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이건 보신탕 먹어봤다는 기사부문--


Former 'Next Top Model' Elyse Sewell Eats Dog Stew in Seoul
Posted by Adam Kuban, April 22, 2008 at 2:45 PM

Elyse Sewell, the third-place winner from the first season of America's Next Top Model, is

now modeling in Seoul, South Korea, where she keeps an entertaining, well-written blog that

often has entries on her food adventures. Her readers recently dared her to try bosintang.

That would be dog soup. She met them head on:

I was expecting the dog meat to be indistinguishable from beef or pork. It wasn't: this

stuff was decidedly doggy, like, it had a sort of dogfur aroma and flavor to it. The soup

also had a lot of green onions and those unidentifiable stringy greens that are also

pictured in a bowl alongside. That big bowl of black pepper contained twice the quantity

before the proprietor came up, dumped a huge mound of it into the bowl and stirred it up for

me. This made the flavor of the meat seem much more penetrative; I felt like I was sweating

the dog scent out of my pores.

Bosintang is said to have a heightening effect on the libido. Sewell touches on the effect

but doesn't go into great detail. Perhaps in a blog post to come. [via Delish Dish]

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