Genomeceuticals in Unicity Products: A breakthrough from Pharmaceuticals vs. Nutraceuticals

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2018. 3. 12.

Have you heard about Unicity Products? 

These are elemental components needed qualifying as a world leader of scientific research. 

One who is passionate about science for healthy metabolism. 

No wonder there are 16 Unicity products listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR). 

Lists from the PDR have gone through clinical studies 

and noble scientific studies with its validation as GENOMECEUTICALS.


Unicity Science is a passion, tradition, blue ocean innovation, 

quality, exploration, integration, collaboration, validation, 

advanced clinical validation and unique discoveries. 

Deliberately making a deep concern 

how to maintain a healthy blood sugar, fats and ending obesity 

as the largest causes of death all around the world. 

It is just a car analogy: 

when you will buy a car which will you take: 

one with a Lamborghini innovation or something else?
Unicity is giving raise to the materials that  is being found. 

One of these are product that  is called UNIMATE (you-Nee -Mah-Te). 

As recently launch the UNIMATE RESEARCH INSTITUTE in Argentina, 

studying plants all over the world. 

They collaborate with the best scientists in the world 


Unicity Science holds VALIDATION. 

Anybody can say that their products are the best. 

But who will tell? 

There  is a book that shows the world’s medical resource list, called PDR. 

There are 16 of the products of Unicity listed in the PDR. 

This is a book that usually reserved for pharmaceutical companies  

that shows their compounds and products. 

We are one of the few nutritional product companies that are listed in the PDR.  

There are 16 of the products of Unicity listed in the PDR.
Unicity conduct clinical studies all throughout the world. 

The products works with homo sapiens. 

No matter what race you came from it will work with you. 

Unicity publish and collaborate scientific research. 

As one of the papers being publish from Colombia University 

regarding Omega 3 products in relation 

to Major Depressive Disorder and Attention Deficit. 

Technologies is now joining Unicity, pushing scientific frontiers, 

exploration  goes with GENOMECEUTICAL. 

The newest trend is called Human Metabolic Company, 

using the discovered Genomeceutical Science to maintain metabolic health. 

It is all about unique discoveries. 

As for example is UNIMATE. 

It maintains control and energy, stamina, vitality 

and over all health maintenance. 

In short, 

Unicity is the “Lamborghini supplements”, 

a supplement that marks the highest quality of ingredients 

in the entire planet, listed in the PDR. 

Supplements that backing based on the scientific research discovered only in Unicity. 

Many Medical Doctors uses and disseminate the products 

in the clinic, homes and every where.  

Instead of using a pharmaceutical products, 

they can give something with validated  clinically tested products 

designed to help and promote good health.

As one of the listed products in PDR. 

Thousands of supplements all over the market worldwide, 

there are only  15 Nutritional Product Companies listed in the PDR.
There are certain products that may occur before being listed in the PDR. 


they look at the company’s scientific heritage, 

formulation of the product and its ingredients 

and validation from every detailed thing. 

After meeting their criteria, then the listing follows. 

You cannot have the list if you have a common generics of any supplements 

and if you get your product  from a contract manufacturer. 

The listing process is a product of the innovative science research 

which the product have undergone a massive noble scientific validation. 

Unicity has 16 listed products in the PDR.


These are science-based company products 

that help life better for metabolic health processes. 

Being in the frontline, helping people achieve healthy life promotes a healthy happy life. 

What is metabolism? 

This is called fat burning, million chemical reaction in the body in a single cell. 

As for instance: 

heart condition, liver health, kidney health, 

skin health, cholesterol and glucose control, bone and joint health. 

The body is a unique machine like a high performance car. 

All the parts of the car, name it. 

Would you like to take inferior fuel to your car? 

You never dream of putting water on your Ferrari. 

But yet, what do you keep in your human molecular machine, 

would you care to take high source of vitamins and supplements? 

It is your choice to take-in high standard nutrients 

to supplement your cellular needs or 

to take the waste products to ensure your end sooner.
Let us solve the problems that is sweeping the globe. 

It is a plague. 

It is an epidemic. 

it is an obesity epidemic. 

What are the major causes? Poor Diet! 

What destroys metabolic health? 

Diet that are rich in sugar and cholesterol. 

Sugar kills the cells. 

That plague is called metabolic syndrome.



This is a worldwide known cause of diseases 

that destroys detrimentally the healthy way of living that alters metabolism. 

A plague that fundamentally keeping the new generation and old generation 

unified on five criteria for metabolic syndrome: 

increase waist circumference, high triglycerides, 

low HDL, high  blood pressure and high fasting blood sugar. 

If you have three over five from these metabolic syndrome 

you are considered a metabolic syndrome attendant. 

If  you are skinny, can you be considered healthy? 

Check everything. you might be thin, but deep inside you, 

you are in this syndrome.



the young and the old are almost the same size. 

Though size does not matter, health does. 

As a cliché, we always hear better to prevent than to feel sorry later. 

Let us educate ourselves to treat those “globe-sweeping-the -population” thing. 

Let us educate our families. 

We need help. 

A prophet  to maintain health based on food, 

exercise and science-based supplement to maintain blood cholesterol 

and blood lipids. Act now!