculptures devised by Saraceno. Each sculpture, made entirely of spider silk is designed to appear as a unique, geometric galaxy floating in infinite space. Creating the sculptures means incorporating webs woven by spiders who are social, asocial or between the two. During the building period, the sculptures are turned onto each side, allowing gravity to aid the interweaving of silk from different sorts of spider. The works' titles reveal the technical specifications of each sculptural element; the genus and species of spiders employed and the time taken by each spider to complete its web. The final sculpture is thereby an emblem of an encounter which might not otherwise have succeeded, and so prompts a reflection on human coexistence with ourselves and the natural world.

'Hybrid Webs' have been exhibited worldwide:

- "May you live in interesting times", Venice Biennale, curated by Ralph Rugoff (2019);

- on AIR", Carte blanche to Tomás Saraceno at Palais de Tokyo, curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel (2018-2019);

- Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York and at Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2018);

- Pinksummer Contemporary Art, Rome (2016);

- Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul (2016);

- 11th Shanghai Biennial, Shanghai (2016);

- Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt (2016);

- UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, USA (2016);

- MARCO, Museum for Contemporary Art, Monterrey, Mexico (2016);

- Cultural Center; Espace Muraille, Geneva (2015);

- Chicago Architectural Biennial, Chicago (2015);

- Louvre Museum, Paris (2015);

- Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin (2014);

- Museo di Villa Croce, Genoa, Italy (2014);

- Esther Schipper, Berlin (2012);

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