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CHAPTER 7 Employing Nature’s Healing Powers

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연구하는 인생/Natural Therapy

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CHAPTER 7   Employing Nature’s Healing Powers
"The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from
nature with an open mind."
~ Paracelsus
1. The Liver Cleanse
leansing the liver bile ducts and gallbladder is one of the most important and effective approaches
to improve your health. The liver cleanse requires six days of preparation, followed by 16-20
hours of actual cleansing. To remove the stones trapped in these two organs you will need the following
Apple juice Six 1-liter (32oz) containers
Epsom salts* 4 tablespoons dissolved in
three 8-oz glasses of water**
Virgin olive oil, cold-pressed one-half glass (4oz)
Either fresh grapefruit (pink is best),
or fresh lemon and orange combined*** Enough to squeeze 2/3 glass of juice
2 pint jars, one with a lid
Note: * Look for Epsom salts that can be used internally.’ In German-speaking countries it is
known as Bittersalz. In the U.S. you may find it at most major drug stores, Super Target,
Walgreeens or any natural food store. Some packaging labels describe it as a natural
laxative. In countries where it is unavailable, use Magnesium Citrate instead.
** I have chosen ‘glass’ (8oz) instead of ‘cup’ as a measuring unit to avoid confusion
about what ‘cup’ means on different continents.
*** If you cannot tolerate grapefruit juice or if it tends to make you nauseous you
may use equal amounts of freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice instead. The
effect is the same with either cho
• Drink 1 liter (32oz) of packaged apple juice per day for a period of six days. (You may drink
more than that if it feels comfortable). The malic acid in the apple juice softens the gallstones and
makes their passage through the bile ducts easy. The apple juice has a strong cleansing effect.
Some sensitive people may experience bloating and, occasionally, diarrhea during the first few
days. Much of the diarrhea is actually stagnant bile, released by the liver and gallbladder
(indicated by a brownish, yellow color). The fermenting effect of the juice helps widen the bile
ducts. If this becomes somewhat uncomfortable, you can mix the apple juice with water. Drink the
apple juice slowly throughout the day, between meals (avoid drinking the juice during, just before
and two hours after meals, and in the evening). This is in addition to your normal water intake.
Note: Preferably use organic apple juice, although for the purpose of this cleanse, any good brand
of commercial apple juice, apple concentrate or cider works just as well. It may be useful to rinse
your mouth with baking soda and/or brush your teeth several times per day to prevent the acid
from damaging your teeth. (If you are intolerant or allergic to apple juice, see the other options
explained in Having Difficulties with the Cleans, at the end of this section.)
• Dietary recommendations: During the entire week of preparation and cleansing, avoid taking
foods or beverages that are cold or chilled; they chill the liver and, thereby, reduce the
effectiveness of the cleanse. All foods or beverages should be warm or at least room temperature.
To help the liver prepare for the main flush, try to avoid foods from animal source, dairy products
and fried food items. Otherwise, eat normal meals, but avoid overeating.
• The best time for cleansing: The main and final part of the liver cleanse is best done over a
weekend, when you are not under any pressure and have enough time to rest. Although the cleanse
is effective at any time of the month, it should preferably coincide with any day between full moon
and new moon. The 6-day preparatory period can start 4-5 days before the full moon. You should
avoid doing the actual flush on full moon day which is the day when the body holds on to bodily
fluids. New moon is most ideal time for liver flushing since this is the time when the body is more
engaged in self-cleansing and self-repair than during other times of the month.
• If you take any medication: During the entire week of preparation and cleansing, avoid taking
any medication, vitamins or supplements that are not absolutely necessary. It is important not to
give the liver any extra work that could interfere with its cleansing efforts.
• Make sure that you cleanse your colon before and after you do a liver cleanse. Having
regular bowel movements is not necessarily an indication that your bowel is unobstructed. Colon
cleansing, either done a few days before or, ideally, on the sixth day of preparation, helps to avoid
or minimize any discomfort or nausea that may arise during the actual liver flush. It prevents back
flushing of the oil mixture or waste products from the intestinal tract. It also assists the body in
swiftly eliminating the gallstones. Colonic irrigation (colon hydrotherapy) is the fastest and easiest
method to prepare the colon for the liver cleanse. Colema-board irrigation is the second most
preferable method (see details in the following section).
• What you need to do on the sixth day of drinking apple juice: If you feel hungry in the
morning, eat a light breakfast, such as a hot cereal; oatmeal is the most ideal choice. Avoid sugar
or other sweeteners, spices, milk, butter, oils, yogurt, cheese, ham, eggs, nuts, pastries, cold
cereals, etc. Fruits or fruit juices are fine. For lunch eat plain cooked or steamed vegetables with
white rice (preferably Basmat efined sea or rock salt. To repeat,
do not eat any protein foods or fats in any fo !
i rice) and flavor it with a little unr
rm Otherwise, you might either feel ill during the
actual cleanse or have no results at all. Do not eat or drink anything (except water) after 1:30 p.m.,
otherwise you may not be able to flush out any stones! Follow the exact timing given below to
receive the maximum benef the least amount of discomfort
during this process.
The Actual Cleanse
it from the liver flush and to suffer
6:00 p.m.: Add four (4) tablespoons of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to three 8 oz. glasses of
filtered water in a jar. This makes four servings, ¾ glass each. Drink your first serving now. You may take
a few sips of water afterwards to get rid of the bitter taste in the mouth or add a little lemon juice to
improve the taste. Some people drink it with a large plastic straw to bypass the taste buds on the tongue. It
is also helpful to brush your teeth afterwards or rinse out the mouth with baking soda. one of the main
actions of Epsom salt is to dilate (widen) the bile ducts, making it easy for the stones to pass. Moreover, it
clears out waste that may obstruct the release of the stones. If thirsty, you may drink some water before
the second serving of Epsom salts. (If you are allergic to Epsom salts or are just not able to get it down,
you may instead use the second best choice – magnesium citrate – at the same dosage.)
8:00 p.m.: Drink your second serving (¾ glass) of Epsom salts.
9:30 p.m.: If you have not had a bowel movement until now and not done a colon cleanse within 24
hours, take a water enema; this will trigger a series of bowel movements.
9:45 p.m.: Thoroughly wash the grapefruits (or lemons and oranges). Squeeze them by hand and
remove pulp. You will need ¾ glass of juice. Pour the juice and ½ glass of olive oil into the pint jar. Close
the jar tightly and shake hard, about 20 times or until the solution is watery. Ideally, you should drink this
mixture at 10:00 p.m., but if you feel you still need to visit the bathroom a few more times, you may delay
this step for up to 10 minutes. Note: Petit Vata types and children may only need two-third to half amount
of the oil mixture.
10:00 p.m.: Stand next to your bed (do not sit down) and drink the mixture of juice and olive oil, if
possible, straight. Some people prefer to drink it through a large plastic straw. If necessary, take a little
honey between sips, which helps chase down the mixture. Most people, though, have no problem drinking
it straight. Do not take more than five minutes to complete drinking the mixture (only elderly or weak
people may take longer).
LIE DOWN IMMEDIATELY! This is essential for helping to release the gallstones! Turn off the
lights and lie flat on your back with 1-2 pillows propping you up. Your head should be higher than your
abdomen. If this is uncomfortable, lie on your right side with your knees pulled towards your head. Lie
perfectly still for at least 20 minutes and do not speak! Put your attention on your liver. You may even
feel the stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles. There won’t be any pain because the
magnesium in the Epsom salts keeps the bile duct valves wide open and relaxed, and the bile that is
excreted along with the stones keeps the bile ducts well lubricated (unlike during a gallstone attack). Go
to sleep if you can. If you cannot fall asleep, remain in bed nevertheless. Otherwise, the cleanse may be
less effective.
Only get up if you feel the urge to have a bowel movement. Check if there are already small gallstones
(pea green or tan colored ones) floating in the toilet. You may feel nauseous during the night and/or in the
early morning hours. This is mostly due to a strong, sudden outpouring of bile, gallstones and toxins from
the liver and gallbladder. In some cases, some of the oil is forced back into the stomach or it takes longer
than usual for the oil to leave the stomach. The nausea will pass as the morning progresses.
The Following Morning
6:00-6:30 a.m.: Upon awakening, but not before 6 a.m., drink your third ¾ glass of Epsom salts (if
you feel very thirsty drink a glass of warm water before taking the salts). Rest, read or meditate. If you are
very sleepy, you may go back to bed, although it is best if the body stays in the upright position. Most
people feel absolutely fine and prefer to do some light stretching exercises, such as Yoga.
8:00-8:30 a.m.: Drink your fourth and last ¾ glass of Epsom salts.
10:00-10:30 a.m.: You may drink freshly pressed fruit juice at this time. one half-hour later you may
eat one or two pieces of fresh fruit. one hour later, you may eat regular (but light) food. By the evening or
the next morning, you should b provement. Continue to eat
light meals during the followin nderwent major “surgery,”
albeit without medical intervention and harmful side effects.
oat in the toilet because they
contain bile compounds (see Illustration 12a). The stones come in different shades of green and may be
bright-colored and shiny like gemstones. only bile from the liver can cause the green color. Gallstones
ma light-colored stones are the most recent. Blackish stones are
the d others are as big as two or three centimeters in diameter
e back to normal, and feel the first signs of im
g days. Remember, your liver and gallbladder u
The Results You Can Expect
During the morning and, perhaps to some degree also during the afternoon and evening, you will have
a number of watery bowel movements. These initially consist of stones mixed with food residue, and then
just stones mixed with water. Most of the released stones are pea-green and fl
y come in all sizes, colors and shapes. The
oldest. Some are pea-sized or smaller, an
out 1 inch). There may be dozens and, sometimes, even hundreds of stones (of different sizes and
colors) coming out at once (see Illustration 12b).
Also watch for stones that are tan or white in color that may sink to the bottom with the stool. These
are calcified and semi-calcified gallstones that are released from the gallbladder and contain heavier
substances with lesser amounts of cholesterol (see Illustrations 12c&d). Fully calcified stones don’t float
in the water. All the green and yellowish stones are as soft as putty, thanks to the action of the apple juice.
You may also find a layer of white or tan-colored chaff or foam floating in the toilet. The foam
consists of millions of tiny white, sharp-edged cholesterol crystals that can easily rupture small bile ducts.
They are equally important to release.
Try to make a rough estimate of how many stones you have eliminated. To permanently cure bursitis,
back pain, allergies or other health problems, and to prevent diseases from arising, you need to remove all
the stones. This may require at least eight or ten cleanses which can be performed at 3-4 week intervals
ucts exiting the liver, which may cause some of the previous symptoms, or even all of
them, to return. In fact, you might feel disappointed because the recovery seems so short-lived. But all of
ry not to cleanse more frequently than that). If you cannot cleanse this often, you may take more time
between cleanses. The important thing to remember is that once you have started cleansing the liver, keep
cleansing it until no more stones come out. In some people, leaving the liver half clean for a long period
of time (three or more months) can cause greater discomfort than not cleansing it at all.
The liver, as a whole, will begin to function more efficiently soon after the first cleanse and you may
notice sudden improvements, sometimes within a few hours. Pains will lessen, energy will increase and
clarity of mind will improve considerably.
However, within a few days, stones from the rear of the liver will have traveled forward towards the
two main bile d
s shows that there are still stones left behind, ready to be removed during the next round of cleansing.
Nevertheless, the liver’s self-repair and cleansing responses will have increased significantly, adding a
great amount of vitality to this very important organ of the body.
As long as there are still a few small stones moving from some of the thousands of small bile ducts
towards the hundreds of larger and two main bile ducts, they may combine to form larger stones and
reproduce previously experienced symptoms, such as backache, headache, earache, digestive trouble,
bloating, irritability, anger, etc. The recurring symptoms may, however, be less severe than before.
Illustration 12a: Green color gallstones
Illustration 12b: Mixed types of gallstones
Illustrations 12c: Calcified and semi-calcified gallstones (cut in halves)
Illustration 12d: More Cholesterol Stones Cut in Half
Once the old symptoms of disease or discomfort are gone and a new cleanse no longer produces any
stones, which usually happens after 8-10 cleanses (in more severe cases it may take more), your liver may
considered to be in excellent condition. Still, it is recommended to repeat the liver cleanse every 6-8
months. Each cleanse will give a further boost to the liver and take care of any toxins that may have
accumulated in the meanwhile. Note: Never cleanse when you are suffering an acute illness, such as an
upper respiratory infection, the flu or even a simple head cold! If you suffer from a chronic illness,
however, cleansing your liver may be the best thing you can do for yourself.
Important! Please read carefully.
The liver cleanse is one of the most invaluable and effective methods to regain one’s health. There are
no risks involved if all of the directions are followed to the letter. Please take the following instruction
very seriously. There are many people who followed a liver flush recipe that they received from friends or
through the Internet, and suffered unnecessary complications. They did not have complete knowledge of
toxic blood. Even if some of the
cholesterol-based stones begin to dissolve in the colon they can become a source of toxemia in the body.
If colonics are not available where you live, you can take 2-3 high water enemas instead. This, however,
does not guarantee that all the remaining stones will be removed. There is no real substitute for colonic
irrigation when it com
professional colon vel teaspoon of
Epsom salts with one glass of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning on the day of your
procedure and believed that just expelling the stones from the liver and gallbladder was sufficient to
improve their health.
It is very likely that, on their way out, some of the released stones will get caught in the colon. They
can quickly be removed through colonic irrigation. This should ideally be done on the 2nd or 3rd day after
the liver flush. If any of the stones remain in the colon, they can cause irritation, infection, headaches and
abdominal discomfort, thyroid problems, lymphatic congestion, and
es to liver cleanses. A colema-board enema, though, is the closest you can have to a
ic. If you settle for anything less than a colonic irrigation, mix one le
hosen colon cleanse. For detailed information about colonic irrigation, colema boards, and enemas, see
section 2. Intestinal Cleansing - For Prevention and Cure.
(To acquire a colema-board and view a video demonstration on how to use it, see Product
Information ).
On the importance of colon and kidney cleansing: Although the liver cleanse on its own can
produce truly amazing results, it should ideally be done following a colon and kidney cleanse. Cleansing
the colon (see also section on Preparation) ensures that the expelled gallstones are more readily removed
from the large intestine. And cleansing the kidneys makes certain that any toxins coming out of the liver
ely cleaned out (see The Kidney Cleanse in this Chapter). Or, you may drink a cup of
uring the liver cleanse do not put any burden on these vital organs. However, if you have never had
kidney trouble, kidney stones, bladder infection, etc., you may go ahead with the colon cleanse—liver
cleanse—colon cleanse sequence. But make certain that you cleanse the kidneys at a later stage. There
should definitely be a kidney cleanse some time after every 3-4 liver cleanses and, again, after your liver
has been complet
kidney tea (see Kidney Cleanse recipe) for 3-4 days after each liver cleanse. Follow the same directions as
given for the main kidney cleanse
ngested, or who have a history of constipation, should consider
do their first liver cleanse. And to re-emphasize, it is very important
that you cleanse your colon within three days after you have completed each liver cleanse. By removing
alic acid in apple juice does exceptionally well in dissolving some of the stagnant bile and making
the stones softer (see details on malic acid below). The aforementioned herbs are also effective in
sof i
take a l
ml) dai 30 minutes before breakfast. This regimen should be followed for 8-
9 d s
“The L
If yo are a ust cannot tolerate them, you may use Magnesium Citrate instead,
although it is not quite as effective as Epsom salts. Magnesium Citrate is readily available from most
Intolerance to Olive Oil
If y are lerate it, you may use clear macadamia oil, cold-pressed
sunflower oil ressed oils instead, except canola oil. Please note that extra virgin olive
oil still appear ffective oil for liver cleansing.
People whose colon is severely co
ing at least 2-3 colon cleanses before
tones from the liver and gallbladder it is most likely for some of the stones and other toxic residues to
become trapped in the colon. It is essential for your health to flush them out! If you are unable to do so, it
is better not to cleanse the liver in this way.
Having Difficulties With the Clea
Intolerance to Apple Juice
If you cannot tolerate apple juice (or apples) for some reason, you may substitute the following herbs:
Gold Coin Grass and Bupleurum. The herbs are made into a tincture (contains alcohol) and sold as Gold
Coin Grass (GCG), 250 ml or 8.5 oz. and is available from Prime Health Products (see Product
Information at the end of the book.
ten ng gallstones and, therefore, can be used as a preparatory step for the liver cleanse, although it may
ittle longer than if you use apple juice. The proper dosage for the tincture is 1 tablespoon (about 15
ly on an empty stomach about
ay prior to the actual day of the liver flush. Gold Coin Grass is not for everyone, though. If you feel
fort taking it, discontinue and use some of the other procedures mentioned later in this chapter’s
iver Flush Did Not Deliver the Expected Results.”
ntolerance to Epsom Salts
u llergic to Epsom salts or j
ou allergic to olive oil or cannot to
or other cold p
s to be the most e
You Suffer from Gallbladder Disease or Don’t Have A Gallbladder
If you suffer from gallbladder disease or your gallbladder has already been removed, you may need to
People Who Should Not Use Apple Juice
ay have difficulty drinking apple juice in the large amounts required for the
liver cleanse. These include sufferers of diabetes, hypoglycemia, yeast infection (Candida), cancer and
ith magnesium or other
e main reasons, and their remedies, for such difficulties:
llbladder. Take 20 drops of
ke Gold Coin Grass for 2-3 weeks (approximately 1 bottle supply) prior to liver cleansing. For details,
see the previous section.
As a general recommendation, you may also need to consider taking a bile supplement. Without a
gallbladder, you may never again obtain the right amount of bile needed for the proper digestion of food.
Consult with your health practitioner about which product may be the most suitable for you.
There are people who m
tomach ulcers.
In all these cases, apple juice can be replaced with malic acid in powder form. The preparation period
is the same as for taking apple juice, except that the 1 liter of apple juice per day is substituted by ½ - 1
teaspoon of malic acid, taken with 2-4 glasses of water at room temperature. Drink this solution in small
amounts throughout the day. Food grade malic acid powder (not mixed w
gredients) is very inexpensive and can be purchased through the Internet or from some natural health
food stores. All wineries use malic acid to produce wine.
Cranberry juice also contains a lot of malic acid and can be used as well for the preparation period
(1/3rd juice mixed with 2/3rd water, 3-4 times per day for six days).
Another alternative is Gold Coin Grass. Use the same directions as given for those who are intolerant
to apple juice. You may try malic acid in one cleanse and Gold Coin Grass in the next one, and see which
one works best for you.
A fourth alternative is apple cider vinegar: mix 1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water and drink four of
these glasses per day, for six days.
The Liver Cleanse Did Not Deliver the Expected Results
In some cases, although rarely, the liver cleanse does not produce the expected results. The following
are th
1. It is likely that a more severe congestion in your liver’s bile ducts, due to very dense structures of
stones, has prevented the apple juice from softening them up during the first cleansing attempt. In some
individuals, it may take as many as 2-3 liver cleanses before the stones start coming out. Those who have
a history of constipation seem to be particularly affected.
Chanca Piedra, also known as “stonebreaker,” can help prepare your liver and gallbladder for a more
efficient release of stones, especially if you have calcified stones in the ga
hanca Piedra extract (see Product Information ) in a glass of water, three times daily, for at least 2-3
weeks prior to your next cleanse.
The herbs, Chinese Gentian and Bupleurum, help to break up some of the congestion and will assist to
prepare your liver for a more successful cleanse. These herbs are prepared as a tincture. They are more
y following the tissue cleansing
at all unless the large intestine is cleansed first. The
eadache or Nausea during the Days Following the Liver Cleanse
most cases, this occurs if all of the specific directions were not followed. However, on some rare
oc y continue to pass out of the liver after completing the liver cleanse. The toxins
released by these stones can enter the circulatory system and cause discomfort. In such a case, following
there is pain involved in the area under the right
rib cage, take one tablespoon of Epsom salts in one glass of water and drink it in the morning on an empty
larmed or feel that there is something wrong. Although
ra e
gallbladder ejecting bile and gallstones with such force that it shoots some of the oil back into the
stom may feel sick and may also be able to
fee e ild contraction.
D of the oil
mix e The oil had already done its
job es. In case something similar happens to you, please
m ber that this is only one night of discomfort or inconvenience. Recovery from conventional
ommonly known as Chinese Bitters and are made available through Prime Health Products (see Product
Information at the end of the book).
The proper dosage for this tincture is 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful (about 5 ml) daily on an empty stomach,
about 30 minutes before breakfast. This regimen should be followed for three weeks prior to drinking the
apple juice (or using the other alternatives discussed in the previous section). Any unpleasant cleansing
reactions usually disappear after 3-6 days. They can be minimized b
ethod of using hot, ionized water, and by keeping the colon clean.
2. You may not have followed the directions properly. Leaving out any one item from the procedure,
altering the dosages, or the timing of the steps specified may prevent you from obtaining the full results.
For many people, the liver flush does not work
ackup of waste and gases diminishes adequate bile secretion and prevents the oil mixture from moving
easily through the gastrointestinal tract. The best time for a colonic irrigation or an alternative method is
the day of the actual liver cleanse (day six).
casions, gallstones ma
liver cleanse it may be necessary to drink 4oz of apple juice for several consecutive days or for as long
as the discomfort lasts. Make certain to drink the juice at least ½ hour before breakfast.
In addition, a repeat colon cleanse may be necessary to clear out any of the stones released after
competing the liver cleanse. In addition, the tissue cleansing method (ionized water) detailed later in this
chapter helps to remove the circulating toxins. If you place a small piece of fresh ginger into a thermos
flask, the ionized water will quickly stop the nausea. If
Feeling Sick During the Cleanse
If you have properly followed all of the directions given in the outlined procedure, but feel sick
sometime during the liver flush, please don’t be a
re, it sometimes happens that a person may vomit or be nauseated during the night. This is caused by th
ach. When the oil (and some bile) reenters the stomach, you
l th expulsion of stones. It will not be a sharp pain, just a m
uring one of my 12 liver cleanses, I spent a miserable night. But despite vomiting much
tur , the cleanse was just as successful as all the others I had experienced.
of prompting the release of bile, along with ston
re em
g any more months of pain and suffering as the scar tissue mends and the
unf u
ention and Cure
allbladder surgery may involve m
ort nate consequences of not having a gallbladder begin to unfold.
2. Intestinal Cleansing - For Prev
Your body’s health and vitality largely depend on the effortless and complete elimination of waste
products from the intestinal tract. Most physical problems are caused and exacerbated by a build-up of
waste material that may at first accumulate in the intestines and then spread to other parts of the body,
such as the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, face, and skin. Accumulated or trapped waste material in the large
intestine may consist of impacted feces, hardened mucus, dead cellular tissue, gallstones that were
released from the gallbladder, dead and living bacteria, parasites, worms, toxic substances, etc. It also
undermines the colon’s important role in absorbing essential minerals and bacteria-produced vitamins,
including the all important vitamin B 12. Parts of the waste matter may enter the lymph and blood systems,
which can make you feel tired, sluggish or ill.
Colon-related complaints include constipation, diarrhea, bloating, headaches, dizziness, nausea, sinusitis,
eye and ear disorders, backaches, bad breath, body odor, sciatica, skin blemishes and diseases, abdominal
gas, low energy, disorders of the nervous system, etc. A clean colon is a prerequisite for the balanced
functioning of the rest of the body. To cleanse the large intestine should, therefore, be part of every
healing therapy.
Keep Your Intestines Clean!
A weak, irritated and congested large intestine is a breeding place for bacteria which have no other
purpose than to break down potentially hazardous waste material. As an unavoidable side effect of their
truly life-saving activities, the microbes produce poisonous substances. Some of the toxins produced by
the bacteria enter the blood, which delivers them straight to the liver. Constant exposure of liver cells to
these toxins greatly dampens their performance, causes bile stones and reduces bile secretion, all of which
leads to further disruption of digestive functions.
When you eat highly processed foods that have been stripped of most nutrients, natural fiber and life
force, your colon has great difficulty in moving the food mass or chyme along. Processed foods tend to
make for a dry, hard or sticky chyme that does not pass easily through the intestinal tract. The muscles
wrapped around the colon can easily squeeze and push fibrous, bulky chyme along, but they struggle with
fibreless, gooey, sticky chyme. When chyme sits too long in the colon, it becomes harder and drier each
day. If that were the only thing that happened – chyme turning into hard, dry feces – you would only need
to worry about constipation, from which millions of Americans suffer. But there is more. After the
chyme/feces get plastered onto the walls of the colon, it begins to do several things, including:
• Ferment, rot and harden, thereby becoming a breeding ground for parasites and pathogens
(disease-causing agents), and a storehouse for toxic chemicals that can pollute the blood and
son the body.
that prevents the colon from interacting with and absorbing nutrients from chyme.
o Flatulence/gas
hn's disease
Ulcerative colitis
minerals, or some vitamins). Accordingly, no matter
how many supplements you take, your body will begin to suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Most diseases
are, in fact, deficiency disorders. They arise when certain parts of the body suffers mal-nourishment,
particularly minerals (see also Take Ionic Minerals in this chapter). The main cause of mal-nourishment is
lymph and poi
• Form a barrier
• Restrict movement of the colon walls, making it difficult for the colon to rhythmically contract in
order to speed the chyme along its way. How well could you do your job if you were covered with
thick sludge?
The following are some of the symptoms manifesting as a result of colon dysfunction: Lower back
o Neck and shoulder pain
o Skin problems
o Brain fog (difficulty concentrating)
o Fatigue
o Sluggishness
o Colds and flu
o Constipation or diarrhea
o Digestive problems
o Blo
o Cro
o Colitis/Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
o Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis
o Leaky Gut Syndrome
o Pain in lower stomach
The large intestine absorbs minerals and water. When the membrane of the large intestine is impacted
with plaque, it cannot properly assimilate and absorb
testinal congestion. I recommend several possible methods to aid intestinal cleansing; they are Colonic
Irrigation, Magnesium Oxides and Enema treatments. I understand that not everyone has access to a colon
hydrotherapist, so I have included some other options.
1. Colonic Irrigation
olonic C irrigation, also called colon hydrotherapy or colonic, is perhaps one of the most effective colon
therapies. Within a short passage of time a colonic can eliminate large amounts of trapped waste that may
have taken many years to accumulate. During a 40-50 minute session of colonic irrigation, a total of 2-6
liters of distilled water is used to gently flush the colon. Through gentle abdominal massage old deposits
of mucoid fecal matter are loosened and subsequently flushed out by the water.
A colonic removes not only harmful, toxic waste, but it also tones, hydrates and rejuvenates the colon
muscles. The repeated uptake and release of water improves the colon’s peristaltic action and reduces the
transit time of fecal matter. In addition, colonic irrigation helps restore the colon’s natural shape, and
stimulates the reflex points that connect the colon with all the parts of the body. This form of colon
cleansing can detach old crusted layers of waste from the colon walls, which permits better water
absorption and hydration of the colon and the body as a whole. However, it may take at least 2-3 colonic
sessions for these latter benefits to take effect.
Colonic irrigation can also help with emotional problems. It is no coincidence that the transverse colon
passes right through the solar plexus, which is the body’s emotional center. Most of our unresolved or
“undigested” emotional issues are stored in the solar plexus and result in the tightening of the colon
muscle. This may slow bowel movement and cause constipation. Colonics can help clear the physical
obstruction and release the tension that causes the emotional repression in the first place.
Colonics have a truly relieving effect. During a colonic, you may feel a slight discomfort from time to
time when larger quantities of toxic waste detach themselves from the intestinal walls and move towards
the rectum, However, the feeling of lightness, cleanness, and clarity of mind soon afterwards make up for
Colonic irrigation is a very safe and hygienic system of cleansing the colon. Rubber tubing carries water
into the colon and waste out of the colon. The released waste material can be seen floating through a tube,
showing the type and quantity of waste eliminated. Although some critics claim that there are risks
involved in this procedure, in the colonics, I have never seen any
justification for these claims. Not having a colonic from time to time, on the other hand, can be very risky,
It is actually much easier for the friendly colon bacteria to multiply in a clean
environment than in a putrefied one. once the colon it completely cleansed, it will have restored normal
t the colon has accumulated unduly large amounts of waste over a period
of many years. To soften up and flush out all the waste may require a series of colonics and, of course,
ase, arthritis, AIDS and other illnesses.
many years I have worked with
iven today’s high incidence of irritable bowel syndrome and colon cancer.
Colonic cleansing is best done when the stomach is empty. It is beneficial to drink 1-2 glasses of water
afterwards and eat a piece of fruit or have some freshly prepared fruit juice ½ hour later. The first one or
two meals after the treatment should be light and not contain food items such as meat, eggs, cheese, fried
food, etc.
Some people have expressed their concern about loosing friendly, probiotic bacteria in the colon as a
result of a colonic.
acteria population within less than 36 hours. If you still feel concerned about this, you may use soilbased
microbes, such as Nature’s Biotics (uwardquest.com), Primal Defense or similar products. Be
certain that whatever product you use contains live, not dead, bacteria.
After a colonic, the bowel movement will become naturally restored within about two days. If it takes
longer than that, it indicates tha
ver cleanses and a balanced diet and lifestyle.
Once the colon has been thoroughly cleansed through colonics, nutritional improvements, exercise, liver
and kidney cleanses, and other health programs will become many times more effective. Since an
estimated 70-80 percent of the immune tissue resides in the intestines, cleansing the colon from immunesuppressive
toxic waste, in addition to removing gallstones from the liver and gallbladder, can make a
crucial difference in the treatment of cancer, heart dise
2. Colema Board
If you do not have access to a colon therapist, you may greatly benefit from using a colema board (see
Product Information ) as a second best choice. The colema treatment is based on the same principle as
colon-hydrotherapy, although it may not be as effective and thorough. The advantage is that the colema
board allows you to clean your colon in the comfort of your own home. The colema colon cleanse is a doit-
yourself treatment that is easy to learn and perform.
3. Colosan Treatment
Colosan (formerly known as ColoZone) is a proprietary blend of various oxides of magnesium designed
tract for cleansing. Please note that there are other brands of
m ilar effects, including OxyPowder, HomoZone and
l product to counteract the following problems:
o of undigested material in the intestines and colon
The main actions of Colosan:
• It releases oxygen in the intestines and colon to help speed the elimination of wastes.
• It provides needed oxygen f s digestive membranes to allow
improved uptake of nutrients.
to gently release oxygen in the digestive
agnesium oxides available that have sim
xyCleanse. Some are easier to take than others.
In my practice I have found colosan to be a very usefu
o Impeded assimilation of nutrients
o Presence of pathogens and parasites that breed in the putrefaction of the digestive tract
o Detoxification or healing crisis associated with many health regimens
o Insufficient oxygen to maintain homeostasis
or proper digestion and cleanse
• It eliminates the unwanted build-up of toxins, creating a clean and healthful environment where
there is no room or “food” for disease-causing microbes.
How does Colosan Work?
The various oxides of magnesium contained in Colosan involve the bonding of oxygen and ozone to
magnesium. This alkaline compound requires an extremely low pH in order to liberate its oxygen. For this
reason, the hydrochloric acid in the stomach is commonly assisted with the juice of a lemon or apple cider
vinegar. The average size tablespoon of approximately 7-10g of pure magnesium oxide would produce a
total volume of 3.85 cubic meters of oxygen. In the use of Colosan, one tsp. would provide approximately
7.5 liters of available oxygen. This oxygen is made bio-available to the stomach which is 40 percent more
fficient at assimilating oxygen than the lungs are. It also assists in oxidizing the undigested putrefaction
e impacting the intestines and the colon. The average person has six to twelve pounds of
putrefaction rotting away in their gut, breeding pathogens and creating a welcome home for parasites,
n to be a process of oxidation. By introducing oxygen into the intestines and the
process of assimilating nutrients, as well as oxidizing the undigested material. It
n to turn undigested material into C02 and water. For this reason, Colosan is a
ual to have very liquid stools during the use of Colosan; this is a sign that the
If the stools are not liquid during the first 1-2 treatments, it shows that most of the
traight away, indicating a mineral deficiency. After a few treatments, the
mal and stools become liquid and more frequent following each dose of Colosan.
nce or twice weekly as a maintenance product for staying clean and
The most common health problem besides irregular bowel movement that Colosan has shown
ment in the
testines and colon. Therefore, it is beneficial to the “friendly” bacteria, which are desirable and
ibitory toward toxin-producing, undesirable bacteria. In other words, this product helps beneficial
a to flourish.
n be used to prevent any type of healing crisis or detox reaction that you might have when
hat is known to b
germs, bacteria and v
Digestion is know
colon, one can assist the
is common for Colosa
cathartic. It is not unus
product is working.
magnesium is absorbed s
situation returns to nor
Many people use Colosan o
maintaining regularity.
tremendous benefit for is Candida (also see chapter 10). Colosan provides an aerobic environ
intestinal flor
Colosan ca
you follow a certain cleansing protocol. Anyone versed in natural therapies is usually familiar with these
occurrences. These undesirable experiences stem from attempting to clean out the body before the organs
of elimination have been cleansed. This results in backing up of toxic waste. The body frequently attempts
to rid itself of these wastes through the skin. The back-flushed waste can result in feelings of nausea,
headaches, tiredness, ear and eye trouble, aching joints or pain in the neck and shoulders. This influx of
toxicity may also affect the liver and kidneys.
By cleaning out the organs of elimination through the use of Colosan you can avoid detox reactions
associated with the use of herbal cleansing programs or other regimens that are administered for this
purpose. Colosan is available from “The Family News” in the United States (see Product Information at
the end of the book) and many online health stores.
Note: The products OxyPowder, OxyCleanse, or similar, have the about the same beneficial effects as
Colosan, and may be used instead.
4. Epsom Salts
Another method of intestinal cleansing uses Epsom salts. Epsom salts not only cleanse the colon, but
also the small intestine. This may become necessary if you have major difficulties absorbing food,
hour, prompting you to eliminate several times. It clears out much of the
plaque and debris from the walls, along with the parasites that have been living there. Anticipate the
stools to be watery for as long there is intestinal waste to be disposed of. Stools adopt a normal shape and
consistency once the entire intestinal tract is clean.
eated kidney/bladder congestion, severe constipation, or are simply unable to have a colonic or colema.
For three weeks, mix one teaspoon of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) with one glass of warm water and
drink first thing in the morning. This oral enema flushes your entire digestive tract and colon, from top to
bottom, usually within an
This treatment can be done 2-3 times per year. In the beginning, and whenever the intestines release
some major pockets of waste and toxins, you can expect gas, bloating and even some cramping. Your
tongue may become covered white and be thicker than normal. This indicates increased intestinal
cleansing. If you are allergic to Epsom salts or just cannot tolerate this product, you may use Magnesium
Citrate, Colosan, OxyPowder or similar method of cleansing instead.
Castor oil
stor oil is a traditionally used, excellent remedy to clear waste material from the intestines. It is less
ting than Epsom salts and has no side effects other than normal cleansing reactions. Take one to three
oons of castor oil in 1/3 glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning or before going to
sleep at night (depending on which works better for you). It is a very beneficial treatment for stubborn
to the
6. F
ases of constipation. It can also be given to children (in smaller dosages). While castor oil is not
mended to replace Epsom salts or magnesium citrate during the liver cleanse, in case of an allergy
above, castor oil may be used as a substitute.
our Major Enema Treatments
ma treatments involve introduction of liquids into the rectum for the purpose of cleansing and
shment (see illustration 12). Since the colon is the seat of Vata, an enema has an immediate effect on
e functions of Vata. It alleviates constipation, distension, chronic fever, the common cold, headache,
l disorders, kidney stones, pain in the heart area, vomiting, low back ache, stiffness and
all th
s ua pain in neck
and shoulders, nervous disorders, hyperacidity, and tiredness. Also disorders such as arthritis, rheumatism,
sciatica, and gout greatly benefit from an enema.
Please note: a colonic or colema treatment would still be a better choice for balancing disturbed Vata
(Seat of Vata)
Enema Bag
Illustration 12: Enema treatment
trols lung functions and the bones. All chronic colon disorders are likely
to manifest as lung and bone disorders as well. Although less effective than colonic irrigation, which
irrigates the entire colon, enemas can offer quick relief when the rectum is congested with fecal matter.
There are two major types of enemas t and one that can improve digestion
and liver functions.
ince the disturbance of Vata dosha is responsible for the retention of feces, urine, bile, and other
excreta, by pacifying it through an enema, most of the eliminative functions in the body are improved.
Besides the colon, Vata also con
hat can be used to balance Vata
1. Oil enema: Half a cup of warm sesame oil for above problems and chronic constipation once or
twice a week. The oil should be retained for at least 30 minutes or longer. To make it a nourishing enema,
add 3 tablespoons each of honey and ghee and half a cup of milk (unless you have a milk allergy). Note:
Those with diabetes, obesity, indigestion, low AGNI, and enlarged spleen should avoid oil enemas and
opt for the second type enema.
2. Decoction or water enema: Up to half a liter of Lapacho, comfrey or chaparral tea, or plain water, at
room temperature. This enema is indicated for acute constipation and above problems, but should not be
taken more often than once or twice a week. Note: avoid if you suffer from debility, hemorrhoids,
inflammation of anus, diarrhea, or if pregnant. If you are diabetic, consult your physician. The effects
increase if an enema type 2 is followed by an enema type 1. Patients who are lying in bed and are
constipated can take enemas type 1 and 2 alternately.
3. Coffee enema: Place 3 heaped tablespoons of ground coffee (not instant coffee) into 16 ounces (2
glasses) of boiling water. Boil for 3 minutes and let simmer (on a low flame) for 15 minutes. Filter
through a coffee filter or cotton cloth. Make sure that no coffee substance is left at the bottom. Let it cool
to body temperature and perform the enema while lying on your back with your legs elevated. Hold the
coffee solution as long as possible; turning to your right side may help make this easier. This enema is
indicated when you feel very sluggish and tired, particularly when you feel pain in your middle/upper
back, which are all indications of a toxic liver. Although ground coffee (or rather the caffeine it contains)
acts as a nerve toxin, it can to a small extent open the bile ducts of the liver and release noxious
substances from the liver. The effect is often immediate. This enema can be taken if time or circumstances,
or feeling ill, don’t permit a person to do the liver cleanse. When seriously ill with cancer, liver or heart
disease, it can be taken more frequently, as often as every other day.
4. Urine Enema: If you suffer from persistent skin conditions, such as acne, a series of urine enemas
can help you restore skin health within a matter of a few weeks.
Collect your urine starting in the morning (use mid-stream only) until you have a jar of 1-2 liters.
Administer the enemas in the late afternoon before eating. You may want to add a little amount of hot
water to the urine to warm it up. once you remove the nozzle, you may lie on your back, gently lift your
knees up towards your chin, and if possible, move into the yoga posture “shoulder stand” for one minute.
Continue lying on your back with your knees up for 5 more minutes and then gently roll over to your right
side for about 10 minutes. The most important thing with regard to this enema is to keep the urine in the
colon for as long as possible. If you feel strong discomfort, though, release it. While you are in the
process of releasing the urine and waste, you may gently massage the abdomen with or without oil
(ideally sesame or coconut oil) in a clockwise direction.
Follow this protocol for about 5 weeks:
1st week – one enema per day, late afternoon
2nd week – one enema every 2nd day, late afternoon
3rd week – one enema every 3rd day, later afternoon
…and so on.
Since urine con ine enemas
so frequently d can greatly
crease colon health and help restore intestinal flora. Candida sufferers, especially benefit from urine
tains the perfect mix of vitamins, hormones, minerals, antibodies, etc., doing ur
oes not deplete the colon of these nutrient components. In fact, urine enemas
3. The Kidney Cleanse
If the presence of gallstones in the liver or other causes has led to the occurrence of sand or stones in
the kidneys or the urinary bladder, you may also need to cleanse the kidneys. The kidneys are very
r to completely clean out your kidneys
elicate, blood-filtering organs that easily get congested through poor digestion, stress and an irregular
lifestyle. The main causes of congestion in the kidneys are kidney stones. Most kidney crystals/stones,
however, are too small to be recognized through modern diagnostic instruments, such as X-ray.
The following herbs, when taken daily for a period of 20-30 days, can help dissolve and eliminate all
the various types of kidney stones, including uric acid stones, oxalic acid stones, phosphate stones and
amino acid stones. If you have a history of kidney stones, in orde
ou may need to repeat this cleanse several times, at intervals of 6-8 weeks.
. Marjoram (1oz)
2. Cat's Claw (1oz)
3. Comfrey Root (1oz)
. Fennel Seed (2oz)
5. Chicory Herb (2oz)
6. Uva Ursi (2oz)
7. Hydrangea Root (2oz)
8. Gravel Root (2oz)
. Marshmallow Root (2oz)
10. Golden Rod Herb (2oz)
Note: If you need to know the Latin names for the above herbs, see Product Information at the end of the book.
Take 1 oz. each of the first three herbs and 2 oz. each of the rest of the herbs and thoroughly mix them
together. Keep them in an airtight container. Before bedtime, soak 2-3 heaping tablespoons of the mixture
in two cups of water, cover it and leave covered overnight. The next morning bring the concoction to a
Repeat this procedure for 20-30 days. If you experience discomfort or stiffness in the lower back area
it is because of salt crystals from kidney stones passing through the ureter ducts of the urinary system.
Any strong smell and darkening of the urine at the beginning of or during the cleanse indicates a major
release of toxins from the kidneys. Usually, the release is gradual and does not significantly change the
color or texture of the urine. Important: During the cleanse, support the kidneys by drinking extra
a , a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 glasses per day.
eanse, avoid consuming animal products, dairy foods, tea, coffee, alcohol, carbonated
beverages, chocolate and any other foods or beverage
u need this addition, do it anyway as it will
help many other problems, including allergies:
. Check the acidity of your urine with a pH-indicator, a special paper used for measuring urinary pH,
in the morning, hold a small piece of this paper (Nitrazine™
paper) in the urine stream. If it indicates a pH of 5.5 or below, the acidity level may be too high,
urine pH should be at about six; if not, increase the dose to one heaping teaspoon. Check your pH
oil; let it simmer for a few minutes and strain. If you forget to prepare the tea in the evening, in the
morning bring it to a boil and let it sit or lightly simmer 10-15 minutes before straining.
Drink a few sips at a time in 6-8 portions throughout the day. This tea does not have to be taken warm
or hot, but do not refrigerate it. Do not add sugar or sweeteners. Leave at least one hour after eating before
taking your next sips.
mounts of water
During the cl
s that contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners,
coloring agents, etc. While cleansing the kidneys, harsh substances such as chemicals may not only
interfere with the cleanse, but may also injure the kidneys.
In addition to drinking this kidney tea each day, you may chew a small piece of rind from an organic
lemon on the left side of your mouth and a small piece of carrot on the right side of your mouth 30-40
times each. This stimulates the kidney functions. Make certain that there is at least half an hour in
between chewing ‘cycles.’
Important note: If you are over 70 or very sick, do the kidney cleanse for six weeks. If you have a
history of kidney stones, or have been diagnosed as having large kidney or bladder stones, or have chronic
pain or stiffness in the loin areas, toes or fingers, you may need to add the following alkalization
procedure to the kidney cleanse. If you are not sure whether yo
available at most drugstores. First thing
indicating that you require an alkalizing treatment. You need to have a morning urine pH of about
6.0 acidity. Most people with painful joints have a morning urine pH of 4.5, which means that more
uric acid is precipitated during the night, which can cause severe pain in the morning hours. During
the day, the urinary pH tends to be less acidic and sufferers tend to feel better as some of the acid
deposits are neutralized.
2. To alkalize the body, mix two parts sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and one part sodium
potassium in a glass jar. Take one level teaspoon of this mixture in one large glass of water (not cold)
at bedtime, and at least 2 hours after dinner. If possible, drink it all at once. The next morning your
from time to time, as you may need to cut the dose, to maintain a pH of six. By alkalizing yourself at
bedtime you prevent the urinary pH from dropping too low in the night. This will reduce the
deposits in the joints and at the same time prevent dissolved kidney crystals from reassembling
themselves into new stones. Continue this alkalizing procedure throughout the kidney cleanse or as
ot available, use only sodium
ater at bedtime.
long as there is pain in toes or fingers. Note: if sodium potassium is n
bicarbonate; the dose is ½ teaspoon (or more if needed) in a glass of w
4. Sipping Hot Ionized Water
Sipping hot ionized water has a deep cleansing effect on all the tissues of the body. It helps reduce
overall toxicity, improves circulatory functions and balances bile. Boiling water for 15-20 minutes results
atively charged overall. As the negative oxygen ions enter the body with the ingested water,
they are drawn towards the positively charged toxic material. This turns waste into neutral fluid matter
effects that normally accompany sudden
weight loss.
rough the bubbling effect of boiling water, similar to water falling on
the ground or breaking against the shore. In the thermos flask, the water will stay ionized for up to 12
ours or as long it remains hot.
it becoming charged and saturated with negative oxygen ions. When you take frequent sips of this
water throughout the day, it begins to systematically cleanse the tissues of the body and help rid it of
certain positively charged ions (those associated with high acidity and toxins).
Toxins and waste carry a positive charge and, thus, naturally tend to attach themselves to the body,
which is neg
hich is easily discharged by the body. For the first couple of days or even weeks of cleansing your body
tissues in this way, your tongue may take on a white or yellow coating, an indication that the body is
clearing out a lot of waste. If you have excessive body weight, this cleansing method can help you shed
many pounds of body waste in a short time, without the side
Directions: Boil water for 15-20 minutes and pour it into a thermos flask. Stainless steel flasks are fine,
too. This keeps the water hot and ionized throughout the day. Take one or two sips every half hour all day
long and drink it as hot as you would drink tea. This method can be used any time you don’t feel well,
have the need for decongesting, keeping the blood thin, or wanting to just feel more energetic and clear.
Some people use it for certain duration, such as 3-4 weeks; others use it in an ongoing manner.
The oxygen ions are generated th
5. Clearing Allergies
ay need
o g antibodies against antigens
that are found, for example, in dust, pollen, duck feathers, cats hair, or such foods as milk, wheat, oranges,
nullify any remaining antibody complexes in the blood responsible for allergic reactions. (A second
Although the liver cleanse helps remove the main physical cause of allergies in the body, you m
ther methods to “persuade” the cells of the immune system to stop producin
matoes, etc. In fact, allergic reactions, which might have had their root cause in a congested liver and
impaired digestive system and have not disappeared, may be responsible for causing gallstones again.
Based on my knowledge and experience, Bio-resonance Therapy is an effective method to deal with and
method that deals with the emotional/psychological causes of allergies, chemical sensitivities and diseases
of all kind is described under section 5.)
It is known in the circles of natural health practitioners that most every person suffering from a chronic
disease illness or long-term complaint has one or several allergies. An allergy results when repeated
exposure of the body to a normally harmless substance or antigen stimulates the immune system to
produce antibodies. In whichever part of the body the defense reaction is most pronounced, that’s where
ns to duck feathers, milk, wheat, and mint. So
patients have allergies to at least three groups.
io-resonance therapists who test not only the entire physical body as a whole for existing allergies, but
e have the best results. Subsequent tests show no further
allergies against anything; that is, provided that a balanced diet and lifestyle remain or become an integral
e symptoms of disruption and discomfort will occur more intensely. If it happens to occur in the nose,
sinus cavities or chest area, you may suffer from severe mucus congestion and breathing difficulties.
Likewise, a similar immune response in the ovaries can cause ovarian cysts; in the prostate gland, it may
lead to prostate enlargement. In some instances, the reaction may trigger anaphylactic shock, nausea, skin
rashes, breathing difficulties, fainting, diarrhea, and death. There may be many more diseases linked to
allergic reactions than are currently known.
Research in the field of Radionics has shown that there are four main allergies, which cover most other
possible allergies. These take account of the body’s reactio
you happen to be allergic to duck feathers you may also be allergic to a number of allergens that belong
in the category of duck feathers, such as certain fruits, vegetables, dust particles, metals, pollutants, etc.
There may, in fact, be hundreds of such substances. By annulling your body’s allergic response to duck
feathers through Bio-resonance Therapy, all these other allergies linked to duck feathers are likely to
disappear as well. Similarly, when a wheat allergy has been cleared up, the body’s immune system w
top to react to all the antigens that fall in the wheat category. The same principle applies to the groups
pertaining to the milk and mint allergies.
Most people with health problems have at least one major allergy, which may, for example, be against
wheat and its subordinates. Almost everyone with tooth fillings that are made with mercury-containing
amalgam is allergic to milk, as well as to its products and subordinates. Research has shown that all AIDS
patients, who have been tested for all the four allergy categories, are allergic to each one of them. C
ach energy center (chakra) separately, seem to
art of daily life. Recent research conducted in Germany on the value of Bio-resonance Therapy in the
treatment of the severest forms of allergy showed that of out of 200 tested patients, 83% were completely
cured of all allergies and 11% had improved significantly. Although Bio-resonance Therapy may be
effective even without cleansing of the liver, the benefits are much more pronounced if it is applied after
the liver has been cleansed. The success of this treatment is determined by exposing oneself to the former
antigens such as orange juice, flower pollen, or gluten that is contained in wheat.
6. Replacing Metal Tooth Fillings
And Removing Toxic Metals/Chemicals from the Body
Metal Fillings – A Ticking Time Bomb?
Metal dental ware is a constant source of poisoning and allergic reaction in the body (especially to
milk and its products). All metal corrodes in time, especially in the mouth where there is a high
concentration of air and moisture. Among other harmful metals, amalgam fillings contain the extremely
toxic mercury. Mercury makes up 50% of the filling! Their vapors are being released into the lungs
through inhalation and enter the digestive system while eating and drinking. When they enter the blood
and lymph, they can cause considerable damage in the body, including the nervous system.
es show that the mercury level in some
dmium, for example, which is used to produce the pink
is lethal at a dose of 0.5-1.0 gram.
ther metals contained in dental fillings are known for their cancer-producing (carcinogenic) effects.
T wns, braces and children’s crowns. Also chromium is
extremely carcinogenic. All metals corrode, (including gold, silver and platinum) and the body absorbs it.
In Germany, a federal law passed in the mid-nineties prohibits dentists to give mercury fillings to their
patients. For the same reason, most North-European countries have limited the use of amalgam, and
Sweden, Spain, Austria, and Denmark, among others, also banned this product in the year 2000. The
amalgam compounds are so toxic that dentists are instructed not to touch amalgam with bare hands and
store excess amalgam in tightly sealed containers. If it is so dangerous to touch amalgam, it certainly is
dangerous to keep it in the mouth 24 hours a day, year after year!
The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report showing that mercury absorbed from amalgam
fillings is up to ten times higher than mercury absorbed from environmental and dietary sources. It is
noteworthy to point out that patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Alzheimer’s disease have up to ten
times the normal mercury levels in their brains. Post-mortem studi
rgans is directly proportional to the number of amalgam fillings in a diseased person.
The most vulnerable of all to mercury poisoning seems to be the developing fetus in pregnant women. A
fetus accumulates more mercury than even the mother does, and in amounts directly proportional to the
number of her amalgam fillings.
The gradual, continuous release of mercury and other toxic metals into the body by metal fillings affects
particularly the liver, kidneys, lungs and brain. Ca
olor in dentures, is five times as toxic as lead. It does not take much of this metal to raise the blood
pressure to abnormal levels. Yet how many people are aware that they are developing a heart condition as
a result of the dental fillings in their mouth?
Thallium, which is also found in mercury amalgam fillings, causes leg pain and paraplegia. It affects the
nervous system, skin, and cardiovascular system. All wheelchair patients who have been tested for metal
poisoning tested positive for thallium. Many people who were in a wheelchair several years after they
received metal fillings completely recovered once all metal had been removed from the mouth. Thallium
ese include nickel, which is used in gold cro
omen with breast cancer have accumulated large amounts of dissolved metals in their breasts. When the
mouth is cleared of all metals, they will also leave the breasts and the metal-caused cysts will shrink and
disappear by themselves. Yeast infections often improve quickly after removal of metal fillings. Some
people report complete relief of prostate problems as well as nose and sinus congestion.
Porcelain can be toxic, too. It is made of aluminum oxide, with other metals added. The body’s immune
system naturally responds to the presence of toxic metals in the body and eventually develops allergic
reactions which may show up as a sinus condition, ringing in the ears, enlarged neck and glands, bloating,
enlarged spleen, arthritic symptoms, headaches and migraine, eye diseases, and more serious
complications such as paralysis or heart attacks.
Although metal toxicity may not be the only cause for these conditions, replacing all metal fillings with
composites certainly assists your immune system in its effort to protect your body against disease. A
composite filling is one that is primarily non-metallic. There are a large variety of materials used in
composite fillings, but some metals may be present. Ordinary composites are not suitable for large
cavities. If used for large cavities they tend to last no more than five or six years. Indirect composites, on
the other hand, can be placed in large cavities. They can even be used in place of gold crowns. They look
like a real tooth and last as long as gold. If selected properly, indirect composites are quite non-allergenic
and non-toxic. They are fairly new and can be as expensive as gold fillings, but they can save you a lot of
trouble and money in the long-term. Since many dentists don't know how to place them properly, you may
need to do a bit of research to find an experienced mercury-free dentist who also works with indirect
composites. The fillings should be replaced cautiously and gradually, one or two (if small ones) at a time.
Don’t replace fillings more often than once every two months.
Preventing Heavy Metal Toxicity
If you decide to replace your amalgam fillings, make certain that your dentist provides for protection
(through a special plastic device) against the inhalation and absorption of the generated amalgam dust.
Otherwise, you may end up suffering severe migraine attacks, memory loss, weakening of eyesight, etc.
Before attempting to have any larger fillings removed you may need to take selenium (if possible in ionic
form) for 1-2 months. Eat more foods that contain Vitamin C, such as oranges and red peppers for about
ten days. Use cilantro leaves and green leafy vegetables in every main meal to help clear mercury and
other metal deposits from the body. Drinking several cups of Pau d’Arco (Lapacho) tea per day, or taking
four capsules of its extract three times daily for two weeks may greatly assist you in the detoxification of
the blood, liver and kidneys (see section 7 for details on this powerful immune balancer). The kidney
cleanse is also very beneficial in preventing injuries from any released metals.
Metallic Clay – To Remove Noxious Metals and Chemicals
One of the safest, fastest and most direct ways to remove noxious chemicals and metals from the body is
to take a bath with metallic clay – most ideally, Pascalite clay (available through the internet from
www.relfe.com), or any other unpolluted bentonite clay. While lying in the bathtub, apply some wetted
clay to the whole head and make a facemask with it. one pound per bath is sufficient. Soak in the water
for about half an hour. Let the bathwater stand for a few hours, or overnight, and then drain off the water,
but keep the settled clay in the bathtub. Check for black, gold, silver-colored sediments in the clay
(metals). Remove the clay.
If a full bath is impractical, take a number of foot baths instead. Soak your feet in bentonite clay for 20-
30 minutes in the evenings, let the water sit over night the next day and take a good at the results the
following morning. L ay find that the bottom is covered with flecks of gold,
silver and a quite a bit of stuff that looks like black sand. Note: some of the black sand is due to impurities
in the clay.
ike with the full bath, you m
A note on tooth extractions: In case a tooth needs to be extracted, be aware that tooth extractions can
cause lasting illness if the “cavitations” are not cleaned properly. When a tooth is extracted, dead tissue
can been known to cause serious fatigue. Cleaning
operation, the center of the tooth including the nerve is drilled out, leaving behind what is really a dead
increas undermine the most basic functions in the body. Pulling a
be left behind and attract infectious bacteria. This has
such cavitations can improve your well being dramatically.
note on root canals: Root canals can become a source of sickness in the body. During a root canal
th. The dead tooth may become subject to attack by bacteria that try to eat it away. The tooth can
infected, but since there is no nerve left, there is no pain. Even small infections such as this can
ingly weaken the immune system and
t canal filled tooth is a bit complicated, besides being more expensive, since the tooth will have to be
d with some kind of bridge.
7. How To Give Up Smoking And Other Addictions
one or
a powe
admit s
do not
a lot of
make c
our feeling so dom esire substitutes? This question is
impossible to answer in this context due to a vast number of possible answers, many of which may only
be known by the addict himself. But the need to smoke can become very useful in as much as it can reveal
and actually overcome this inner lack, whatever it may be.
Instead of criticizing or judging yourself for giving your power to a habit that has the potential to make
you ill or kill you, you can learn a great deal from it and make yourself feel complete again. Because you
may not be able to understand the underlying message that smoking entails, you tend to be resigned to the
expectation that quitting the habit is a difficult and frustrating task. Yet smoking can make you aware that
you are no longer completely in control of your life, and even offer you a way to reclaim that control.
ddiction - An Unconscious Signal of Not Being in Control
you are substance addicted, your addiction may be accompanied or caused by the inability to fulfill
more of your deepest desires. Although unconscious of it, you begin to accept the idea that there is
r beyond your control that stops you from achieving your dreams, big or small. You may even
elf-defeat by maintaining the belief that it is just too difficult for you to give up old habits like
g, drinking alcohol or eating kin addictive foods.
any smokers argue that they cannot quit smoking if they constantly see other people smoking. Others
want to face the possibly unbearable withdrawal symptoms that may accompany a sudden
nce from smoking. Quite a lot of people managed to quit smoking, but when they suddenly put on
weight, they resumed the habit.
smokers who wish to end their addiction feel that they don’t have enough willpower to stop
g. Why are we giving a small cigarette such great power that it is able to rule over our freedom to
onscious choices in our life? Smoking, like any other addictive habit, is merely a symptom of an
ing lack or deficiency of some sort. But what thing or things are missing in our lives, resulting in
inated by outer influences that we continue to d
The excuse that “I cannot give up smoking because…,” is an unconscious recognition that I am a victim
of some kind, and that I am suffering from low self worth. There is a part of me that I consider weak and
inadequate. A part of me is not alive and well. The act of smoking makes me admit in a way that my
desire for a cigarette is greater than my desire to stay healthy or, in other words, to love myself. It is very
difficult to give up smoking or other addictions for as long as I preserve this underlying weakness,
projected by such exclamations as “I can’t give it up,” or “I go crazy if I don’t have my cigarettes.”
Learning to Recover Your Free Will
Similar to using a thorn to pull out another thorn, learning to give up the habit of smoking may be one of
the most effective ways to uproot any underlying incompetence and dependency in your life. By
suppressing or fighting the habitual desire to smoke, you merely feed it with more of your own energies.
This all but increases the addiction. Desires want to be fulfilled, or at least we should be able to decide
whether we want to fulfill them or not. The addiction to smoking, which reflects a lack in inner
competence and completeness, can actually become a very effective method to fill you up again and
regain conscious control over your life. Smoking is not the problem you need to combat. Just seeing
smoking as an addiction that may have horrible consequences is a depressing notion, and fighting it
doesn’t raise your self-esteem. Even if you succeed in quitting this habit, you still haven’t regained your
inner sense of freedom and are likely to develop an addiction to something else, like eating, drinking or
sex. Instead of waging a war against your anxiety or poor self-confidence, all you need to do is increase
that sense of inner freedom to make your own choices in life.
If understood and dealt with properly, smoking can be one of the most important things that has ever
happened to you. It can lead you to adopt an entirely new way of thinking, thus reshaping your destiny. If
you are a smoker and wish to give up the habit, you first need to understand that your addiction is not an
accidental mistake you made during one of your lower moments in life. You have created this habit not to
suffer because of it, but to learn from it. It is likely to stay with you or change into another addictive habit
until that day when you will have acquired the ability to refer all power of fulfilling your desires back to
yourself. Giving up smoking is not about quitting one addictive habit just to adopt another one; it is about
recovering your sense of free will.
To use one’s willpower to fight an undesirable habit is defeating its purpose and likely to backfire
because fighting something is based on the premise that your are being attacked or in some sort of danger.
With what we know today about the powerful mind/body connection, the fear that underlies the fight
against an addiction is enough to keep the cells of the body jittery, anxious and dysfunctional. They can
never find the peace, balance, and energy they need in order to be “happy” cells for as long as the fear of
not being in control prevails in the awareness of their master. The enzyme-based messages the cells are
sending to the brain and heart are simple cries for help. The host interprets these signals, though, as
depression and nervousness. To “overcome” the discomfort, at least for a few moments, the host feels
compelled to grab the next cigarette or look for another drink. Each time the discomfort reemerges, he or
she feels defeated and weakened, and so the addiction carries on.
True willpower, however, is about learning how to make conscious choices. Addictions stick like glue
to everyone who wishes to overcome them. They are the “ghosts of memory” who live in our
subconscious and pop up every time the addictive substance is in sight or is imagined. The subsequent
urge is not under conscious control, hence the feeling of “dying” for a cigarette, a cup of coffee, or a bar
of chocolate. It is important, though, to realize that you always have a choice. This is all you need to
learn when it comes to overcoming an addiction.
You cannot successfully exorcise the ghost of memory by throwing away your cigarettes, avoiding your
smoking friends, or living in a smoke-free environment. Society has condemned the act of smoking so
much that many smokers already feel deprived of that sense of personal freedom they need to make their
own choices in life. If you are a sensitive person, be aware that a nagging spouse, a doctor, and the
warning written on cigarette packs that smoking is harmful to your health may make you feel ridden with
guilt. When all of this external pressure succeeds in making you give up smoking, you will continue to
feel deprived of your free will and, therefore, look for other more socially acceptable forms of addiction.
Making Smoking a Conscious Choice
We all remember our childhood days when our parents told us not to eat chocolate before lunch or not
allow us to watch television when we wanted. The subconscious mind reacts negatively when it is
deprived of its ability to make choices or when it feels forced to do something against its will. The many
occasions of disappointment from past desires that didn’t get fulfilled can lead to an inner vacuum or
emptiness that wants to be filled. Smoking is simply a subconscious rebellion against the external
manipulation of our freedom to choose what we want, and it fills that uncomfortable space within, at least
for a little while. However, this inner lack can only subside permanently when we have regained the
freedom to make our own choices. You must know that you are free to smoke whenever you like and how
ever often you like. If you have a cigarette and a match to light it, you will certainly find a way to smoke
it, too.
The unconscious association of smoking with all the other “don’ts” in your past will be negated by
accepting your desire to smoke. I had my first cigarette when I entered high school at age ten. I felt like a
criminal because the law said I was only allowed to smoke when I was sixteen years old. Years of hiding
my “secret” from my parents and my teachers left me with no other choice but to continue smoking until I
had a choice. When I finally got the legal permission to smoke, I lost interest and chose to quit. I was able
to give up the habit at once, without any withdrawal symptoms.
The first and most important step to quit smoking is to give yourself permission to smoke. Guilt
from the act will only prevent you from gaining satisfaction and urge you to have another cigarette that
may “at last” give you what you have been looking for. But you are not really looking for the short
sensation of satisfaction that smoking provides, but for the lost freedom to make your own choices in life.
By trying to avoid lighting up, you deprive yourself of this potential satisfaction. The resistance to
smoking creates powerful psychosomatic side effects. These are known as withdrawal symptoms.
Symptoms may include depression, lack of interest in life, sleeplessness, anger, nausea, ravenous hunger,
obesity, cardiovascular disease, lack of concentration, and shaking. However, these symptoms can only
manifest if you believe that you have been deprived of your freedom to smoke.
Choosing To Smoke Less, But…
Don’t fight your desire to smoke. Contrary to general belief, to give up smoking you do not need to
abolish your desire to smoke. You will start giving up the habit automatically once you choose not to
follow your desire to smoke each and every time you have it. This will take the fuel out of your
subconscious, rebellious mind and stop you short of becoming a victim of outer forces or other people. A
master of yourself, you can choose to smoke or choose not to smoke. Keep your cigarettes with you as
long as you feel you want to have this choice. It may even be a good idea to encourage your desire to
smoke by keeping your cigarette pack in front of you, smelling it from time to time. Watch other people
around you light up and inhale, imagining that you inhale deeply too. Do not count the days that pass
without you smoking and do not look ahead in time either. You neither need to prove to yourself nor to
anyone else that you can beat this addiction. There is nothing to be beaten. You are neither a better person
if you quit, nor are you a worse person if you don’t. You are free to stop smoking today and begin again
tomorrow. You will always have this choice, and you will always be only a puff away from being a
Choice making or training your free will takes place in the now and has to be done anew repeatedly
many times each day. The longer the periods of time during which you actualize your choice not to
smoke, the more quickly diminishes your smoking desire, becoming less intense each day. Whenever the
desire to smoke returns, which is possible because the ghost of memory doesn’t just leave your
subconscious, you are once again compelled to make a new choice. This time, however, your conscious
mind finds it much easier to stick with its previous successful choice because of the newly improved selfconfidence
and self-esteem.
The conscious retraining of your mind will benefit your entire life. It will restore your power of free will
and remove the “victim” within you. Because you have been told so many times in your life that you
cannot do this or cannot do that, you began to use this formula to accept your addiction as being too
difficult to quit as well. By reclaiming your power of making conscious choices, you will be able to break
the self-fulfilling “I can’t” pattern in your life for good. This will become a great asset in every part of
your life.
Ending the Addiction
Before you decide to stop smoking (or any other addiction), make sure that you are aware of the
following points:
􀂾 Make ending your addiction a priority in your life.
􀂾 Don’t try to make too many other changes in your life at the same time.
􀂾 Don’t reward yourself for ending the habit; quitting is enough of a reward.
􀂾 It is good not to tell anyone about your intention to stop smoking because this only undermines
your freedom to choose to smoke.
􀂾 Carry your cigarettes or tobacco with you, so you can choose to smoke whenever you decide to.
Also, people will assume you are still smoking; this way you don’t have to prove to anyone that
you are capable of quitting the habit.
􀂾 Unless for health reasons, don’t try to avoid places where other people smoke; you want to remain
in charge under all circumstances.
􀂾 Realize that unless you are traveling on an airplane or a bus you are always free to smoke
whenever you wish to, even if you have to do it out in the cold air.
􀂾 Avoid substituting things like tea, coffee, chocolate, chewing gum, more exercise, drinking
mineral water, etc. for cigarettes, as they won’t satisfy your desire to smoke in the long run.
􀂾 Choose a starting time of your program to stop smoking that does not coincide with an emotional
upheaval or stressful situation. It is best to link the starting date with a positive event in your life.
New moon day is one of the best days to start quitting.
􀂾 Think about all the benefits that will come to you when you stop smoking, i.e., better health, less
mucus discharge from the lungs, cleaner breath, saving money, etc.
􀂾 Acknowledge your desire to smoke when it comes up by saying to yourself: “I really have the
desire to smoke now and I feel free to do so, but right now I decide not to smoke.” When the
desire to smoke returns in an hour or so, you may choose to fulfill it this time. This will teach you
to consciously accept your desire to smoke, but not always fulfill it. By choosing not to smoke
each time the desire emerges, you train your mind to make conscious choices.
􀂾 Often, your desire to smoke is coupled with clues like drinking a cup of coffee, the ringing of the
telephone, waiting for a bus or a taxi, or switching on the television set. Your addiction is a
“program” that you have written in your subconscious mind and associated with such clues. As the
clues occur, your desire to smoke pops up, too. The next time you want to smoke when the
telephone rings, while you drink a cup of coffee, or after you switch on the TV, make the
conscious choice to wait for a few minutes until you have the time or opportunity to smoke
consciously. Another suggestion is to smoke somewhere in the house or garden where you usually
don’t smoke. This will sever the ties to your subconscious and make your decision whether to
smoke or not a more conscious one.
􀂾 Allow your desire to smoke to become quite strong before you actually reach for the cigarette; in
other words, you will still have the freedom to smoke but postpone your decision for a while until
you really feel the discomfort. Notice where in your body you feel tense, irritable or nervous. It is
important to feel how strong your desire to smoke becomes before you light up. Most smokers
give into the slightest urge to smoke and do not even notice when they light up. You want to break
the pattern of doing things unconsciously.
􀂾 To make it easier to quit smoking (or any other addiction), drink half a glass of room temperature
water before you choose to smoke a cigarette every time you have the urge to smoke. Physically
speaking, the urge to smoke is directly linked to toxins that were deposited in the connective
tissues of the body and are now entering the blood, increasing blood thickness. The thickening of
blood generally causes irritation, nervousness and anxiety, even panic. Instead of pushing the
toxins back into the connective tissues (as they will surely reemerge) drinking a glass of water will
make your blood thinner, which will help to remove the toxins from the body. Thus, the urge to
smoke lessens each time you do this and eventually disappears altogether.
􀂾 Finally, your addiction to smoking is not something terrible that you need to get rid of. It is rather
an unique opportunity to train yourself to become the master of your destiny. In this sense, your
addiction can become one of the very best teachers you have ever had.
Summary of the Technique to Stop Smoking:
1. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, repeat to yourself: “I want to smoke now.” This will bring
your desire to smoke from your subconscious into your conscious mind and allow you enough
time to make the conscious choice of whether to smoke or not to smoke. Drinking half a glass of
water also brings the desire into your conscious mind.
2. Then say to yourself: “I have the free choice to smoke now.” If you do not remind yourself of
your inherent freedom of choice, your subconscious, addicted mind may believe that you can’t
smoke anymore and may go into a state of rebellion. This may cause withdrawal symptoms.
3. If you feel a desperate need to smoke, acknowledge your desire by saying: “I choose to begin
smoking again.” Before you reach for a cigarette check whether this is what you really want. Or
you may repeat to yourself: “For the moment I accept that I want to smoke but I chose not to
this time.” Think about how you would feel if you stopped smoking altogether?
Follow this simple sequence every time you have the desire to smoke. The technique is fool proof
because you cannot go wrong, whatever the outcome. Whether you decide to continue smoking or not,
you have begun to become “aware” – a prerequisite to consciously taking charge of your life. The
majority of people who follow this simple program give up smoking within one week, others take a little
longer. How long it takes to quit is not important. What is important, though, is that you experience a
major positive shift in your thinking and in your attitude towards yourself and others.
All the research studies that show that smoking is a hazard to your health have missed the point.
Instead of condemning people who smoke we should show them ways to learn from this addictive habit as
we can learn from any other problem in life.
This technique works equally well for any other addiction, including coffee, alcohol, drugs, sleeping
pills, sugar, salt, and even work. I suggest that you read this section as often as it takes to familiarize
yourself with the major points, or at least once a week.
8. Some Of Nature’s Greatest Healing Secrets
Amazing Food Cures
Hippocrates was the first physician in the Western Hemisphere to state that food is man’s best
medicine. It is very obvious that if food can nourish and create healthy, strong bodies, it must also be able
to heal them if they are ill. The many decades of research that has been done on natural foods is the least
biased and most authentic of all, because there is no drug company or manipulative food industry that
could take advantage of these findings and market something that is already freely available to everyone.
I have listed just a few examples out of hundreds of foods that all have some amazing healing
properties. It can be said that by not eating enough foods made by Mother Nature, a person is most likely
to fall ill sooner or later. on the other hand, eating from her table, you may never become ill in the first
place. But if you are ill now, in your search for a real cure to your ailment, you may discover that food is
still the best medicine you can buy.
When you consider using foods as medicine, please refer to your body type charts to check whether
these foods are actually beneficial for you. Although the foods listed below may have great potential
healing properties, if your body is unable to digest them properly, they may not do you any good.
Broccoli’s Anti-Cancer Properties
Small quantities of fresh broccoli sprouts contain as much cancer protection as larger amounts of the
mature vegetable sold in food markets, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University. You would
have to eat about two pounds of an average broccoli a week in order to reduce, say, your risk of colon
cancer by about 50%. Although this is certainly possible, just 5 grams (0.17 ounces) of sprouts contain
concentrations of the compound glucoraphanin equal to that found in 150 grams (5.2 ounces) of mature
broccoli. The active compound is a precursor to sulforaphane, proven in animal studies to boost cell
enzymes that protect against molecular damage from cancer-causing chemicals.
Like other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli speeds up removal of estrogen from the body, helping
suppress breast cancer. It has also anti-viral, anti-ulcer activity. In addition, broccoli is a super source of
chromium that helps regulate insulin and blood sugar.
Note for the Vata type: You may still benefit from broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables if you
cook them with a good amount of oil or butter.
Cabbage – The Romans Cancer Cure
Cabbage was revered in ancient Rome as a cancer cure. Today, we know it’s cancer-curing effects
from its numerous anti-cancer and antioxidant compounds. Cabbage speeds up estrogen metabolism,
which is thought to help block breast cancer and suppress growth of polyps, a prelude to colon cancer.
According to research, eating cabbage more than once a week cut men's colon cancer odds by as much as
66 percent.
As little as two daily tablespoons of cooked cabbage protected subjects against stomach cancer.
Cabbage also contains powerful anti-ulcer compounds; its juice has shown to help heal ulcers in humans.
It even has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Red cabbage has twice the fiber as white cabbage. It is
known for its balancing effects on blood cholesterol. Cauliflower and Brussels sprouts have similar
Bok Choy, which is brimming with minerals, has been found to lower high blood pressure by 30 points
or more. No need for expensive prescription drugs that ruin your liver, kidneys and digestive systems.
Cauliflower Helps With Breast Cancer
Cauliflower is a cruciferous family member that contains many of the same cancer-fighting, hormoneregulating
compounds as its cousins, broccoli and cabbage. Cauliflower is one of the least popular
vegetables, but this doesn’t make it less important. Researchers have found it helps women to break down
estrogen and produce estrogen-byproducts is a safe way, slashing breast cancer risk by 40%. It also helps
ward off colon cancers.
The Great Carrot Phenomenon
Carrots are a rich source of beta carotene, a powerful anti-cancer, artery-protecting, immune-boosting
and infection-fighting antioxidant. Recent research has shown that a single carrot a day slashed stroke
rates in women by 68 percent! No drug can get even close that. If you are or were a smoker, the betacarotene
in one medium carrot cuts your lung cancer risk in half.
Your eyes will be grateful for that carrot per day as well. It has been shown that high doses of beta
carotene, as found in carrots, substantially reduces odds of degenerative eye diseases (cataracts and
macular degeneration). It also helps with chest pain (angina). The high soluble fiber in carrots balances
blood cholesterol and promotes regularity. Cooking has shown to make it easier for the body to absorb the
Celery – Better Than Viagra
Celery has long been known one of the best foods to keep your blood pressure normal. It dilates blood
vessels like most potent drugs, but without the harmful side effects. Who would have thought, though,
that this common food could turn out to be far more effective than Viagra or any other sex-enhancing
drug ever produced? According to an exhaustive study of purported aphrodisiac foods, celery is the
“sexiest” substance on earth. This unlikely-sounding candidate combines ideal amounts of vitamin E,
magnesium, niacin, potassium and zinc – all required for optimum sex.
And it gets even better. Celery contains arginine, a natural amino acid that expands blood vessels much
like Viagra. Yet, unlike Viagra, arginine also increases blood flow to the clitoris and makes female
genitals more responsive.
Furthermore, the actual aroma of celery contains two steroids called androsterone and androstenol.
The research showed that the subtle odor of these two chemicals travels through the nose and attracts the
opposite sex.
Celery has other benefits, too. It contains an ingredient acetylenics, which has been shown to stop the
growth of cancer cells. Celery is an excellent source of organic sodium, which gives it a slightly salty
taste. Along with potassium, chlorine sodium helps to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance. Sodium is
also necessary for hydrochloric acid production in the stomach and is involved in many glandular
secretions. Celery is also an excellent source of vitamin C, a vitamin that helps to support the immune
Celery is a natural diuretic, and thus useful in circulatory disorders, such as high blood pressure and
lymphatic congestion. Chinese physicians have long used celery to dependably reduce blood pressure.
Now scientists have discovered exactly why it works so well. Celery contains unique oil that relaxes the
muscles that regulate blood pressure, improving flow, and lowering pressure. Just 4 stalks a day (or some
celery juice) do the trick.
Avocado – The Delicious Super Fruit
Avocado is a very dense fruit, packed with nutrients. It is especially rich in vitamin A. It also contains
plenty of B vitamins, especially niacin, folic acid, calcium, iron, 9 essential amino acids, and a mountain
of potassium.
The avocado has shown to benefit circulation, lower cholesterol, and dilate blood vessels. It's true that
avocados are high in fat – one reason they've earned the nickname "butter pear." But it's primary fat,
monounsaturated oleic acid (also concentrated in olive oil), acts as an antioxidant to block LDL
cholesterol. A 1996 study by researchers at the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social in Mexico looked at
the health benefits of daily avocado consumption. The 45 subjects who ate avocados every day for just
one week experienced an average of 17 percent drop in total blood cholesterol. Their cholesterol ratio also
changed in a healthy way: Their LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and triglycerides dropped significantly
while their HDL (high-density lipoprotein) levels climbed.
Avocados are also rich in beta-sitosterol which was shown to reduce cholesterol in 16 human studies.
Beta-sitosterol is a widely prescribed anti-cholesterol drug that interferes with cholesterol absorption, but
has serious side-effects. Avocados have four times the amount found in oranges that had previously been
cited as the richest fruit source of beta-sitosterol.
Avocado has been found to have three times the amount of glutathione than in any other fruit.
Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant shown to block thirty different carcinogens and to block the
proliferation of the AIDS virus in test tube experiments. Studies have revealed a strong correlation
between increased glutathione intake (from food) and decreased risk of oral and pharyngeal cancer.
I have been eating ½ avocado in my daily lunch salad (avoid eating it in the evening) for over 20 years
and found it to be one of the most nutritious foods around.
Mashing an avocado and rubbing it into your hair for five minutes after washing will add luster to your
hair; rinse afterwards. In South Africa, an avocado mask made of mashed avocados, honey, and lime juice
is applied to the face as a moisturizing treatment to counteract the drying effects of the hot sun.
Blueberries and Cranberries Protect Kidneys, Heart, Eyes, Skin
Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are triggered by bacteria, primarily E. coli, adhering to the walls of the
bladder or kidney. Many scientific studies have found that blueberries and cranberries are beneficial in
fighting UTIs by blocking or prohibiting the growth of bacteria. Cranberry juice has traditionally been
known to clear up a bladder infection or urinary tract infection within 1-2 days. Take some juice 4 times
per day, about ½ hour before meals and just before going to sleep.
Research shows that blueberries contain high concentrations of antioxidant compounds with
medicinally beneficial properties. Blueberry's reported medicinal benefits include preventing urinary tract
infections, stimulating anti-cancer activity, reducing heart disease risk, strengthening collagen, regulating
blood sugar, improving night vision, reducing replication of the HIV virus, and treating diarrhea.
Cranberries are rich in bioflavonoids and natural vitamin C which stimulate the immune system and
fight off infection. Just eating more cranberries in the winter can ward off colds and flu.
In addition, cranberries can reduce the occurrence of kidney stones. They can also help dilate the
bronchial tubes during an asthma attack. They are even beneficial for Acne-suffers. Cranberries prevent
Acne-causing bacteria from entering the skin, so breakouts are less frequent and less severe.
The malic acid contained in cranberries helps soften stones in the bile ducts of the liver, and thus may
be helpful in the preparatory phase of the liver cleanse. It is best to use a pure form of organic, concentrate
which can be diluted at the ratio of one part juice to four parts water.
The Healing Power in Green Beans
Also known as snap beans, green beans are loaded with nutrients of significant medicinal value. They
are an excellent source of vitamin K (154.9% of the daily value in one cup). Vitamin K is essential for
maintaining strong bones.
Greens beans also are a rich source of the equally important vitamin A (notably through their
concentration of carotenoids including beta-carotene). And, as you know when you chew on green beans,
they contain loads of useful fiber, which helps prevent colon cancer. In addition, green beans are packed
with vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium, iron, manganese, folate, magnesium, and thiamin. Plus, they are a
good source of thiamin, phosphorous, calcium, niacin, vitamin B6, copper, protein and zinc.
For atherosclerosis, diabetic heart disease, and stroke, few foods compare to green beans in their
number of helpful nutrients. Magnesium and potassium work together to help lower high blood pressure,
while folate and vitamin B6 help convert the potentially dangerous protein molecule homocysteine into
other, benign molecules. Homocysteine can directly damage blood vessel walls if not promptly converted;
high levels are associated with a significantly increased risk of heart attack and stroke.
The iron content in green beans is twice as high as in spinach. This useful plant iron comes in ionic,
organic form, unlike the toxic rust (iron oxide) contained in food supplements and breakfast cereals. Iron
is an integral component of hemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs to all body cells, and is
also part of key enzyme systems for energy production and metabolism. To properly utilize iron for
hemoglobin synthesis the body requires copper, which is also amply present in green beans.
The vitamins C, A and Zinc present in green beans help to maintain optimal immune function and
acne-free skin. Last but not least, green beans help maintain your memory with thiamin (Vitamin B1).
The many nutrients in green beans can help to prevent a number of different conditions, including
Alzheimer's, atherosclerosis, diabetic heart disease, colon cancer, asthma, arthritis, acne, ear infections,
and maybe even colds and flu.
Note: Green beans contain a measurable amount of oxalates. So if you suffer from oxalic acid stones
in the kidneys, make certain to cleanse your kidneys before eating green beans on a regular basis.
The Bone Bone-Building Power of Brussels Sprouts
By age 70, one of every two women in the United States will likely suffer a painful fracture due to weak
bones. Hip fractures are often fatal. But, a new woman’s study shows that by eating a 3-ounce serving of
Brussels sprouts, women can slash the risk of a hip fracture by 30%. In addition, phytochemicals found in
Brussels sprouts enhance the activity of the body’s natural defense systems to protect against disease,
including cancer. Scientists have found that sulforaphane, a potent phytonutrient found in Brussels
sprouts and other brassica vegetables, boosts the body's detoxification enzymes.
Brussels sprouts are a good source of fiber and folate and an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C
supports immune function and the manufacture of collagen, a protein that forms the basic substance of
body structures including the skin, connective tissue, cartilage, and tendons. In addition, a cup of Brussels
sprouts contains a whopping 1122 IU of vitamin A, plus 669 IU of beta-carotene, both of which are
important for defending the body against infection and promoting supple, glowing skin.
Artichoke – For Good Digestion
The artichoke (Cynara scolymus) has been known for centuries for its beneficial effects on digestion. Its
most noted effect is increased bile production. Because the body uses cholesterol to make bile acids,
increasing bile acid production may balance blood cholesterol. Increasing bile acid secretions also aids
digestion—one reason why artichokes have traditionally been used for indigestion. Its leaves contain
phytonutrients with numerous health-enhancing effects.
This nutritious vegetable comes in quite a few variations and colors – green and purple being the most
common. It has been part of a typical traditional diet in parts of Africa where people live very long and
healthy lives.
Kale is a rich source of various anti-cancer chemicals. Being a member of the cruciferous family, it is
endowed with anti-cancer indoles that help regulate estrogen and fight off colon cancer. It contains more
beta carotene than spinach and twice as much lutein, the most of any vegetable tested. Kale is also high in
the antioxidants Vitamin C. Collard Greens and other green leafy vegetables share similar benefits.
In general, nuts have anti-cancer and heart-protective properties. Almonds and walnuts particularly
help balance cholesterol levels. Both contain high concentrations of antioxidant oleic acid and monounsaturated
fat, similar to that in olive oil, known to protect arteries from damage. Almonds, however,
seem to be the most valuable of the two. A total of six studies showed the resounding results of almonds’
ability to lower total and LDL cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease by 10 percent. All it takes is
to eat one small handful of almonds (1 ounce) a day.
Nuts generally are high in antioxidant vitamin E, shown to protect against chest pain and artery
damage. Brazil nuts are extremely rich in selenium, an antioxidant also linked to lower rates of heart
disease and cancer. Walnuts contain ellagic acid, an antioxidant and cancer-fighter, and are high in
omega-3 type oil.
Nuts are also good regulators of insulin and blood sugar, preventing steep rises. This makes them
appropriate foods for those with glucose intolerance and diabetes. It is interesting to note that nuts have
been found lacking in the diets of those who later develop Parkinson's disease.
Beware of allergies and rancid nuts: Nuts, particularly peanuts, are a prime cause of acute allergic
reactions in susceptible individuals. Avoid nuts that are broken, for they become rancid easily. Nut butters
are also notorious for causing adverse reactions in the digestive system. When ground and thereby
exposed to oxygen, they oxidize, i.e., become rancid. Rancid fats are very toxic and a major cause of
illness. They may even lead to Crohn’s disease. Eat only fresh nuts. Avoid eating nuts that come mixed up
with dried fruits or in commercially produced breakfast cereals (the nuts are rancid and the dried fruits
contain fungi).
Fresh Corn Can Help Reverse Vision Problems
Almost every person with age-related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness,
suffers from lutein-deficiency. A recent study showed that consuming 6 mgs of lutein in your food per
day reduces your risk of this disorder by a whopping 43%. Fresh corn is an excellent source of lutein.
This common food has anti-diarrheal and anti-cancer properties. Like other seeds, rice contains anticancer
protease inhibitors. Of all grains and cereals, it is the least likely to provoke bowel distress, such as
intestinal gas or spastic colon. In Vata types, whole rice is excellent for constipation; it lowers cholesterol
and tends to block development of kidney stones. Basmati rice appears to have the highest nutritious
value. It is a rich source of iron, selenium, thiamine and niacin. It contains also a good amount of
vegetable protein.
Coconut Oil – A Gift from the Tropics
Virgin Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a proven antiviral and antibacterial agent. It is currently being
used in treating AIDS. Monolaurin is a monoglyceride of lauric acid. Lauric acid is also found in human
mother's milk, which makes coconut milk and excellent alternative to milk-formula foods.
Delicious-tasting coconut oil is not only satisfying to your taste buds, but it also cleanses your colon by
gently softening and loosening old fecal material, and helping to remove it without unpleasant side
effects. It has a strongly alkalizing effect in the body, which is beneficial for every disease process. The
tropical oil has a substance that has been shown to raise HDL cholesterol levels, the good kind, thereby
lowering the risk of heart attack.
For those who are concerned about infestation with intestinal parasites and Candida albicans, coconut’s
anti-parasitic properties help purge pathogenic organisms by robbing them of their protective coating. A
natural anti-yeast treatment, coconut oil has been known for many centuries to prevent yeast infections in
women in Pacific islands. During scientific tests, both capric and lauric acid found in coconut oil in very
large amounts were found to be absolutely lethal to all major strains of Candida albicans.
Research comparing Pacific Islanders with People showed that their health was extremely good
compared to Western standards. These Islanders had no signs of kidney disease or hypothyroidism that
might influence fat levels. There was no hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol). All inhabitants
were lean and healthy despite a very high saturated-fat diet from coconut oil. In fact, the populations as a
whole had ideal weight-to-height ratios as compared to the Body Mass Index figures used by nutritionists.
Digestive problems are rare. Constipation is uncommon. They average two or more bowel movements a
day. Atherosclerosis, heart disease, colitis, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, ulcers, diverticulitis, and
appendicitis are conditions with which they are generally unfamiliar with.
Coconut oil also assists with dissolving and removing toxins that are trapped in fatty deposits, thereby
making fat accumulation increasingly unnecessary (accumulation of fat is a survival mechanism to keep
toxins engulfed within fatty tissue). This may explain why coconut oil helps to build lean muscles. Many
body builders, personal trainers, Olympic athletes, and others use it for building lean body mass
Coconut oil is easily digested, even by weak and compromised digestive systems. It assists with most
digestive disorders, such as Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome. This oil does not require any
enzymes or carriers to be transported across cell membranes. once it has reached the cell interior, it is
used for energy. This makes coconut a readily available energy source.
Coconut oil has also been shown to balance hypothyroidism. It is a saturated fat made up primarily of
medium chain fatty acids. Also known as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), medium chain fatty acids
are known to increase metabolism, and promote weight loss, and immobilize yeast bacteria If required,
coconut oil raises basal body temperatures while increasing metabolism, which is great news for those
suffering low thyroid functions, and those afflicted with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Coconut oil is useful for the very young and the very old. It is one of the healthiest and safest oils.
Unlike most oils, coconut oil will not oxidize upon heating. This makes coconut oil the ideal cooking oil.
With the exception of Kapha types, the average adult can safely include about 3.5 tablespoons of coconut
oil per day in their diet. It will not make you fat, and best of all it is non-toxic, very much unlike many
prescription antifungals. But, start out with a low dose until you find out what your side effects from the
break down of yeast affects you. Apart from its internal benefits, when applied to the skin, coconut oil
will protect from sunburn, drying, chapping and harmful germs.
A Banana a Day May Keep the Doctor Away
When you compare it to an apple, the banana has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrates, three
times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is
also rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods around. Bananas contain three natural sugars –
sucrose, fructose and glucose – combined with fiber. In this form a banana gives an instant, sustained and
substantial boost of energy. Research has shown that just two bananas can provide enough energy for a
strenuous 90-minute workout. The banana has also been found helpful for a number of illnesses and
Depression: Depressed people often feel better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain
tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin. This powerful hormone is known to
make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.
PMS: The banana’s vitamin B6 helps regulate blood glucose levels, which can positively affect your
mood and calm the nervous system.
Anemia: High in organic iron (versus inorganic iron used in supplements), bananas can stimulate the
production of hemoglobin in the blood and thereby improve anemia.
Blood Pressure and Brain Power: High in potassium, yet low in sodium, bananas are very effective
in balancing blood pressure. This effect led the US Food and Drug Administration to allow the banana
industry to make official claims for the fruit's ability to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke. And,
for the same reasons, students were found to be more alert and increased academic performance when
eating bananas for breakfast and at lunchtime.
Constipation: High in fiber, bananas in the diet have helped restore normal bowel functions in people
suffering from constipation.
Heartburn: Having a natural antacid effect, bananas have helped people suffering with heartburn.
Banana neutralizes over-acidity and reduces irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.
Morning Sickness: Snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep blood sugar levels up and avoid
morning sickness.
Mosquito bites: If bitten by an insect, try rubbing the affected area with the inside of a banana skin.
Banana skin is known for reducing swelling and irritation.
Nerves: Bananas are high in B vitamins that help calm the nervous system.
S.A.D.: Bananas can help SAD sufferers because they contain the natural mood enhancer tryptophan.
Smoking: Bananas have also helped people trying to give up smoking. The B6, B12 and the potassium
and magnesium found in them, help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.
Stress: The banana’s potassium helps normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates
the body's water balance. During stress, our metabolic rate rises; this in turn drops potassium levels.
Bananas can reverse this effect of stress.
Strokes: According to research published in The New England Journal of Medicine, eating bananas as
part of a regular diet can cut the risk of death by stroke by as much as 40%!
Please note that the above food recommendations do not apply to all body types equally. Before you
start eating these foods, verify with your body type food charts whether these foods are beneficial for
you or not.
For the reasons given below, the answer is a definite “yes”. Whether you are able to afford to buy
organic foods or even have access to such foods is a question, though, that only you can answer. Organic
foods are still very expensive when compared with pesticide-treated produce. If your budget is very
limited, but you still want to feed your body the best possible food available, you may either need to grow
your own fruits and vegetables or increase your spending on food
In a report on organic foods, published in "Coronary and Diabetic Care” in the UK, 2004, it was
stressed that the use of pesticides in food production correlated with a significant reduction in the health
benefits of foods. For example, there exists a strong a connection between pesticide use and the
antioxidant content of food. Crops that are visited and stressed by insects are known to produce
polyphenolic compounds, which are naturally potent antioxidants. These compounds not only ward off
insects, but also increase the nutritional value of the plants. However, when crops are treated with
pesticides, they don't need the natural protection of polyphenolics, and produce less of the compounds.
Foods that contain pesticides are not only less beneficial in the nutritional sense, but also quite
harmful. The UK report noted that pesticide use has been associated with a variety of health risks,
including cancer, fetal abnormalities, chronic fatigue, and Parkinson's disease. one study showed that
women with breast cancer are five to nine times more likely to have traces of pesticides in their blood
than women who don't have the cancer. If you are concerned about breast cancer, you may definitely need
to weigh the risks of cancer against budgetary stress.
Furthermore, organic foods are free of food additives such as MSG, hydrogenated fats, and artificial
sweeteners and coloring agents, which have been associated with a risk of asthma, headaches, growth
retardation, and hyperactivity in children. As the UK report further pointed out, these additives have been
linked to the development of allergies.
Another advantage of organic food is that it is free of genetically modified (GM) organisms. The report
notes that only ten studies of GM foods have been conducted so far. Among those, the ones that were
completely independent of funding or input from companies with GM affiliations found evidence of
harmful effects in the gut lining of humans.
Overall, organic foods have been found to be more nutritious than conventionally grown foods. In one
study comparing the vitamin and mineral content of organic foods vs. non-organic foods, the organics
showed higher levels in all 21 of the examined nutrients. For example, the vitamin C and magnesium
levels in the organic foods were 27 percent and 29 percent higher, respectively, compared to the nonorganic
samples. The study also showed minerals to be significantly higher in organic spinach, potatoes,
cabbage, and lettuce.
So, if you have a choice, choose organic foods over chemically treated foods. This may burden your
budget somewhat, but lift the burden on your stomach.
Cinnamon –Medicine for Diabetics
Who would have thought that this culinary spice possesses numerous profound healing properties!
Taking one-quarter to one-half teaspoon of cinnamon works just as well as the statin drugs in lowering
cholesterol and triglycerides as well as blood glucose. Plus, you can get a pound of cinnamon for as little
as $3, and save yourself dreadful side effects.
According to research conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, cinnamon helps to control
blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics. Ground cinnamon helps stimulate the production of glucoseburning
enzymes and boosts insulin's effectiveness. In one study, cinnamon made insulin 20 times more
capable of breaking down blood sugars. To benefit type 2 diabetes you will need to eat about ½ teaspoon
of ground cinnamon per day. [According to other research, diabetics also benefit from ground fenugreek,
turmeric, ginger, bitter melon extract, bilberry extract and gymnema sylvestre extract.] Cinnamon has also
been shown to lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels, and to prevent and improve heart disease.
More recent research shows that cinnamon does more than just ward off diabetes and heart disease. It
• Supports digestive function
• Constricts and tones tissues
• Relieves congestion
• Alleviates pain, inflammation, and stiffness of muscles and joints
• Eases menstrual discomfort
• Stimulates circulation
• Kills bacteria, including E. coli.
Cinnamon also makes you smarter. In a study testing cognitive abilities, participants were given
cinnamon, both orally and nasally. The conclusion of the study was that cinnamon is effective in
enhancing cognitive functions. Cinnamon also reportedly scores high as an aphrodisiac for males.
So whether you use cinnamon to improve your health, your mental capacity, your love life, or all of the
above, it makes good sense to include cinnamon in your diet whenever possible. You may add it to your
cereals, vegetables or favorite beverage, such as herbal tea.
Scientists have also discovered that curry powder (mainly tumeric, cumin, cardamon, coriander,
ginger, red pepper, fenugreek and fennel) with cinnamon, bay leaves and cloves triples the effectiveness
of insulin. What a delicious way to help diabetes and numerous other disorders!
Turmeric – A Powerful Decongestant
Turmeric, Curcuma longa is the bright yellow constituent of curry powder. Medicinally, it is both an
adaptogen and a bioprotectant. Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine have used turmeric for millennia.
The active principles, known as "curcuminoids,” possess anti-inflammatory properties comparable in
strength to steroidal and nonsteroidal drugs. Curcuminoids are distinguished further for their antiviral,
antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antimutagen, anticancer and detoxifying properties. Curcuminoids
prevent the formation of free radicals while scavenging and neutralizing those already formed.
Traditionally, turmeric has been used to treat jaundice and other liver problems, promote circulation
dissolve blood clots, relieve the pain of arthritis and rheumatism, and cure diarrhea, sinus congestion, and
ear infections. Today it is also used by AIDS patients as an alternative, organic, natural herbal medicinal
remedy to relieve throat and chest congestion by expelling mucus from the body. You can add generous
amounts of turmeric to your cooked foods every day. Added to vegetables, rice, beans, soups, etc.,
tumeric does not just taste delicious, but is also deliciously healthy.
Tumeric can be applied externally (as a paste) to help heal hemorrhoids, wounds, cuts, and burns
(beware of its yellow-staining effect).
Ginger Combats Motion Sickness
Conducted by Svensborg Hospital in Denmark, a seasickness trial and clinical study has shown that
ginger was as effective as or superior to over-the-counter drugs in dealing with motion sickness. It is
indeed a safer option than over-the-counter drugs which cause drowsiness. In another clinical trial
conducted by Department of Anesthesiology at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London researchers were
able to show that 1g of ginger powder was as effective at preventing postoperative nausea and vomiting as
the tranquilizer commonly used by hospitals and much safer.
Ginger is also effective for relieving the severity of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. Using ginger to
quell morning sickness does not raise the risk of birth defects, according to a new study co-authored by
Dr. Gideon Koren, director of the Motherisk Program at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto,
Canada. The sickness-reducing effects seem more pronounced when the ginger is taken along with some
Ginger has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of inflammation and rheumatism. Indian
research showed that a highly purified and standardized ginger extract had a statistically significant effect
on reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee.
Research confirms that ginger acts as an anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory agent in humans. It has
shown to have antibiotic properties in test tubes (kills salmonella and staph bacteria), and act as an antiulcer
agent in animals. Also, it has anti-depressant, anti-diarrheal and strong antioxidant activity. Ginger
is also high in anti-cancer activity.
Ginger has bee successfully used to in the treatment of vomiting, headaches, chest congestion, cholera,
colds, diarrhea, stomach ache, and nervous diseases.
Other research on gingerols demonstrated, the active components of ginger (the rhizome of Zingiber
officinale, Roscoe), represent a potential new class of platelet activation inhibitors. Ginger’s blood
thinning effects account for its great benefits for heart disease patients.
Chewing on a small piece of fresh ginger with a little honey, drinking some water with a few drops of
ginger extract, or taking capsules of ginger powder are the best options of choice.
Cayenne pepper – To Protect your Heart and Stomach
According to research by Italian doctors, red pepper powder (cayenne) has shown to reduce symptoms
in more than half of patients suffering with functional dyspepsia. The subjects consumed 2.5 grams of red
pepper powder each day (divided into capsules taken before each of three meals).
Many herbalists believe that Cayenne not only aids the digestive system, but also benefits the heart and
circulatory system. It acts as a catalyst and increases the effectiveness of other herbs when used with them.
Cayenne is very rich in vitamins A & C, has the complete B complexes, and is very high in organic
calcium and potassium, which is one of the reasons it is good for the heart. Cayenne has been known to
stop heart attacks within 30 seconds (a teaspoon of Cayenne extract in a glass of hot water every 15
minutes until the crisis has passed).
Cloves – Nature’s Pharmacy
Cloves have warming, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This herb relieves pain, lessens nausea and
prevents or relieves vomiting. It combats and neutralizes pathogenic bacteria and prevents infection. It is
often used as a topical tooth and gum pain killer. Chewing on a piece of clove after meals helps remove
bad breath.
Clove has great preventative value for a number of disorders. For example, it discourages blood platelet
clumping, which is associated with cardiovascular disease. This herb contains volatile, essential oils that
aid digestion and relieve gas pain and distention; it promotes peristalsis. Its astringent effect helps keep
hemorrhages under control.
In addition, clove encourages the loosening of phlegm from the respiratory tract. It also stimulates blood
flow to the skin causing local reddening. For those who easily get cold inside the body, this herb increases
internal heat, dispels internal chill and strengthens metabolism and circulation. Clove strengthens stomach
functions, and restores, nourishes, and supports the entire body; it exerts a gently strengthening effect on
the body. For those afflicted with parasites, clove expels or repels intestinal worms.
One of the most promising effects of cloves is derived from its cholesterol lowering effects. Every day
for about one month, let 6 pieces of clove soak in half a glass of water overnight, remove the cloves in the
mornings with a spoon or fork, and drink this water every day for about one month. This should help
restore your cholesterol levels back to what is normal for your body.
Honey – The World’s Best Wound Healer?
Would you have ever guessed that this delicious food made by honeybees is actually one of mankind’s
oldest-known medicines? Dating as far back as 5,000 years, honey has been successfully used to treat
burns, coughs and ulcers. Hippocrates, the Greek physician, also praised honey’s healing powers and
came up with many honey-based treatments for ailments such as skin disorders, ulcers and sores. In
World War I, German physicians used a mixture of honey and cod liver oil to treat gunshot wounds.
According to John Riddle, professor of ancient science at North Carolina State University, a medical text
written on papyrus from 3000 years B.C. specifies the use of honey for head wounds. He says that
perhaps “the honey helped prevent swelling and sealed off the wound to keep air and infection out.”
Recent Research shows that honey is far superior to antiseptics and antibiotics. Israeli researchers took
honey to the test. They applied the sweet, sticky food twice a day to wounds of nine infants after two
weeks of intravenous antibiotic treatment and daily antiseptic cleansing failed to heal them. Following
just 5 days of honey treatment, the babies’ wounds improved significantly. After 16 more days, they were
closed, clean, and sterile.
In a Yemeni study, honey showed to have a significant advantage over antiseptics used for infected
surgical wounds. Fifty women whose wounds became infected were divided into two groups. one group
was treated with honey, the other with antiseptics. The patients in the honey group recovered within 7 to
11 days, whereas the antiseptic group needed 12 to 27 days.
Although modern creams and antibiotics may have healing effects, they have the disadvantage of
killing tissue and causing scabs and scars. But how many of us think to put honey under that Band-Aid or
bandage. Like in the above studies, results of a three year clinical trial at the University Teaching
Hospital in Calabar, Nigeria, showed that unprocessed honey can heal wounds when more modern
dressings and antibiotic treatments fail. In 59 patients treated for wounds and external ulcers, honey was
effective in all but one case. Much to the surprize of the researchers, topical applications kept sterile
wounds sterile until they had time to heal, while infected wounds became sterile within a week.
Astonishingly, honey was even shown to remove dead tissue from persistent wounds, helping some
patients avoid skin grafts or amputations.
According to the European Journal of Medical Research, topical honey proved to have positive effects
on post-operative wound infections due to gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria following Caesarean
sections and hysterectomies.
Honey provides a moist healing environment yet prevents bacterial growth even when wounds are
heavily infected," notes Dr. Peter Molan of the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato, New
Zealand. "It is a very effective means of quickly rendering heavily infected wounds sterile, without the
side effects of antibiotics, and it is even effective against antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria."
The reason honey is able to stop infection may actually be quite simple. Ordinary honey ties up water
so that bacteria in a wound have insufficient water to multiply. The water activity of honey inhibits
bacterial growth. In addition, the pH of honey is between 3.2 and 4.5 – low enough to inhibit the growth
of many common bacteria. The major antibacterial activity in honey, however, is thought to be due to
hydrogen peroxide which is produced enzymatically. The level of hydrogen peroxide produced is
antibacterial, but doesn’t damage the cell tissues.
􀂃 Apply honey to cuts, scrapes, or burns and cover with a clean bandage. Change dressings one
to three times daily, as needed.
􀂃 Use honey as a first-aid dressing material where there could be time for infection to set in
before medical treatment is obtained.
􀂃 For internal disinfection and as a preventative measure, every morning, drink a glass of warm
water with a teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice.
􀂃 Honey also has sleep-inducing, sedative and tranquilizing properties.
􀂃 Nursing salve: Nursing mothers, try covering cracked, sore nipples with honey-soaked gauze to
prevent infection.
Note: excessive heat or prolonged exposure to light can rob honey of its antibacterial properties. Always
store in a dark, cool place.
Hydrogen Peroxide for Colds and Flu
Speaking of hydrogen peroxide, this naturally occurring substance has great benefits for the flu and
colds. It can be effective 80% of the time, especially if used when the symptoms first appear.
In 1928 Richard Simmons, M.D. hypothesized that colds and flu viruses enter the body through the
ear canal, not through the eyes, nose or mouth, as most have believed. His findings were dismissed by
the medical community. But he insisted you catch the flu or the cold via the ear canal, and he may be
correct. In 1938 German researchers had great success using hydrogen peroxide for treatment of colds
and the flu. However, their data has been ignored for over 60 years, perhaps because there is not much
money to be made selling hydrogen peroxide.
In general, keeping your fingers out of your ears will greatly reduce your chances of coming into
contact with these viruses, however, since they are microscopic and can be air-borne, they may settle on
or even in your ear. According to the German findings, once the germs have entered the inner-ear
(middle-ear) they will start breeding. From there, they have easy access to the rest of the body, infecting
it throughout.
The treatment is simple, and involves administering a few drops of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H202)
into each ear, although often only one ear is infected. The H202 starts acting immediately and after 2-3
minutes all germs have been neutralized. There will be some bubbling noise sensation in the ears, and
perhaps even mild stinging. Start with one ear, and once the bubbling has subsided, drain onto tissue
and repeat with the other ear. one or two applications are usually enough.
Hydrogen peroxide at 3% solution is perfectly safe for infants/children and available at any drug store
for a couple of dollars. The best way to administer it is to use a dropper. If the H202 gets into the eyes,
rinse them with water.
The Miracle of Unrefined Salt
Natural sea salt contains 92 essential minerals, whereas refined, adulterated sea salt contains only two
elements, sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). When there is a dietary deficiency of trace elements, cells lose
the ability to control their ions. This has dire consequences for the human body. Even if ion equilibrium is
lost for just one minute, cells in the body begin to burst. This can lead to nervous disorders, brain damage
or muscle spasms, as well as breakdown of the cell-regenerating process.
When ingested, natural sea salt (reconstituted seawater) allows liquids to freely cross body membranes,
blood vessels walls and glomeruli (filter units) of the kidneys. Whenever the sodium chloride
concentration rises in the blood, the water in the neighboring tissues is attracted to that salt-rich blood.
This, in turn, allows the cells to re-absorb the enriched intra-cellular fluid. Healthy kidneys remove the
saline fluids easily. The presence of refined salt, however, poses a great risk to the body. It prevents this
free crossing of liquids and minerals, thereby causing accumulated fluids to stagnate in joints, lymph
ducts, lymph nodes and the kidneys. Its dehydrating effect can lead to gallstone formation and numerous
other health problems.
The body requires salt to properly digest carbohydrates. In the presence of natural salt, saliva and
gastric secretions are readily able to break down the fibrous store of carbohydrates. In its dissolved and
ionized form, salt facilitates the digestive process and sanitizes the gastro-intestinal tract.
In contrast, commercially produced table salt has just the opposite effect. To make salt resist reabsorption
of moisture and, thereby, be more convenient for the consumer, salt manufacturers add
chemicals as desiccants, as well as different bleaches, to the final salt formula. The bleaching agents make
the grayish-looking salt look snow-white. The salt also contains other harmful additives, including
aluminum silicate, a primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease. After undergoing processing, the salt can no
longer blend or combine with human body fluids. This invariably undermines the most basic chemical
and metabolic processes in the body. Water retention, kidney and blood pressure problems are the most
obvious consequences of salt consumption. Too much sodium can also cause muscle cramps, fatigue,
irritability, confusion, muscle weakness, abdominal bloating, high blood pressure and heart disease.
Refined salt is still being added to thousands of different foods. Over fifty percent of the American
population suffers from water retention (the leading cause of weight gain and obesity). A good percentage
of this problem can be attributed to the wide use of commercially produced salt.
Before it was commercially produced, versus naturally harvested, salt was considered the most
precious commodity on earth, even more precious than gold. During the Celtic era, salt was used to treat
major physical and mental disturbances, severe burns and other ailments. Research has shown that
seawater removes hydro-electrolytic imbalance, a disorder that causes loss of immune response, allergies
and numerous other health problems.
In recent years, salt has earned a bad reputation and people have learned to fear it, in the same way
they fear cholesterol. Many doctors warn their patients to stay away from sodium and sodium-rich foods.
But living salt-free lives, on the other hand, means having increased risk of mineral and trace mineral
deficiency, as well as numerous other complications. Eating unrefined salt fulfills the body’s need for salt
without upsetting the hydro-electrolytic imbalance. If your diet contains a good amount of potassium in
natural form, you should not have any concern about being harmed by the relatively small amount of
sodium in sea salt. Foods that are particularly high in potassium are bananas, apricots, avocados, pumpkin
seeds, beans, potatoes, and winter squash. When potassium levels in the body drop to below normal,
sodium may become a source of imbalance.
Celtic ocean salt and unprocessed rock salt are excellent salts. Celtic salt is naturally extracted through
sun drying, and rock salt is millions of years old sea salt harvested from deep within the crust of the earth.
Apart from having a delicious taste (in contrast to the sharp taste of commercial salt), these salts also have
a detoxifying effect on the gastro-intestinal intestinal tract. For salt to be beneficial for your health, it
needs to penetrate foods, thereby allowing the moisture of the fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, etc. to
dissolve the salt. If salt is used in its dry state by adding it to your food afterwards, it enters the body in a
non-ionized form and creates thirst (a sign of being poisoned). This occurs, for example, when you eat
salted chips or popcorn. Since the salt is not being properly assimilated and utilized in that form, it may
lead to other disturbances as well.
You may dissolve a pinch of salt in a small amount of water and add that to fruit or other foods that are
not usually cooked. This will aid in the digestion of those items while helping to de-acidify the body.
Adding a pinch of salt to drinking water generates alkalinity in the body and provides you with important
minerals and trace elements. It may be worth mentioning at this point that food should taste delicious, but
not salty, in and of itself. Pitta body types require less salt than other body types. Celtic salt or other
wholesome salts are not only delicious, but also essential for good health.
Benefits of Real Salt
• Stabilizes irregular heartbeat and regulates blood pressure – in conjunction with water.
• Extracts excess acidity from the cells in the body, particularly the brain cells.
• Balances sugar levels in the blood, which is particularly important for diabetics.
• Is essential for the generation of hydroelectric energy in the cells in the body.
• Is vital for the absorption of nutrient components through the intestinal tract.
• Is needed to clear the lungs of mucus and sticky phlegm, particularly in asthma and cystic
• Clears up catarrh and congestion in the sinuses.
• Is a strong natural antihistamine.
• Can prevent muscle cramps.
• Helps prevent excess saliva production. Saliva that is flowing out of the mouth during sleep
may indicate salt deficiency.
• Makes bones firm. Twenty seven percent of the body’s salt content is located in the bones. Salt
deficiency and/or eating refined salt versus real salt are leading causes of osteoporosis.
• Regulates sleep; acts as a natural hypnotic.
• Helps prevent gout and gouty arthritis.
• Is vital for maintaining sexuality and libido.
• Can prevent varicose veins and spider veins on the legs and thighs.
• Supplies the body with over 80 essential mineral elements.
Sugars That Heal
There are a number of sugars that can actually end infections without even destroying the germs that
trigger them:
1. FOS
FOS is a concentrated chain of fructooligosaccharides composed of carbohydrates found naturally in
fruits, vegetables and grains. FOS has been a popular supplement in Japan for years and is becoming
increasingly respected in the Western Hemisphere for its "prebiotic" effects. Prebiotics serve as
intestinal nutrients for the probiotic beneficial bacteria that naturally populate the gut, such as
bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. FOS thus promotes the ability of these bacteria to support proper
Among those who may particularly benefit from FOS's healthful effects on intestinal bacteria are
people who have used antibiotics (antibiotics can seriously disrupt the balance of intestinal bacteria),
people who have eaten a poor diet for several months or years, visitors to foreign countries where
"travelers' diarrhea" is a risk, and those who face constant stress.
Japanese research has demonstrated that supplemental FOS is digested only to a small extent in the
upper gastro-intestinal tract. FOS passes virtually unchanged to the colon, where it is fermented and
used as a fuel by beneficial bacteria. Both beneficial and potentially detrimental organisms inhabit our
lower gastro-intestinal tracts, but fortunately, many pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria cannot break
the bonds that hold FOS together. According to the research, FOS can help promote up to a ten-fold
increase in the populations of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. As a result, the intestinal environment
becomes increasingly uninhabitable for potentially harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli, clostridia,
Veillonella and Klebsiella. As the detrimental bacteria die off, the beneficial bacteria of the colon are
allowed to grow and proliferate, establishing a beneficial intestinal balance to exert their healthpromoting
In addition to aiding digestion, FOS may also benefit diabetics by preventing swings in blood sugar.
By helping to eliminate or prevent the formation of toxic compounds in the intestines, blood and lymph,
FOS may assist the liver in its effort to keep the body toxin-free. FOS has already been shown to support
cardiovascular functions by lowering blood pressure and reducing blood fats and total cholesterol levels.
FOS's naturally induced ability to increase resistance to infection may be especially helpful for people at
increased risk of bacterial infections. FOS also supports the production of various vitamins and minerals.
Animal studies suggest that FOS may help prevent anemia and loss of bone density by promoting
absorption of iron and calcium in the intestines.
FOS is a mildly sweet, white, sugar-like powder that can be taken in tablet/capsule form (see
Product Information ). Very high dosages may cause intestinal gas in some people.
2. Xylitol Curbs Tooth Decay
Xylitol is a sugar alternative that looks and tastes like real sugar but contains less than 40% of the
calories. Xylitol is a natural carbohydrate that is found in fibrous plants and vegetables, including birch
and other hardwood trees, berries, almond hulls and corncobs. The human body produces small amounts
(5-15 grams per day) during normal metabolism. It has been approved for use as a sugar substitute in over
35 countries.
Xylitol has been shown in studies to reduce plaque and cavities up to 80% by neutralizing plaque acids
and inhibiting the growth of Streptococcus mutant, the plaque-producing bacteria most responsible for causing
cavities (dental caries). Xylitol stimulates remineralization of tooth enamel. It has also been known to boost
the immune system, and in children, Xylitol specifically inhibits the growth of Streptococcus pneumonia
bacteria, reducing ear and sinus infections in clinical trials by 40%.
In addition, Xylitol has been shown to improve breath odor, retard loss of tooth enamel, reduce
infections in the mouth and nasopharynx, and relieve dry mouth. It is safe for diabetic and hypoglycemics.
Xylitol does not encourage growth of yeast, including candida albicans. In contrast to ordinary sugar,
xylitol increases the absorption of B-vitamins and calcium.
Xylitol enjoys wide acceptance in Japan, Finland, and the Scandinavian countries. In the Soviet Union it
has been used for decades as a sweetener for diabetics, and in Germany in solutions for intravenous
feeding. Numerous clinical and field studies performed over the past 30 years have demonstrated the
safety and efficacy of xylitol as a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Xylitol is
recommended and used by dentists, periodontists and nearly all other medical and dental professionals
Xylitol is added to chewing gum, gumdrops and hard candy, mints, toothpastes and mouthwashes.
Recent studies at the Dental Schools of Michigan and Indiana Universities have tested the effect of
xylitol/sorbitol blends in chewing gum and mints on plaque. They showed a significant decrease in plaque
accumulation. In the United States, xylitol is approved as a direct food additive for use in foods for special
dietary uses. It can be purchased in bulk form from health food stores and many online stores (see
Product Information ).
3. D-Mannose for Bladder/Kidney Infections
D-Mannose is considered to be a simple sugar, like glucose. It is naturally found in cranberry and
pineapple juice. When D-Mannose is ingested into the body, most of it is rapidly absorbed through the
stomach and upper gastro-intestinal tract before reaching the intestines. The result is that almost all of the
sugar is emptied into the urine through the kidneys, and only a very small amount of D-Mannose is
actually metabolized by the body. Although it may not be obvious at first, but the fact that the body treats
D-Mannose essentially as a waste product turns out to have very positive implications for people suffering
form urinary disorders, such as bladder infection.
Escherichia Coli (or E. Coli) is the normal bacterium found in every intestinal tract as part of the
natural microbe population therein. When E. Coli bacteria find their way into the urinary tract, they may
infect the urinary bladder. This is quite common. In fact, 80-90% of all bladder infections (cystitis) can be
attributed to E. Coli entering the urinary tract, a problem 50 times more widespread among women than
among men. Provided there exists a predisposing weakness of the immune system, E. Coli bacteria
present in the vagina are able to migrate into the urethra and onward to the bladder, which is why many
women end up with a bladder infection every time they have intercourse. Unless the immune system
destroys them, E. Coli bacteria have the ability to attach themselves like glue to the inner walls of the
urinary tract and bladder.
A bladder or urinary tract infection may be indicated by incontinence, burning sensation upon
urination, sensation of urgency to urinate without the ability to void completely, reddish or cloudy urine,
foul smelling urine, lower abdominal pain, and frequent urination.
If left untreated, a bladder infection may lead to a kidney infection when bacteria continue to migrate
up the ureters to the kidneys. In such case, there will be additional symptoms such as burning sensation
during urination, frequent urination, increased urgency to urinate, lower back pain, chills, nausea,
vomiting and diarrhea.
D-Mannose has a unique chemical structure that causes it to adhere to E. Coli bacteria even more
tenaciously than E. coli adhere to human cells. Normal urination, therefore, with a sufficient level of DMannose
present in the urine, becomes a simple and effective treatment for the above conditions. As
remarkable as it sounds, E. Coli cells coated by D-Mannose in the urine become unglued and get flushed
right out of the body.
The first-time use of antibiotics in the treatment of bladder or kidney infection almost always leads to
repeat infections. Although these deadly drugs successfully kill the unwanted microorganisms, they also
destroy the beneficial flora responsible for keeping any infectious bacteria at bay. Essentially, the immune
system depends on these “friendly” microbes to protect the body against being decomposed while still
living. Use of antibiotics has caused many women to end up having yeast infections, which indicates that
this protective mechanism has already been broken.
D-Mannose has no anti-fungal properties. It does not kill bacteria, friendly or unfriendly. D-Mannose
simply helps to remove misplaced E. coli from inside of the urinary tract by the natural process of
urination. Apart from having no side effects and being of virtually no burden to the digestive system, it
also tastes good.
Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is a chronic bladder disorder that mimics the symptoms of an ordinary urinary
tract infection (UTI). Normal therapeutic dosage is 1/2 tsp. daily for chronic sufferers of ICs and UTIs, or
weekly for preventative measures (see Product Information ).
In addition to the use of D-Mannose, UTI sufferers require thorough cleansing of the large intestine,
liver bile ducts and kidneys, and an adjustment of diet and lifestyle as advocated in this book. Taking
SSKI iodide may also be beneficial.
Lapacho (Pau d’ Arco)
An Amazing Incan Herbal Remedy
South American physicians are using a recipe derived from the ancient civilization of the Incas to
successfully treat various forms of cancer – including leukemia and other life-threatening diseases. They
use the inner bark of the Lapacho Colorado Tree, or Red Lapacho - called so because of its scarlet
flowers. Also known as Pau d’Arco, Ipe Roxa and Taheebo, the red Lapacho tree grows in the warmer
parts of South America: Brazil, northern Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, etc. The tree apparently only
grows where there is high ozone content in the air, with high concentrations of vital negative oxygen ions.
It is virtually free of contaminants caused by pollutants such as pesticides or exhaust fumes.
The tree has vibrant, trumpet-shaped flowers – pink, purple, or yellow, depending on the species. The
Lapacho tree with the purple flowers has the most potency. The unusual thing about the flowers is that
they are carnivorous and eat insects, protecting the tree against pests, parasites, viral infections, and
fungal growth.
The power of the tree lies in the inner bark. It can be removed without damage, dried, from which an
extract is obtained. The tree renews its bark and, therefore, serves as a continuous supply source. The
active ingredient is known as Lapacho. The herbal remedy is valued for its ability to strengthen and
balance the body’s immune system. With all the herbal cures and the treasures the Incas left us, there
appears to be none as precious as Lapacho, which their descendants – the Callaway – are still using today.
Lapacho is commonly applied in the alternative treatment of cancer, AIDS, and Candida Albicans
overgrowth and other fungal problems as well as many other diseases of the immune system. Moreover,
Lapacho is highly valued for its ability to detoxify the body, particularly the liver, kidneys, and intestinal
tract. It also helps babies cope with food allergies and intestinal cramps. Research in South America on
Lapacho has shown it to help reduce counter-reactions to antibiotics and to allow other medicines to work
more effectively by reducing the danger of toxic effects on the liver.
Lapacho can be used safely along with other medicines and even minimize their side effects. I
personally have recommended it to hundreds and thousands of people, with very good results, especially
for infections. Many medical doctors and dental surgeons now routinely prescribe Lapacho to their
patients for infection instead of giving them antibiotics. This herb seems to work both at the causal and
symptomatic level, which may explain the absence of side effects.
Medicine of the Highest Caliber
The following is a list of ailments that South American doctors found were helped by Lapacho:
• Anemia Tonic
• Asthma Ulcers
• Arteriosclerosis
• Blood builder
• Bronchitis
• Cancer
• Cystitis
• Diabetes
• Gastritis
• Hernias
• Infectious diseases
• Leukemia
• Liver ailments
• Osteomyelitis
• Psoriasis
• Pyorrhea
• Parkinson’s disease
• Ringworm
• Rheumatism
• Skin problems
• Varicose veins
• Venereal diseases
• Wounds
Further research showed that Lapacho is also helpful in colds, influenza, gonorrhea, polyps, prostate
infection and enlargement, tuberculosis, growths, multiple sclerosis, typhus, dizziness, impotence, hair
loss, boils, snake bites, food allergies, and chemical allergies. When applied topically, it can help against
dandruff, eczema and skin cancer. Scientists believe that Lapacho may even have potential in the
treatment of AIDS. Aveloz is a herbal remedy which when used in combination with Lapacho is capable
of practically breaking down cancer cells while Lapacho itself addresses more the cause of the disease.
The fascinating revelation about the properties of Lapacho is that there has never been any record in
medical research of an antibiotic chemical agent capable of destroying both bacteria and viruses. Any
other known type of vegetation when exposed to water and the weather is eventually covered with spores
that lead to the formation of fungus. This does not occur in the case of Lapacho, indicating an uncommon
resistance. Following are the known properties of Lapacho:
• ANALGESIC - agent that diminishes pain without the loss of consciousness
• SEDATIVE - agent that alleviates nervousness, irritation and distress
• DECONGESTANT - agent that relieves congestion throughout the body
• DIURETIC - agent used to stimulate secretion and the flow of urine
• HYPOTENSIVE - powerful nervine relaxant that induces sleep when necessary
• VIRUCIDAL - agent capable of destroying a virus
The dramatic cures caused by Lapacho in Brazil were so astounding that the government of Brazil
began to study and confirm its healing properties. Research at the University of Illinois, USA, supports
the research in Brazil, and the claim that Lapacho does indeed contain a substance to be highly effective
against cancers. Dr. Teodoro Meyer of the State University of Tucuman, Argentina, was the first
researcher to discover an antibiotic substance, called Zyloiden, that he found is capable of killing viruses.
Lapachol, the main ingredient of the herb, also was discovered to have powerful antitumoral action
without toxic side effects. The antineoplastic activity was confirmed in 1968 when the use of Lapachol on
rats carrying Yashida’s Sarcoma inhibited the growth of the tumors in 84 percent of the animals treated
with high doses.
Professor Accorsi of Sao Paulo University also found Lapacho to be of excellent therapeutic value in
the treatment of various forms of cancer including leukemia. A Japanese research group led by doctors
from the National Cancer Center confirmed Professor Accorsi’s findings. The researchers were able to
extract an anti-cancer substance from Lapacho, which they found acted against leukemia and malignant
tumors including those in stomach cancer.
Besides its powerful healing properties, Lapacho is a powerful tonic and blood builder that increases the
hemoglobin content and the number of red corpuscles. This is not surprising because Lapacho contains
easily absorbable (colloidal) iron. It also assists with the proper assimilation of nutrients and the
elimination of wastes, which is essential for recovery from any illness. Lapacho seems to be capable of
revitalizing the body, by creating new vital elements and normal cell growth. It permits control of
“incurable” diseases, lengthening life span and enhancing the quality of life both at the same time.
Lapacho is a gift of nature to us humans and we may greatly benefit from accepting this gift.
Dosage: To strengthen the immune system, drink 2-3 cups each day, or take 2 capsules three times
daily. For infection/inflammation, cancers, or other serious illnesses, double the dosage.
Beware: Not all Pau d’ Arco products sold in today’s grocery stores, on the internet and even in herbal
stores are potent enough to have the effects mentioned. Look for the most reputable stores known for their
high quality products, even if their prices are somewhat higher than at stores that sell the common brands.
However, I found that even the extracts offered at local health food stores still have some good benefits,
effective enough to counteract a simple infection or immune weakness
Olive Leaf Extract
This ancient herbal remedy has very similar and equally powerful healing properties as Lapacho, so I
will omit repeating them here. I will mention, though, one particular ailment for which olive leave extract
has especially astounding and fast-acting effects – Shingles. In most cases, five 150 mg capsules, or two
500 mg capsules a day, taken with food, helps to end this painful affliction within just 3-4 days. For the
very elderly patients, though, it might take as long as a week or two for full recovery.
Olive leaf extract is one of the natural alternatives to pharmaceutical antibiotics. It has long been known
for its antimicrobial properties, and has been officially tested as an antimicrobial agent, with sufficient
power to achieve a published status in peer-review journals.
Astragalus membranaceus (Dong Quai in Chinese Medicine) is mostly used to strengthen immunity and
assist the body with preventing colds, the flu and other illnesses. However, according to Chinese tradition,
astragalus should not be taken during the early stage of infections. It may still ward off the flu, however,
if taken just as the first signs or symptoms begin to appear. Its greatest effects are preventative.
Other proposed uses are: AIDS; arteriosclerosis, chemotherapy side effects, chronic active hepatitis;
diabetes; genital herpes; high blood pressure; hyperthyroidism; and insomnia.
Sage Oil – A Memory Booster
In the 17th century, noted herbalist Nicholas Culpeper wrote that the herb sage could "heal" the
memory, while, "warming and quickening the senses." Sage has always had that reputation, but no one
knew why. Researchers from the Medical Plant Research Centre (MPRC) at the Universities of Newcastle
and North Umbria in the UK have possibly uncovered sage’s ancient secret. An enzyme called acetyl
cholinesterase (AChE) breaks down a chemical called acetylcholine that is typically deficient in
Alzheimer's patients. According to a 2003 study at MPRC, sage inhibits AChE. Researchers gave 44
subjects either sage oil capsules or placebo capsules containing sunflower oil, and then conducted word
recall tests. The group that received sage
oil turned in significantly better test results than subjects that took the placebo.
Sage can be found in health food stores and from many Internet sites. There are no known side-effects.
Guarana – An Energy Booster
There is another South American plant that has very unusual and beneficial health-promoting properties.
The plant is known as paullinia cupana, and its seeds as Guarana. Like Pau d’ Arco, Guarana can be
found in most health food stores
Guarana is regarded as a natural elixir or energy booster. Often, the Amazonian Indians would eat only
Guarana when they went into the jungle. They would grind the seeds, mix them with water, and drink the
concoction. This alone would sustain them on their long treks. They also used Guarana to combat fever,
headaches and pain.
Research has shown that Guarana gently stimulates the adrenal system to combat fatigue without
producing the harmful adrenalin shots. The large amount of bulk prevents its natural caffeine from being
released in bursts, as is the case with coffee or black tea. The gradual release of caffeine makes much
energy available to the body without using up its (the body’s) own energy resources. Guarana soothes the
nervous system and is, therefore, useful for stress-related conditions including anxiety and depression. It
has become highly valued as a tonic herb, improving both concentration and physical stamina. Many
professional sportsmen and gymnasts use it regularly. Recommended uses are:
• When you need an energy boost (take it instead of coffee which can exhaust the nervous system)
• As a general tonic and stress reliever
• For those who live an active lifestyle or have a demanding day ahead
• During periods of hard work, either mental or physical
• As a gentle stimulant and to remove fatigue
• When recovering from an illness or feeling weak
• To slow or reverse signs of aging
• To help relieve headaches and migraine
• As a natural diuretic, to rid the body of excess fluid
• To relieve period pain
• As a non-addictive anti-depressant
Whatever brand you use, be sure it is 100% pure Guarana and not mixed with any other ingredients or
preservatives. Beware of chewing gums or similar products that claim to contain Guarana. The large
amount of chemicals and preservatives, colorings, artificial sweeteners, etc. they contain causes
considerable harm to the body, which you can confirm by doing the muscle test.
The Bloodroot Paste, Indian Herb, and Healing Formula
All of these products can basically accomplish the same thing. When used topically, they are able to
completely remove malignant and non-malignant skin cancers, moles, large freckles and other growthtype
skin blemishes. When a tiny amount is applied to a mole, for example, about one week later the
mole, along with its roots and toxic deposits, is discharged from the skin and falls off. Even large
cancerous tumors come out in one piece, without the need for surgery.
The Healing Formula can also be taken internally and has numerous additional benefits. Cancers, for
example, that are not located on the skin can be eliminated through internal use. If you intend to use these
herbs only for topical use, the less expensive Indian Herb is sufficient.
Caution: When you apply the Indian Herb, be very careful not to use too much of it or put it on parts of
the skin that don’t require any treatment. The zinc chloride it contains can cause serious damage to
healthy skin. The Bloodroot Paste doesn’t contain zinc and may be less aggressive.
For more information and to purchase these herbal products see Product Information at the end of the
Pfaffia and Black Cohosh (For Women)
Pfaffia (also known as Brazilian Ginseng or Suma) is very effective for menstrual problems,
menopausal symptoms, diabetes and any other hormonal problems. Black cohosh is one of the most
effective natural products for menopause. It helps reduce and even stop hot flushes and other discomforts
during a woman’s hormonal changes (see also “The Purpose of Menopause” in Chapter 16).
SSKI Iodide
Iodine comes in the form of a super-saturated solution of potassium iodide known clinically as SSKI. It
is available in any drugstore, usually without a prescription.
SSKI iodide can end a stubborn bladder infection, dissolve ovarian cysts and excessive cholesterol, and
even flatten hemorrhoids when mixed with a vegetable oil and applied topically before bedtime. It can be
used for nail fungus, too. For resistant infections, prostate cancer and other estrogen-caused illnesses, use
10 drops of iodine three times daily, for four to six weeks.
A few drops of SSKI iodide added to germ-infested water a few minutes before drinking it makes it
safe to drink. To avoid getting sick after a long airline-flight, drink some water mixed with a few drops of
SSKI iodide. The iodide travels quickly to the ears, nose and sinuses, thereby zapping hoards of bacteria
and viruses circulating in the cabin air. Other applications include removal of toenail fungus, reduced
flatulence and zapping of new acne.
A note on thyroid disease/goiter: About 96% of goiters are caused by an iodine deficiency. If you
medicate with iodine, ideally with the simple prescription-free "SSKI iodide," it should best be done
under careful supervision because, if overused, iodine can lead to hypothyroidism (see below). However,
eating iodine-rich foods, such as dulse (a seaweed), is a more indirect and safe way to increase iodine and
shrink goiters.
At the same time, it is important to remove blood vessel wall and lymphatic congestion that are behind
the poor nutrient supply (including iodine) and waste drainage from the neck area and thyroid gland.
Trapped lymphatic waste, consisting of metabolic waste products and dead cells, causes nodule formation
and general thickening of the tissues there. This requires an overhaul of the digestive system, including
the removal of all bile stones from the bile ducts of the liver, (see also The Amazing Liver Cleanse)
cleansing of the colon, and changing one's diet/lifestyle according to body type requirements.
And yes, it is essential to avoid all dairy foods (except unsalted butter), meat and especially foods that
contain soy (thousands of processed foods contain soy).
Caution: Although lack of iodine can cause thyroid disease, iodine can also suppress thyroid function
when taken for long periods of time, such as several months or years. If you suffer from a thyroid
condition, you need to take special care in monitoring thyroid function while using this treatment. I
recommend that you consult with your doctor or a naturopathic healthcare professional before using
SSKI. Although very few people are allergic to iodine, those who are should avoid it in any form.
Green Tea – A Tea for Life
For more than 30 years, Western researchers have known that the occurrence of solid tumor cancers is
far less in countries where populations consume large amounts of green tea. Cultures that are endowed
with a long tea tradition have much to contribute to individual and global health. However, this applies
only to green tea. Regular black tea, presently very popular almost everywhere, has not much to do with
real tea. Real tea is derived from the tea plant Thea sinensis or Thea asoncica, not to be confused with
herb teas such as peppermint, chamomile or fennel.
Both black and green teas originate from the same tea plant, but their methods of processing are
different. The breaking of the leaves of the plants and exposing them to the oxygen of the air produces
black tea. The natural fermentation process destroys the most important biological ingredients of the tea –
the tannins. By contrast, during the production of green tea, the leaves are stabilized through exposure to
both humid and dry heat. This eliminates fermentation-producing enzymes and safeguards the nutrients.
Due to fermentation, black tea assumes drug-like qualities. Since tannins and other important nutrients
are no longer present in the tea, its caffeine appears in free and unbound form. The stimulating effect of
the quickly released caffeine causes the addictive effect of black tea. It triggers a “fight or flight response”
in the body. Since the body treats the ingested caffeine as a nerve toxin, the adrenal glands naturally
respond by secreting the antidote adrenaline. This defense response by the body has a stimulating and
enlivening effect. However, as soon as the effects of the caffeine and adrenaline begin to diminish, the
body starts feeling tired and ends up becoming exhausted.
Green tea works in a different way. The large amounts of tannins in green tea make certain that the
caffeine is taken to the brain in only small and well-dosed amounts, which actually harmonizes the
energies in the body. Unlike black tea, the original, green version of the tea makes the body's own energyuse
more efficient. This helps the consumer of green tea improve his vitality and stamina without having
to experience the “up and down” effect so often accompanied with the consumption of black tea.
The value of tannin has been studied for centuries all over the world. Besides its ability to bind caffeine,
it also has healing properties. Green tea is particularly helpful with intestinal disorders and high blood
pressure. It has been shown to be 20 times more effective in slowing the aging process than vitamin E.
Studies have demonstrated that the success rate of green tea in reducing oxidants in the body (considered
responsible for aging) is 74% compared to 4% with vitamin E. The vitamin C content of green tea is four
times higher than in lemon juice and it contains more B-vitamins than any other known plant. This makes
green tea useful for facial skin conditions such as rosacea/acne. Apart from drinking green tea, you may
apply it directly to the skin before bedtime and after washing your face in the morning.
Since green tea is highly alkaline it naturally helps combat hyperacidity. People who drink green tea
suffer less from arteriosclerosis. It also keeps the blood thin and prevents coronary heart disease, heart
attacks and strokes. Furthermore, researchers from the University of Osaka, Japan, have been able to
prove that green tea kills microbes responsible for cholera and tooth decay; it also destroys salmonella
germs before they even have the chance to enter the stomach. A substance called “EGCG” has been found
to retard tumor growth. The Botikin Hospital in Moscow reported that green tea is more effective against
infection than antibiotics, without producing any harmful side effects.
Green tea has over 100 ingredients that have been found useful for a number of conditions; it
• Inhibits cell mutations leading to cancer
• Reduces blood fats
• Balances serum cholesterol levels
• Prevents high blood pressure
• Increases heart efficiency
• Improves brain functions
• Enhances metabolism
• Improves vision
• Supports secretion of saliva
• Increases growth of hair
• Reduces body fat and weight
• Stimulates digestion
• Helps clear urinary tract obstructions
In a study testing the preventative action of green tea, a team of researchers from the Department of
Preventive Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC) found that green tea prevented breast
cancer in women by 30% if they consumed about ½ cup per day. If they drank more than that, their risk of
developing breast cancer was further reduced. Women who regularly drank black tea, on the other hand,
didn't see a reduction in their breast cancer risk. The good news is that this study revealed that you don’t
need to drink buckets full of green tea to benefit from it.
The best green tea comes from the Shizuoka area in Japan; it grows organically and has no additives.
People living in this area have a much lower cancer rate than those living in other areas of Japan. A
reliable brand is Sencha sold by Kurimoto Trading Co., Japan. With over 130 ingredients it is the richest
of all green teas. Other brands are Ocha or Bancha; you should be able to find at least one of them at a
good health food store.
Note: The effectiveness of green tea depends on how you prepare it. Take 1½ teaspoons of green tea
for two cups of tea. While you bring water to the boil, put the tea into a pot and pour the water over the
tea when the bubbles disappear. After no longer than 35-45 seconds pour the tea through a sieve into a
teapot, otherwise the tea loses its effectiveness. You may use the same leaves a second time by applying
the same procedure.
Is There Something Toxic In Green Tea?
Some web sites on the Internet claim that tea is very high in fluoride content. Fluoride in tea is
supposedly much higher than the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) set for fluoride in drinking water.
Another site confirms that information, adding that the typical cup of tea exceeds one milligram of
fluoride, which is well over the recommended amount for fluoridated drinking water. on yet another site
it says that fluorine and its compounds in food are entirely different from chemically produced sodium
fluoride. It states that once an element is extracted from the soil and incorporated into plant life, its
properties change greatly. Yes, fluoride is found in tea and also in mother's milk. This applies also to
areas where there is no fluoride in the drinking water or air. Numerous plants contain naturally occurring
fluorine or fluoride compounds. The hideous version of fluoride that is added to drinking water in so
many parts of the world is the poison we ought to protect ourselves against. As John R. Lee M.D.,
"Fluoride, once touted as an osteoporosis treatment, is, in fact, toxic to bone cells."
If the naturally occurring fluoride in green tea were even remotely toxic, it would not have shown to
have such a wide range of preventive and curative effects. The body’s immune system would reactively
respond to it and become weakened in the process, yet quite the opposite is true. Green tea inhibits cell
mutation, stimulate digestion and enhance brain functions. Synthetic fluoride causes the exact opposite
The fluoride - or fluorine - that occurs naturally in tea and other foods is so volatile that most of it
evaporates in the heating process. The synthetic sodium fluoride that's added to water, on the other hand,
remains stable when heated. So the sodium fluoride in your cup of tea is of much greater concern than the
natural fluoride in the tea itself. Excessive fluoride intake can lead to hyperthyroidism. If you have been
diagnosed with this disorder should consult with a doctor of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine or an ND
(doctor of naturopathic medicine) who is knowledgeable about nutrition and its effects on the body’s
endocrine glands.
Gingko Biloba – Brain Food
I also recommend Gingko Biloba, available at most health food stores. Guarana and Gingko seem to
complement each other. Gingko is considered brain food. It apparently increases blood flow to the brain,
thereby improving memory and brain function. It is known to improve all kinds of circulatory problems
and it especially increases blood flow to the heart, extremities, skin, eyes, inner ear and other organs.
Gingko is known to relieve anxiety and depression, vertigo, headaches, tinnitus, PMS, asthma, allergy
symptoms, and hepatitis. It is also a natural mood-enhancer.
Aloe Vera – An Ancient Healer
Throughout the ages Aloe Vera has been known as the “medicine plant,” “burn plant”, “first-aid plant”
or “miracle plant”. Even today, Aloe Vera is one of the most effective plants for treating burns, healing
wounds and relieving aches and pains. It is recommended for psoriasis, where, when used regularly, it
reduces scaling and itching and greatly improves appearance.
Aloe Vera became very popular for its use in combating the severe burning effects caused by X-rays and
nuclear disasters. Radiation burns cause skin ulcerations that had been nearly incurable until physicians
began trying the old folk remedy of the Aloe Vera leaf.
Today, Aloe Vera has gained such great popularity that it is being used in many cosmetics and health
products. Aloe Vera juice that is taken internally has been found to be effective in almost every illness,
including cancer, heart disease and AIDS. In fact, there is hardly any disease or health problem for which
Aloe Vera has not been proven successful. It is helpful for all kinds of allergies, skin diseases, blood
disorders, arthritis, infections, yeast overgrowth, cysts, diabetes, eye problems, digestive disorders, ulcers,
liver diseases, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, kidney stones and stroke, to name a few. Effects are
most beneficial if treatments are applied both internally and externally. Aloe Vera contains over 200
nutrients, including the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, Folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc,
manganese, copper, barium, sulphate, 18 amino acids, important enzymes, glycosides, polysaccharides,
There are an estimated 500 published independent research studies conducted by doctors and scientists
on the healing agent found in the Aloe Vera plant and it’s non-toxic benefits. This is many more studies
than one would find on any other natural substance, and hundreds of times the confirmation of safety and
effectiveness of any drug available.
Caution: With regular drinking of Aloe Vera, diabetics may improve the ability of the pancreas to
produce more of its own insulin. Since too much insulin is dangerous diabetics should consult their
physician to monitor their need for extra insulin. Many diabetics report a reduction in the amount of
insulin required.
Also if you experience diarrhea or intestinal cramping for more than 2-3 days, discontinue. This is due
to irritants the aloe plant contains. Instead, you may choose a product that has all irritant removed.
Watch out for the frauds: Since the consumer market has created a great demand for Aloe Vera juice,
production is increasing rapidly. Unfortunately, many brands contain inadequate amounts of Aloe Vera
juice to be effective. According to the law, if you take a 10,000-gallon vat and put 9,999 gallons of water
in it and then add one gallon of Aloe Vera juice, you are allowed to advertise that it contains “100% pure
stabilized Aloe Vera.” You are not required to mention how much extra water has been added to the 100%
Aloe Vera juice. Hence many people are disappointed because they do not receive the acclaimed benefits.
Before using any brand it is good to check out the exact table of contents as mentioned in a company’s
brochure or better ask the company to give you the exact figures of contents.
Also, don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest Aloe Vera juice. Aloe Vera juice is expensive. If you are not
getting any benefits from it, you may have chosen the wrong product. Try other brands until you are
satisfied. Tests have shown that less than one percent of readily available brands contain acceptable levels
of Aloe Vera to be of any medicinal value. From the over 1,000 brands of Aloe Vera available on the
market today, some hardly have a trace of Aloe Vera in them. Their labels contain such phrases “it tastes
like mineral water” and “no additives or preservatives.” Chemical analysis reveals that these “products”
contain almost nothing but plain mineral water.
The good news is that more and more people have begun to see through the fraud business; hence,
many other companies are now also introducing the real thing.
Caution: With regular drinking of Aloe Vera, diabetics may improve the ability of the pancreas to
produce more of its own insulin. Since too much insulin is dangerous diabetics should consult their
physician to monitor their need for extra insulin. Many diabetics report a reduction in the amount of
insulin required.
Also if you experience diarrhea or intestinal cramping for more than 2-3 days, discontinue. This is due
to irritants the aloe plant contains. Instead, you may choose a product that has all irritants removed. one
of the most promising products is molo-cure (see also Product Information at the end of the Book).
A.M.P. Molo-cure
For IBS, Leaky Gut, Stomach Ulcers, Ulcerative Colitis,
Crohn’s Disease and Acid Reflux
The Aloe Vera mucilaginous polysaccharide molecule (A.M.P.) is a complex carbohydrate, a food
substance, and is totally non-toxic. Molo-Cure is the stabilized healing agent, which has been extracted
from the Aloe Vera Plant. Gallen Marshall, M.D., Ph.D., professor of immunology and allergy at the
University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston injected 50 medical students in 1993 with Aloe
mucilaginous polysaccharides, with FDA approval, and confirmed that there were no toxic side effects
(no toxicity in the liver, bone marrow, kidneys and cells in general). Since this test in 1993, tens of
thousands have taken A.M.P. without a single incident of harmful effect. A.M.P. has been found to be
very beneficial in a number of ways:
• Helps stop the bleeding, damage and leakage of the intestine wall, thereby taking the stress off the
immune system.
• Helps to effectively balance and restore proper immune system function alleviating the autoimmune
response and allergic conditions.
• Acts as a potent anti-inflammatory agent to reduce inflammation.
• Helps to rebuild the intestinal protective mucosa lining.
• Promotes and accelerates the tissue healing process.
• Helps stop the overproduction of stomach acids which lead to heartburn, acid reflux disease or
“gastro-esophageal reflux disease” (GERD)
• Aids in the restoration of proper moisture levels within the colon eliminating both diarrhea and
constipation over time.
• Helps fuel all bodily systems through the promotion of proper digestion, absorption and
assimilation of foods and nutrients.
• Aids in the normalization of an array of damaging processes in the digestive tract.
• Aids in the elimination of poor digestion and thus a host of pathological reactions
• Has direct anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-yeast and anti-parasitic effects.
• Increases Phagocytosis dramatically to ingest foreign viral and bacterial agents.
• Promotes the proliferation of healthy flora in the digestive tract.
• Helps to control chronic yeast growth so that normal healthy flora may thrive.
• Helps to increase blood circulation throughout the body and aids in blood sugar balancing.
• Is an extremely effective intracellular antioxidant and free radical scavenger.
• Permeates every cell in the body.
• Is not digested by the enzyme systems - it is taken up into the cell intact.
• Is absorbed through special receptor sites which exist within the human digestive tract.
• Is 100% non-toxic with no negative side effects.
• May be used simultaneously with any medication with no contra-indications.
• Is 100% natural.
A.M.P. is classified as an edible food material and is safe for adults and children of all ages. A.M.P. is not
a drug. No prescription is needed.
A Note of Advice: As always, while any or all of these products may be very beneficial, don’t forget to
take care of the root causes of your ailments. Relieving symptoms of disease can actually be detrimental
to your health unless you also remove whatever causes them. In most cases, cleansing the liver, kidneys
and colon and adjusting one’s diet/lifestyle are sufficient to take care of most physical problems.
To deal with the psychological and emotional issues that are behind most physical disorders, I suggest
using Sacred Santémony (see details below), Freedom From Judgment and It’s Time to Come Alive (see
Other Books, Products and Services by the Author at the end of the book).
Ionic Liquid Minerals
Your body is like living soil. If it has sufficient minerals and trace elements to work with, it is able to
nurture you and produce everything you need to live and grow. These essential materials, however, can
get easily depleted when you are not getting enough of them through your food. Centuries of constant use
and overuse of the same agricultural fields have led to foods that are highly nutrient-deficient. The
situation worsened with the onset of chemical fertilizers that manipulate crops into growing more rapidly,
with no regard to nutrient availability. When minerals and trace elements run low in the body, important
functions can no longer be sustained, or become subdued. Disease is generally accompanied by lack of
one or more of these important substances.
Because of the unnatural situation of mineral depletion in our soil today and, therefore, in our bodies, it
may be useful for certain individuals (Vata and Pitta types who suffer from chronic health problems) to
supplement with minerals. The crucial question is whether the minerals sold in nutrition stores or
pharmacies are capable of replenishing the mineral supply to the cells of the body. The answer is: “Highly
Minerals are commonly made available in three basic forms: capsules, tablets and colloidal mineral
water. Before the depletion of soils, plant foods and the mineral-rich water they absorbed were our best
mineral providers. When a plant grows in a healthy soil environment, it absorbs existing colloidal
minerals and changes them into ionic, water-soluble form. The ionic minerals come in the minute size
known as angstrom, whereas the colloidal minerals, also known as inorganic, metallic minerals, are about
10,000 times larger (micron-size). Ionic, water-soluble, plant minerals are absorbed readily by our body
cells. In contrast, colloid particles packed into complex compounds and delivered in pill form stand a
chance of less than 1% absorption. The minerals found in colloidal mineral waters are not any better
absorbed. These are not water-soluble, just suspended between water molecules.
Common compounds include calcium carbonate and zinc picolinate. These colloid particles tend to
get caught in the blood stream and subsequently are deposited in different parts of the body. In the form of
deposits they can cause major mechanic and structural damage. Many health problems today, including
osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, brain disorders, kidney stones, gallstones, etc., are the direct
result of ingesting large quantities of such metallic minerals.
Fortunately, there is a very efficient way to obtain minerals in the size and with the characteristic of
plant minerals. By vaporizing minerals in a vacuum chamber (without oxygen), they are prevented from
oxidizing and forming into complex states. once vaporized, the minerals can be combined with purified
water and be made readily available to the cells of the body. one company located in Minnesota (USA)
has managed to create a delivery process capable of converting colloids into 99.9% water-soluble, ionic
minerals. The company, ENIVA, makes these minerals available via distributorship.8 Another brand is
“WaterOz & Angstrom Ionic Minerals.” Their prices for some of their products appear to be more
8 To order any products from Eniva (www.eniva.com), you require a sponsor name and ID. You may use the name and ID of
the author, Andreas Moritz, #13462. He does not benefit from your order.
competitive and products can be purchased directly from the Internet without having to go through a
sponsor9 (see Product Information for more details). (There is more about minerals and vitamins in
Chapter 11, Section 1)
9. Waterless Stainless Steel Cookware
Since 1985 I have been using Waterless Stainless Steel Cookware for all my cooking. In my opinion
and experience, this is by far the most uncomplicated and least time-consuming method of preparing
cooked meals without loosing valuable vitamins, enzymes and flavor. This five, seven or nine-ply
surgical stainless steel cookware allows you to cook your food in less than half the time and with onefourth
the heat.
There is no more pouring the nutrients down the drain when boiling vegetables. There is no more
cooking in hot oil and robbing the food of its vital nutrition and fiber. The tight seal that the vapor-seal
maintains allows the flavor and nutrients to remain in the vegetables. Unlike in pressure cookers, there is
no steam-pressure building up inside the cookware. The temperature generated inside the cookware is
much less of what is required for boiling water, yet the food cooks much faster than with ordinary
There is also no need to keep checking on the food; in fact, if you do, the cooking process will be
interrupted and will take longer than necessary. While the food is being cooked, you can prepare other
foods, such as salad. Within 20 minutes you can serve a meal consisting of three cooked items, such as
vegetables, rice and beans. A light evening meal consisting of vegetables or a vegetable soup can be fixed
in a matter of a few minutes. Cooking from scratch must no longer be a burden. I can attest to that, since I
do it every day.
Waterless cooking cannot be accomplished with Teflon, iron, aluminum, glass, porcelain and
department store lightweight stainless steel. In the U.S.A., you can buy 15-piece sets of 9-ply stainless
steel cookware for as little as $180. Waterless cookware not only costs hundreds of dollars less than the
cookware you see in cooking shows, but it also comes with a Lifetime Warranty (search for “Waterless
Cookware” on the Internet or see Product Information ).
Basic Rules of Cooking with Waterless Cookware:
• Always use the right pan
Select the pan the food will most nearly fill, as air pockets created by “too large for the food
quantity” pans may destroy vitamins, dry your foods and possibly burn them.
• Rinse prepared fruits and vegetables
Rinsing in cold water and then draining is important for 2 reasons: it removes harmful chemicals
and allows water to cling to the food, combining with the natural juices to cook in its own steam.
You may add spices, salt, vegetable bouillon, oil or butter, salt, coconut milk or other ingredients.
This is waterless, nutritional cooking. Until you get used to this new method, you may want to add
several tablespoons of water.
9 WaterOZ products can be ordered from Kornax (www.kornax .com).
• Control the heat
Always control the heat throughout the cooking process. If you have heat that is too high, it
evaporates the steam and your food burns. With waterless cookware, the control is never on higher
than medium heat.
• Get a vapor seal
Start the cooking process on medium heat until the steam control valve whistles in the open
position. Then turn the heat down to low or simmer and close the valve. After you do this, the lid
will form an airtight heat seal.
When cooking watery type food such as apples and cabbage, it takes about three minutes to create
a water seal. More solid food such as potatoes and carrots take about five minutes for the lid to
seal after turning the heat to low and closing the steam control valve.
• Don’t peek
Resist that urge to peek! When the cover is removed during the cooking period, heat and steam are
allowed to escape. This lengthens the cooking time and dries out the food.
10. Water Ionizers
Water Ionizers are machines that can turn normal tap water into a powerful cleanser that has
antioxidant effects. Water with a negative ORP (or charge) is known to retard the aging process. A high or
rising ORP, on the other hand, causes oxidation and therefore aging. Ionized Water counteracts this rising
ORP and has a rejuvenating effect on the on a cellular level. For instance, freshly squeezed orange juice
has a negative ORP of -250. Although we can only drink comparatively small amounts of orange juice in
a day without becoming overburdened by the sugar it contains, we can drink as much ionized water as we
wish to a day.
Ionized water also contains hydroxyl ions. These are oxygen molecules with an extra electron attached
to them, as are all antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E. You can see them in the form of thousands of
tiny bubbles when you slow down the water flow on the water ionizer. Hydroxyl ions scavenge free
oxygen radicals and provide us with extra oxygen and energy. Oxygen carries away acid waste from body
tissue. It destroys cancer cells and protects us against bacteria and viruses invading the body. It is the
body’s most essential nutrient.
Ionized water also helps balance the body's pH, which tends to be acidic because of our modern diet
comprised of processed, refined and preserved foods. Besides medical drugs, soft drinks contain the most
acid-forming substances a person can put in their body. Because it is very alkaline, ionized water can help
dissolve accumulated acid waste and protect the body against acidity-related illness (most diseases are a
form of acidosis).
The human body consists mostly of water. Ionized water is fundamentally different from conventional
water. In ionized water, the size and shape of the water molecule cluster is smaller, which allows the
water cluster to pass through intestinal walls, blood capillary walls, and cell walls more easily. one of the
primary causes of disease is chronic cellular dehydration, a condition which leaves the body's cells in a
perpetual state of weakness and defense. Ionized Water is up to six times more hydrating than
conventional water. In other, by drinking less or the same amount of water you usually drink, by taking it
in it ionized form you actually hydrate your cells much more effectively.
The reduced size and shape of the water molecule clusters allows these molecules to pass through the
body's cell tissues much easier and push out toxins and acid waste more effectively. This makes Ionized
Water to be an excellent detoxifier. Water Ionizers have several levels of strength. So people who have
accumulated a lot of toxins in the body may begin by drinking mild ionized water and gradually increase
ionization levels as they get used to it. Besides tis health benefits, ionized water also improves the taste of
foods and beverages. It also ionizes the minerals in the food, which helps make them bio-available.
The water ionizers separate alkaline water from acid water. The alkaline water is good for drinking and
the acid water is good for external applications. When applied topically, the ionized acid water tightens
skin, and removes wrinkles, acne and other blemishes. At its strongest level, ionized acid water kills most
bacteria on contact. It improves hair and skin conditions of any kind, including removal of fungus, healing
of cuts, scraps, even serious wounds. It takes the itch out of mosquito bites, the sting out of other insect
bites. Lastly, ionized acid water promotes substantially healthier plant growth.
To obtain water ionizers, see Product Information .
11. Body Odor? A Good Reason Not to Use Deodorants
Most people are not aware why they sweat. Antiperspirants and perfumes have become so much part of
our lives that we rarely think about why we need them or whether we really need them. It may even be
more important to find out if they can be harmful.
Deodorants and antiperspirants have been invented because more and more people began to sweat
abnormally and develop body odor. Today it appears to be the normal thing to do to give the underarms a
spray in the morning and forget about this “nuisance” for the rest of the day. But sweating is not a
nuisance; it is the body’s natural way of ridding itself of certain waste products and keeping itself cool.
Like the bowels, liver, urinary system and lungs, our sweat glands are also meant to help keep the body
clean. Why else would we have them?
To make your body sweat once a day even for a few minutes is a good way to stay healthy. Conversely,
clogging up the skin’s pores with chemicals (makeup, beauty creams, sunblocks, antiperspirants, etc)
harms the skin. Trying to prevent the sweat glands from releasing bodily waste is rather like trying to run
a car while blocking its exhaust pipe.
Many people today feel that they need chemical products to control their body odor. This is because
other eliminative organs, such as the colon, liver, lungs and kidneys, are badly congested, which coerces
the body to dump some of the excess toxic waste into the skin. The chemical products block its excretion
through the skin, which may please the nose, but causes a steady buildup of toxins in the skin and the
underlying connective tissues; it also increases bacterial development and the risk for skin diseases and
even skin cancer.
Body odor is not caused by sweat. Sweat is just an odorless fluid consisting of 99 percent water.
Normal sweat evaporates from the skin very quickly and leaves no unpleasant odor behind. Bad smell
under the armpits or on the skin occurs only when bacteria are required to eliminate excessive sweat that
could not be removed by fresh air. There can be as many as ½ million bacteria occupying a square inch.
In addition, when there are excessive amounts of toxins that need to be digested by bacteria, a strong,
putrid smell occurs. Destructive microbes naturally produce bad-smelling gases while digesting waste.
The odor on the skin may be a sign of constipation accompanied by poor breath. It also indicates poor
performance of liver and kidneys. The body is crying out for help as toxins are “bursting at the seams.”
But instead of reading the body’s symptoms as a sign of imbalance and taking care of it, most people
merely search for ways to shut down the symptoms. If body odor occurs only occasionally, it may be due
to indigestion or chemicals in foods.
To combat the bacteria we use deodorants, and to tackle the amount of wetness we apply
antiperspirants. Deodorants contain germicides that kill the microbes and, as is the case with most of the
brands, a synthetic perfume to mask the smell of the germicide. The two most common active ingredients
in commercial deodorants/antiperspirants are chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium chlorohydrate. These
chemicals react with the protein contained in the sweat and form a gel that can partially block the sweat
glands from excreting liquid. There is increasing evidence that people who suffer from Alzheimer’s
disease have large amounts of aluminum in their bodies.
Fruits and vegetables naturally synthesize aluminum. This organic, ionic mineral is not only harmless,
but also essential for the human body. By contrast, synthetically derived aluminum is highly toxic. The
argument by the industry that aluminum can be found almost everywhere in nature is highly misleading
because these two types of aluminum have completely opposite effects on the body. The same applies, of
course, to almost all minerals and trace elements, including gold, silver, lead, and even arsenic. In their
ionic, angstrom-size state (processed by plants), these substances are essential for our bodies, but when
taken in their inorganic, metallic forms they can lead to serious poisoning and numerous disorders.
Antiperspirants and deodorants are packed with heavy metals and poisonous chemicals. By applying them
to your skin they enter the blood and end up accumulating in the liver, kidneys, breast and brain tissue.
These products may not be as damaging to the brain and other parts of the body if all other causes of
metal accumulation were excluded. The average person absorbs anywhere from 10 to 100 mg of
aluminum every day through aluminum cookware, baking soda, antacids, and numerous other sources.
And although the cause of Alzheimer's disease remains unclear, research indicates that aluminum toxicity
may be one of the primary culprits.
A deodorant stone costs only about $10 and lasts at least one year. It works wonderfully and has no
nasty side effects. When you check the ingredient’s list of a deodorant stone, don’t get alarmed when you
see the word “alum” written there. Alum isn't the same thing as aluminum chlorhydrate. Alum is a natural
mineral salt, and is unrelated to aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium chlorohydrate. The
mineral salts in the deodorant stone don’t block perspiration.
Tips to effectively deal with body odor:
• Pitta and Pitta-Vata types are the most prone to develop body odor. Follow the Ayurvedic regimen
and cleansing procedures. Remove all gallstones from your liver and cleanse your kidneys. Avoid
too many acid-forming foods such animal proteins, fats and starches. The more refined and
processed the foods are, the more likely the skin will have to eliminate toxic waste. The digestion
of toxins by skin bacteria causes an unpleasant smell of skin and breath. Meat eaters especially
have a tendency to develop bad body odor. Stick to fruits, vegetables, and salads as your main
source of alkaline-forming foods. They also work as natural cleansers.
• Stop using deodorants and antiperspirants; they only reinforce the problem by blocking off part of
your lymphatic system and dispersing the toxins together with the chemicals contained in these
products into other parts of your body, including the breasts. This can cause lumps and cancer of
the breast!
• Wash the afflicted areas in the morning with a natural soap that contains no harmful chemicals and
finish off with a splash of cold water on your underarms.
• Make sure to wear loose-fitting cotton cloth. Synthetics will prevent your skin from breathing and
eliminating toxins.
• You may want to make a solution of your most favorite essential oil (1-2 drops in an ounce of
water; shake well to disperse the oil!) and dab it on your underarms (you may want to use the
Kinesiology muscle test to determine which oil or oils are most suitable for you).
• I recommend deodorant stones that are made from non-toxic and natural materials such as
potassium sulphate and other colloidal minerals. They are pure and harmless and stop bacteria
from spreading if applied right after washing. They are available from most health food stores.
12. Ener-Chi Art
Ener-Chi Art is a unique method of healing art (based on energized oil paintings by Andreas Moritz)
that helps to restore a balanced flow of Chi or vital energy through the organs and systems in the body.
When seen in the context of physical cleansing and healing, I consider this unique approach to be a very
important and effective tool in facilitating a more successful outcome of any treatment or healing method.
When the cells of the body experience a balanced flow of Chi, they are also able to remove toxic
wastes efficiently, absorb all the oxygen, water and nutrients they need, do the necessary repair work and
increase their overall performance and vitality. Although I consider the combination of liver/colon/kidney
cleanses to be one of the most effective tools to help the body return to balanced functioning, due to years
of congestion and deterioration it may still not be able to fully restore its overall vital energy (Chi). My
six years of research with this method, which took me almost two years to develop, has shown that Ener-
Chi Art may very well accomplish just that. Its rate of effectiveness so far has been 100% for every
person who has been exposed to it. Due to its unique healing effects, all the pictures of Ener-chi Art were
once exhibited for over one month at the prestigious Abbot Northwest Hospital in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, for all the patients to view.
Ener-Chi Art is perhaps one of the most profound and instantly effective healing program to balance
the life force Chi in the following organs, parts and systems in the body.
• Back
• Blood
• Brain & Nervous
• Ears
• Eyes
• Endocrine System
• Heart
• Immune System
• Joints
• Kidneys and
• Large
• Liver
• Lymphatic
• Muscular
• Neck & Shoulders
• Nose & Sinuses
• Respiratory System
• Small Intestine &
• Skeletal System
• Skin
• Spleen
• Stomach
There is also one picture for General Health, one for transmuting emotional and physical trauma,
called “Beyond the Horizon,” and pictures to balance our relationship with the water and air elements; the
rocks & mountains; the animal kingdom; the plant kingdom; and the world of nature spirits.
Ener-Chi Art involves viewing of the various photographic pictures for about 30 seconds each.
(For more information on Ener-Chi Art and to order the pictures see my Web site http://ener-chi.com
and Other Books, Products and Services by the Author at the end of this book.)
13. Ener-Chi Ionized Stones
Ener-Chi Ionized Stones are stones and crystals that have been energized, activated, and imbued with
life force through a special process introduced by Dr. Lillian Maresch and Andreas Moritz -- the founders
of Ener-Chi Art.
Stone ionization has not been attempted before because stones and rocks have rarely been considered
useful in the field of healing. Yet, stones have the inherent power to hold and release vast amounts of
information and energy. And, once ionized with Chi (life force), they exert a balancing influence on
everything natural with which they come into contact. The ionization of stones may be one of our keys to
survival in a world that is experiencing high-level pollution and destruction of its eco-balancing systems.
In the early evolutionary stages of Earth, every particle of matter within the mantle of the planet
contained within it the blueprint of the entire planet, just as every cell of our body contains within its
DNA structure the blueprint of our entire body. Although the blueprint information within every particle
of matter has always been there, it has been lying in a dormant state. The Ener-chi ionization process
"awakens" this original blueprint information, and enables the associated energies to be released. In this
sense, Ener-Chi Ionized Stones are alive and conscious, and are able to energize, energetically purify and
balance any natural substance they come into immediate contact with.
For example, by placing an Ionized Stone next to a glass of water or plate of food, the water or food
becomes energized, increasing digestibility and nutrient absorption. Ionized stones can also be used to
enhance the effects of Ener-Chi Art – simply by placing an Ionized Stone on the corresponding area of the
body while viewing an Ener-Chi Art picture.
Potential Uses for Ener-Chi Ionized Stones
Drinking Ener-Chi Ionized Water
Placing an Ionized Stone next to a glass of water for about half a minute ionizes the water. Ionized
water is an excellent cleanser that aids digestion and metabolism, and energizes the cells of the body.
Eating Ener-Chi Ionized Foods
Placing an Ionized Stone next to your food for about half a minute ionizes and balances it. Even
natural organic foods are usually somewhat polluted due to the pollution particles in our atmosphere and
soil. Such foods also are impacted by ozone depletion and exposure to electro-magnetic radiation in our
planetary environment. These negative effects tend to be neutralized through the specified use of Ionized
Ener-Chi Ionized Foot Bath
By placing Ionized Stones (preferably pebbles with rounded surfaces) under the soles of the feet, while
the feet are immersed in water, the body begins to break down toxins and waste materials into harmless
organic substances.
Enhancing Healing Therapies
Ionized Stones are ideal for enhancing the effects of any healing therapy. For example, "LaStone
Therapy" is a popular new therapy that is offered in some of the innovative health spas. This involves
placing warm stones on key energy points of the body. If these stones were ionized prior to being placed
on the body, the healing effects would be enhanced. In fact, placing Ionized Stones on any weak or
painful parts of the body, including the corresponding chakras has healthful benefits. If crystals play a role
in the therapy, ionizing them first greatly amplifies their positive effects.
Aura and Chakra Balancing
Holding an Ionized Stone or Ionized Crystal in the middle section of the spinal column for about onehalf
minute balances all of the chakras, or energy centers, and tends to keep them in balance for several
weeks, or even months. Since energy imbalances in the chakras and auric field are one of the major causes
of health problems, this balancing procedure is a powerful way to enhance health and well-being.
Attach to Main Water Pipe in Your Home
Attaching a stone to the main water pipe will ionize your water and make it more absorbable and
Place In, or Near, Electrical Fuse Box in Your Home
By placing a medium-size (3-4 inches) Ionized Stone in, above or below the fuse box in your house
(you can affix it with masking tape if necessary), the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation become
nullified. You can verify this by doing the muscle test (as shown in Chapter 1 or in the instruction sheet
enclosed with purchased Ener-Chi Art pictures) in front of a TV or computer, both before and after
placing the stone on the fuse box. If you don't have a fuse box that is readily accessible, you can place a
stone next to the electric cable of the electric appliances or the power sockets you want protect yourself
Use in Conjunction with Ener-Chi Art
Ionized Stones may be used to enhance the effects of Ener-Chi Art pictures. Simply place an Ionized
Stone over the related area of the body while viewing an Ener-Chi Art picture. For example, if one is
viewing the Ener-Chi Art picture related to the heart, simply hold an ionized stone over the heart area
while viewing the picture. The nature of the energies involved in the pictures and the stones are similar.
So if the stones are used in combination with the pictures, a resonance is created which greatly enhances
the overall effect.
Creating an Enhanced Environment
Placing an Ionized Stone near the various items that surround you for about half a minute helps to
create a more energized and balanced environment. The Ionized Stones affect virtually all-natural
materials, such as wood floors, wood or metal furniture, stonewalls and stone fireplaces. In work areas,
especially near computers, it is a good idea to place one or more Ionized Stones in strategic locations. The
same applies to sleeping areas, such as putting stones under your bed or pillow.
Improving Plant Growth
Placing Ionized Stones next to plant or flowers can increase their health and beauty. This automatically
ionizes the water they receive, regardless whether they are indoor or outdoor plants. The same applies to
vegetable plants and organic gardens.
14. Sacred Santémony – Divine Chanting for Every Occasion
Sacred Santèmony is a term that was given to me by the being Merlin. The powerful words produced
in Sacred Santèmony are made from whole-brain use of the letters of the ancient language – language that
is comprised of the basic sounds that underlie and bring forth all physical manifestation. The letters of the
ancient language vibrate at a much higher level than our modern languages, and when combined to form
whole words, they generate feelings of peace and harmony (Santèmony) to calm the storms of unrest,
violence and turmoil, both internal and external.
Think back to those awesome occasions in your childhood when your parents or grandparents read or
told you stories about wizards who knew of magic words and spells that would instantly fulfill your
desires, materialize objects from thin air, heal illness and/or create other kinds of supernatural phenomena.
The current worldwide fascination with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and such books as Deepak
Chopra's bestseller The Way of the Wizard comes as a timely reflection of mankind's awakening to true
magic. Like so many kids at my age, I used to believe in such tales, but had no idea that one day I would
become a wizard myself. Those who know me personally or through my books trust that I am a down-toearth
person who seeks rational explanations for everything that happens to us. What follows, however,
defies all that we have considered normal and explicable, and I count myself very fortunate to be able to
share my experiences with you of some of the most powerful practices of ancient lore.
At the first quarter of 2002 I began to channel higher dimensional beings, known as 'The Elders.' These
wonderful beings spoke through me, using my vocal cords, in what appeared to be ancient tongue,
including Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese. During some occasions there would be up to eight of these
beautiful spirit beings speaking simultaneously through one voice. This unusual conglomeration of sounds
usually occurred during the 'Golden Dome' meditation gatherings that we were holding in different parts
of the U.S. and other continents throughout that year.
In April, 2002, I happened to meet Dannion Brinkley, the world famous healer and best-selling author
who, struck by lightning, suddenly acquired amazing healing powers and profound insights into the
secrets of life, death and after-life. Having had no prior knowledge of me, he stated that I had done a lot of
work in the area of physical healing (30 years) as well as healing through visual art (Ener-Chi Art).
"Now," said Dannion, "it is time that you start healing people with your voice."
Soon after this enlightening meeting with Dannion, I spontaneously began to chant sounds that were
meant to improve certain health conditions. These sounds resembled chants by Native Americans, Tibetan
monks, Vedic pundits (Sanskrit) and languages from other star systems (not known on planet Earth).
Within two weeks, I was able to bring forth sounds that would instantly remove emotional blocks and
resistance or aversion to any given situation, certain people, foods, chemicals, thought forms, beliefs, etc.
Through Kinesiology muscle testing I was able to verify that, once emitted, these sounds could resolve
the root cause of any problem or stressful issue within a matter of seconds. A few days later I intuited how
to transmit these sounds telepathically to people who lived on the other side of the globe. Although these
people did not consciously hear the sounds I uttered or, in some cases, even know what I was doing, they
nevertheless received similar healing benefits. Of course, I do not offer these chants to anyone whose
higher self does not consent to receiving such forms of healing.
The following are but a few examples of what Sacred Santèmony is able to accomplish. It can assist
you with:
• Reducing or removing fear that is related to death, disease, the body, foods, harmful chemical,
parents and other people, lack of abundance, impoverishment, phobias, environmental threats, the
future and the past, unstable economic trends, political unrest, etc.
• Clearing a current hurt, disappointment or anger resulting from past emotional trauma or negative
experiences in life.
• Cleansing the Akashic Records (all experiences the soul has gathered throughout all life streams)
from persistent fearful elements, including the idea and concept that we are separate from and not
one with Spirit, God or our Higher Self.
• Setting the preconditions for you to resolve your karmic issues not through pain and suffering, but
through creativity and joy.
• Improving or clearing up allergies and intolerances to foods, chemical substances, pesticides,
herbicides, air pollutants, radiation, medical drugs, pharmaceutical byproducts, etc.
• Undoing the psycho-emotional root causes of any chronic illness, including cancer, heart disease,
MS, diabetes, arthritis, brain disorders, depression, etc.
• Clearing out entities that you may have “invited” at times of trauma and inner conflict.
• Understanding and transforming any obstacles to fulfilling your desires, such as selling a house,
getting a dream job or enhancing your gifts and spiritual development into opportunities of growth
and learning.
• Resolving any other difficulties or barriers in life by “converting” them into the useful blessings
that they are.
The Gift of Sacred Santèmony
The sounds generated during a session of Sacred Santèmony are not bound by the limited space/time
realities of existence. They originate in higher dimensions and, therefore, can extend their healing effects
to any past or probable future event. In other words, these sounds can help prevent calamities or
misfortune from occurring in the future and also help undo or minimize the traumatic consequences of
past actions (karma).
The word “Sacred” in this context denotes that no harm can be done by the words or sounds produced
during such healing sessions. only individuals who respect the legality of Divine Harmony and the Law
of one are able to produce them. People who think and act from fear and are anchored in the
consciousness of separateness and judgment are naturally denied access to the energy of these frequencies
transmitted by the sounds. This prevents any potential abuse by individuals or organizations whose
intentions are to increase their power, wealth and influence in order to control others. Profound,
unconditional love is the foremost requirement for acquiring the gift of Sacred Santèmony.
The Role of Free Will
You are only able to release or transform what you are conscious of and are willing to accept, embrace
and let go off. If you resist a particular health problem (suppressing it’s symptoms through medication or
surgery) or ignore the difficulties you may be having in a personal relationship of yours, you are actually
choosing to keep the pain that these issues are causing you, unconsciously that is. This means that you are
exercising your free will, for whatever reason, to remain limited in your experience of love, harmony and
balance – perhaps to learn the lesson of compassion or unconditional love. Sacred Santèmony cannot
assist you in transforming such areas of limitation within your life, unless you become aware of them and
are willing to accept and thereby release them. Reading the book Freedom from Judgment makes a simple,
effective method to bring any hidden fears or resistance to the forefront of your awareness. It has the
codes of natural law imbued in the written words and the space between them. By reading the book
without outside distraction, you begin to resonate with your inner truth and knowingness, and recognize
the fears and limitations that are behind your hesitation to accept your own love, power and wisdom. The
chanting of Sacred Santèmony can then help you to embrace and release these fears and limitations.
When this release occurs, some people either cry with joy and relief, or break out in sweat, or
experience other indications of letting go. This experience dramatically enhances your current vibrational
state and facilitates the transformation from one state of consciousness into the next. As this begins to
occur, Sacred Santèmony secures a safe transition into your next sequential phase of spiritual evolution. It
also clears your path of evolution from undesirable situations, if this is in your highest interest.
The Way Sacred Santèmony Works
Sounds projected from an awareness of ancient language are of a very high vibration and energetic
quality. They are capable of correcting the distorted, low vibrations that usually end up as disease,
accidents or conflict. This hardly comes as a surprise, given the discoveries of modern science. Physics, in
particular, declares that the whole universe is nothing but vibration. According to this accepted theory,
particles of nature are not solid at all, but rather waves of energy, which is vibration. Specific frequencies
of sound vibrations organize and assemble the subatomic particles that are nothing but waves of light
energy constituting all of matter throughout the universe into unique configurations of physical
appearance and function. The human DNA, for example, is a product of these waves of light energy. The
sound vibrations arrange these subatomic particles or waves in a purposeful manner (double helix) so that
a complex human body can be created and sustained. Any distortion of the sound vibrations can disrupt
the DNA, forcing it to become misaligned with its original design. This, in turn, can produce faulty genes
or disturb basic physiological functions, such as digestion and metabolism. Sacred Santèmony has a builtin
capacity to correct the distortion of the sound vibrations underlying these physiological processes
because it originates from the basic sound web responsible for creating and sustaining the body and all of
The human body and the rest of the material existence are merely a web of sound vibration that is
evolving at an incredible speed. Any fear or resistance to flow with the tide of growth and expansion in
life generates stress and tension. The discordant vibrations in your body, mind and emotions can lead you
to make unbalanced choices regarding diet, relationships, jobs, etc; and, therefore, create disease, conflict
and unhappiness in your life. Sacred Santèmony offers a means to restore or strengthen the original
vibrations, thereby allowing the individual to make different choices that will generate increased
opportunities, enhanced and vibrant health.
The sounds or chants produced during a personal session of Sacred Santèmony are able to clear all
those difficulties and fears that a person is willing to accept and embrace as opportunities of growth and
learning, no matter how many lifetimes ago they were created. It only takes a few minutes of chanting to
accomplish this. To verify the effect of the chants and bring them into physical experience, I usually take
the individual through a simple muscle testing procedure (Kinesiology) both before and after the chanting,
although this is not necessary. The entire session takes no longer than 10-15 minutes. It can also be done
by telephone. Sacred Santèmony shows that healing does not need to take a long time or be difficult. We
are now moving into a new era where magic will be the natural method of accomplishing our desires and
where everything is possible so long as we believe and desire it to be so. (To book a session with Andreas
Moritz contact him via e-mail or visit his website.)
15. Beeswax – For Asthma, Allergies and Sinus Problems
Hundreds of years ago most candles were made of beeswax. But over the past few centuries beeswax
candles were gradually replaced by tallow candles (made from animal fat), and in the last century by
paraffin candles. Paraffin is made from the sludge that sits at the bottom of barrels of crude oil. The
sludge is then bleached with benzene and treated with other chemical solvents. When you burn paraffin
candles, they put out soot and smoke, along with toxins and carcinogens. You would probably never burn
paraffin candles unless the bad smell they produce (comparable to diesel fumes) were not covered up by
synthetic fragrances, many of which are irritants or toxins themselves. And if you had known that the soot,
smoke and chemical residue from these candles can stick to the walls, ceiling, and ventilation ducts and
get circulated whenever you turn on your healing/cooling system, you would probably not have burned
one before. Now you know. Pure beeswax candles don’t cause any of those problems. Quite to the
contrary, they actually exert amazing healing effects on the respiratory system.
Just by lighting a beeswax candle, people suffering from asthma, allergies and sinus problems have
reported significant improvement in their symptoms. Their breathing became much easier and their sleep
less disturbed after burning pure beeswax candles in their bedrooms for 4-5 hours before bedtime. Some
asthmatics claim that their symptoms vanished completely after burning beeswax candles all day long for
several days or weeks.
Apparently, burning beeswax produces negative ions. Negative ions are nature’s vacuum cleaners. They
clean the air of dust, mold, viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants responsible for numerous chemical
sensitivities. For candles to have this air-purifying effect, though, they must consist of 100 percent
beeswax. Many beeswax candles contain only 51 percent beeswax, which is enough to allow producers to
label them as beeswax candles. When you burn a beeswax candle it has a refreshing smell and hardly
produces any smoke. Although beeswax candles are more expensive than regular paraffin-based candles,
they last a lot longer and, of course, improve your health rather than weaken it. Beeswax is recommended
by the American Lung Association. For a reliable source of 100 percent pure beeswax candles see
Product Information at the end of the book.
16. How to Deal With Electro-Pollution
Not only do we suffer from low intake of magnetic energy, we are also exposed to the harmful low
frequency Electromagnetic (EM) fields of 50-60 cycles per second (HZ) that are generated by electricity.
This man-made electric current produces “electro-pollution” when utilized by computer equipment, TV
transmissions, AM radio waves, mobile telephones, and the various home and industrial appliances such
as hairdryers, electric toasters, and microwave ovens.
If you happen to sleep in a room that has a television set connected to the power circuit, your body may
be building up an electric charge of up to 105 Volts! The same occurs when you lie next to an electronic
alarm clock or a bedside light. A switched-on electric blanket can even double or triple the electric charge
in your body. While lying in your bed, your feet are not in direct contact with the floor. This means, you
are not able to disperse that charge. Regular exposure to such abnormal voltages can create chaos in the
body’s electric circuitry, suppress proper immune activity and lead to disorders such as cancer. Badly
shielded electric cables within the walls or under the floor can have similar effects. It is best to move all
electric equipment out of the bedroom, or ideally turn off the fuse for the entire room during the night. If
you are not sure whether your electric cables are safe or not, choose the latter solution, or otherwise you
may want to hire an expert who can measure the safety of your most immediate environment. When I
tested electro-pollution in my own house I was surprised that the worst culprit wasn’t my computer but
the unearthed electrical strip lights. The use of Ener-chi Ionized Stones as elaborated on in section 13 can
help you create a protected living environment.
Electromagnetic disturbance in the body can also be triggered by overexposure to chemical pollution.
As you may know, in most modern homes and work places the degree of indoor pollution is many times
higher than outdoor pollution. Add to these pollutants the harmful chemicals contained in the cosmetics,
deodorants and perfumes, clothing, food, water and air that enter our bodies every day, and any healthy
biological system will eventually succumb to such an overdose of stress and duress. Although so many of
us cannot completely avoid living in a polluted environment, we still can reduce our direct exposure to it
to the minimum possible. We have control over what we wear, eat, drink, put on our hair and skin, and
how much time we spend outside in the fresh air. [For more in-depth information on Electromagnetic
Fields please see my book It’s Time to Come Alive.]
17. How to Avoid the Negative Effects of Ley Lines
If you suffer from unexplainable recurring health problems such as headaches, irritability, depression or
any other persistent ailment, you may be working or sleeping on a ley line. Ley lines are a source of
harmful slow frequency energy.
Slow frequency energies can easily infiltrate and distort the body’s electromagnetic field. Some of these
energies are generated outside our home and others originate from within our home or work environment.
They include geographic stress points, ley lines and distorted ground energies.
Sleeping on a ley line can be particularly harmful since such a source of negative energy can disrupt the
body’s biochemical processes and energy systems for as many as 8-10 hours each day. Disharmony in
relationships and diseases of body and mind are more likely to occur if you are exposed to such disruptive
energies for extended periods of time, such as several years. Genetic weaknesses or latent physical
problems can suddenly manifest themselves as migraines, ulcers, varicose veins or cancer. Placing a small
mirror that faces the current and direction of a ley line or moving the bed away from such a stress line can
lead to sudden recovery. The following are some examples of ley line problems that were resolved by
simply moving the bed:
􀂃 A 55-year-old widow experienced an unexplainable loss of weight from 70 to 44 kg within two
years. She suffered from severe diarrhea, which became very painful and was accompanied with
blood. All medical treatments failed. Her condition became life threatening. A search of ley lines
in her house revealed two ley lines crossing her bed. The bed was moved by six feet. one week
later her intestinal bleeding stopped. After one month all pain ceased and she steadily began to
put on weight again.
􀂃 A young woman had been suffering from severe nightmares and sleeping problems for many
years. After moving her bed sideways by 1.5 feet, her nightmares stopped and sleep returned
back to normal.
􀂃 A 40-year-old businessman had a chronic heart complaint with heart cramping, panic attacks
and circulatory problems. All complaints spontaneously disappeared within two weeks after his
bed was moved away from a ley line.
Over the past few years I have visited many homes and offices where ley lines have caused physical and
psychological problems. In most cases, just putting a mirror at the right place or slightly shifting the bed
or office chair led to marked improvements of these conditions, and in some cases even to complete
recovery. I consider it important to have one’s home or working place checked for such disturbances as
they may not only contribute to ill health but also cause it. There are an increasing number of experts who
are able to identify the exact position of ley lines, although the method of mirror placement is less known.
You may contact your nearest center for alternative therapies; they may be able to put you in touch with a
reliable and trustworthy ley line specialist. If in doubt, whether or not a ley line affects your health, you
may move your bed and/or desk chair by 1-2 feet for a few days. If this makes a difference to how you
feel, you have given yourself a great gift of health.
18. Preconditions For Healing An Illness
Your body’s healing power is not in any way separate from you – the conscious being who uses the
body as an instrument to express your individuality and purpose. True healing, which has nothing to do
with suppressing symptoms of disease, cannot be enforced by even the best of treatments unless the
preconditions for healing have been met. The following are some of the most important clues for this
healing power to become accessible for you.
1. Before you can heal an illness, you have to accept it. Acceptance of your illness is not a sign of
resignation that results in depression or fear. Acceptance of your illness rather shows that you are willing
to take responsibility for yourself and your situation, thus permitting you to infuse your body with
feelings of compassion, love, tenderness, and energy.
For as long as you feel you are a victim of some misfortune, food, medicine, or even karma (effect of
past actions), you are far from being healed. Rejecting an illness only energizes your resistance to it,
which is stressful for the body and mind. Stress undermines immune functions and prevents the healing
response. By accepting your illness, you are no longer subjected to fear and insecurity, but are in control
of yourself. This will also help you to understand the true reasons behind your illness.
2. Instead of seeing an illness as a negative event that you need to fight against, you can see it as an
opportunity to become stronger in areas that have been weak and underdeveloped. Detours in life can take
you to areas that you would have missed out on, had you refused to accept and follow them.
Physical healing involves repair of damaged cells and growth of new ones. At the same time, while
undergoing the process of healing, you have the opportunity to grow stronger, become more relaxed,
peaceful, and content. Growing spiritually and emotionally as a result of an illness greatly minimizes the
necessity for further detours, such a repeated or new physical disorder.
3. Since your illness is only your body's attempt to redirect your life in a more supportive and fulfilling
direction, there is no reason to fear it or to be upset about it. Your body is doing the very best it can to
make it easier for you and help you return to a state of balance. Therefore, you may greatly benefit from
not judging yourself or your body for going through such a healing crisis. You are certainly not a victim
of some kind. Your body is totally on your side, never against you.
Don’t be fooled by the medical concept that there are autoimmune diseases which make the body
attack itself! The body is not suicidal unless you are, either consciously or unconsciously. Instead, the
body is merely attacking toxins that have settled in the joints, blood vessels, lymph ducts, or cells. This
survival response should not be mistaken for a disease process, even if it involves inflammation,
infection, or proliferation of cancer cells.
If you remain positive and peaceful about your own healing ability and trust that the body is always
engaged in trying to get well again, then illness can become your personal guide for a new purpose or
orientation in life. A wise man once said. “Illness is God's way of getting your attention!” once you pay
attention to your illness and accept it as a blessing in disguise rather than it being a nuisance or threat, it
will begin to reveal its inherent blessing to you and surely help you live your life in a gentler, nurturing
4. Avoid making physical wellness to be your goal in life. You will never achieve it. Being well is a
matter of being in the present moment, and not a fictional, futuristic dream. The current moment is the
only sure thing you can possibly own in life, and it is perfectly suited for you, even if it doesn’t feel that
way. If you resist or reject something such as illness, you will be stuck with it until it removes the fear
that is behind your resistance. Accepting the illness, on the other hand, makes it useful for you, regardless
what it may entail. Attending to your goal of becoming well is unrealistic because it takes you outside the
present reality into one that hasn’t happened yet. Life is not about attaining a perfect physical body, but
being able to live perfectly well with its imperfections.
Energy follows thought. Living for a goal robs the body of your attention, and therefore, also of the
energy necessary to heal and sustain itself. By living from moment to moment, your full attention is
present in the body. This is all the cells of your body need to know and feel in order to do the job assigned
to them. Cells that are “fed” with loving, caring attention believe that you are present and alive. By
contrast, cells that are being attacked for making you suffer, through harsh words, anger, drugs, threats
and acts of surgery, radiation, etc., are paralyzed in their healing capacity because they believe you dislike
or hate them and want them to die. By attending to the present moment of being ill without any
judgments, but with loving acceptance, you automatically program your cells to carry out a healing