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    Bernie Ecclestone says he is does not agree with F1′s planned change of engine formula in 2013.

    He told journalists in Australia he is “anti, anti, anti, anti moving into this small turbo four formula.”

    F1 is moving to 1.6-litre, four-cylinder engines in 2013.

    Ecclestone added: “We don’t need it and if it’s so important it’s the sort of thing that should be in saloon car racing.”

    According to Ecclestone only two thing are important in F1: “One is Ferrari and second is the noise.”

    He said: “The rest of it is basically PR – it’s nothing in the world to do with Formula one. These changes are going to be terribly costly to the sport.

    “I’m sure the promoters will lose a big audience and I’m quite sure we’ll lose TV.

    Ecclestone said he and FIA president Jean Todt were “at loggerheads” over the planned changes, saying:

    “He’s not a promoter and he’s not selling Formula one to be honest.

    “Jean and I are a little bit at loggerheads over this engine. I don’t see the reason for it.

    “We had the KERS and this was supposed to solve the problem that Formula one is not green and now we’ve got something else.”



    아래는 작년에 발표된


    1.6리터 4기통 터보엔진 관련 FIA 발표~~~



    The FIA has confirmed a reduction in F1 engine capacity for 2013.

    The World Motor Sport Council met today to approve the changes to the engine rules.

    F1 teams have been required to use 2.4-litre V8 engines since 2006. There will be replaced by 1.6-litre, four-cylinder units.

    The number of engines each driver may use per season will also be reduced.

    A statement released by the FIA said:


    The WMSC approved the introduction of a new specification engine from 2013,

    underlining the FIA’s commitment to improving sustainability and addressing the needs of the automotive industry.

    Following dialogue with the engine manufacturers and experts in this field, the power units will be four cylinders,

    1.6 litre with high pressure gasoline injection up to 500 bar with a maximum of 12,000 rpm.

    The engines will deliver a 35% reduction in fuel consumption and will feature extensive energy management

    and energy recovery systems, while maintaining current levels of performance.

    In 2013, five engines will be permitted per driver, but each year after that the limit will be four.

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