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The Yang of Leadership in Action - 悟 sato

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Spirit/e—The Tao of Personal Leadership

2007. 4. 1.



The Yang of Leadership in Action






literally, "the masculine principle"




8. Vidion, Empowerment, and Growth






literally, "to be spiritually awakened,"

"to perceive,"

"to comprehend"



 The verb is the root of the Buddhist term, satori (enlightenment).

A Tao leader who combines vision, empowerment, and growth practices sato.



Can you lead your people

Without seeking to control?


Can you open and close the gates

In harmony with nature?


Can you be understanding

Without trying to be wise?


Can you create without possessiveness

Accomplish without taking credit,


Lead without ego?

This is the highest power.


(Tao, 10)



Exercising Leadership



The Importance of Vision


Be aware of small things

And develop great wisdom.


(tao, 52)



Our Greatest Natural Resource


Earth     Sky

Listen     Speak

Open      Closed

Water     Stone




Leaders as Pathfinders



Leaders must have the courage to follow their vision,

to believe in the invisible,

to work for something that's still only a possibility,

while others often writh their hands in despair.



The inner Leader



Your Personal Mission Statement


What three things make you feel happy, centered, and most strongly yourself?

Is there one word that stands out for you?

Think of someone you've always admired.



Fidelity to Your Vision


Tao leaders make their decisions by deliberation,

not by default.

They know whether a particular action is consistant with their goals.



Developing Your Group Visioin


Take a cue from successful people and block out

at least one hour of "leadership time"

every day to devote to long-range planning.



Communicating the Vision


A lesder not only cultivates a collective vision

but also communicates it.



Leading by Example


Words alone are not enough.



Vision and Empowerment



The more rules and restrictions

The weaker people become.


Therefore,  the Tao leader

Does not give orders

And the people lead themselves;

Keeps a peaceful heart,

And the people achieve harmony;

Does not control,

And the people prosper;

remains detached,

And the people find

Their own centers.


(Tao, 57)



Leadership Teams


Leadership teams encourage flexibility.

Instead of staying in the same role,

one person my play many positions.



Exercising the New Leadership


The answer lies in being decisive about the goal,

selecting a talented team,

and then trusting them to run with the ball and get the job done.

The Tao leader does not micromanage.



Exploring New Territory Together:

A Tao Leader's Action Plan


Once your've selected your team,

it's time to set up an effective action plan—

Deliberaiton, Decision, Commitment,

Assessment, Completion, Feflection.



Facing The Unknown



Truthful words do not flatter.

Flattering words are not true.


(Tao, 81)



A Politics of Trust



If we never dare to trust others,

We will not be trusted.


(Tao, 17)



Wu Wei: The Power of Inaction



From this I learn the power of Wu Wei.

This lession without words,

This power beyond action,

This is the highest wisdom.


(Tao, 43)



Effective Delegating:

The Wu Wei of Backing Away



Have you ever tried to work with someone else looking over your shoulder?

Being watched that closely makes me nervous.



Teamwork: Empowerment in Action



Instead of specializtion and compartmentalization,

many companies are using cross-division teams.



Troubleshooting Your Team


Leadership is an art.

Your task is to listen,

watch for the energies,

recognize the patterns,

and improvise.

Your artistry will improve as you follow the Tao.



Beyond Problem Solving: A Vision of Growth


those who see problems—the victims

those who see solutions—the managers

and those who see possibilities—the leaders.



The wise leader

Encourages open minds and strong centers.


(Tao, 3)



Aware of small things,

Develops great wisdom.


(Tao, 52)



Moving Forward



In every career, every relationship, every living organism,

to lives is to grow, to grow is to change,

and to change is to go on creating ouselves and our world endlessly,

flowing with the cycles of Tao.













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