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가주 새 법 2020 New California laws :


Minimum wage, power outages, housing, marriage, education, healthcare, criminal justice, animals, more rules changing in 2020




SB 3: Minimum wage ;

직원 25명이하 $12, 그 이상은 $13


Another pay hike is on the way for minimum wage workers.

The minimum wage in California goes up by one dollar to $12 an hour for workers at companies with 25 or fewer employees and to $13 an hour for workers at larger companies.


AB 5: Independent workers

독립계약직도 정규직으로,


While aimed directly at gig workers[긱 경제 근로자 (계약직이나 임시직으로 일하는 프리랜서처럼 소속된 곳이 없는 근로자)], this new law may also apply to many more contract or independent worker in California. Under AB-5, workers would be considered employees and not independent contractors if the employer controls the work, directs them in the course of their work or if the worker's job is part of a company's core business.


SB 188: Hairstyles

머리 [문화적, 종교적] 모양이나 모발의 질감에의한 차별금지


California becomes the first state to ban workplace and school discrimination based on a person's natural hairstyle or hair texture[모발의 질감]. Protected hairstyles include braids, twists and locks.


SB 142: Lactation accommodations

[아기] 모유 시설, 화장실에서 수유 금지, 수유시설 있어야


While California has had a law requiring employers to provide breaks for nursing mothers, many were forced to express breast milk in a bathroom stall or office closet. This new law requires companies to provide appropriate lactation accommodations that is close to the employee's work area, has electrical plugs and is free of intrusion.


AB 51: Arbitration agreements

고용주가 나서서 중재 금지


Starting January 1, 2020, workers can't be forced into mandatory arbitration by an employer. The law bans mandatory arbitration agreements with employees.

The law does not apply to arbitration agreements entered into prior to January 1, 2020.


SB 1343: Sexual harassment 성회롱 교육


Requires businesses with at least five employees to provide sexual harassment training to its employees within six months of being hired, and every two years after that.


SB 83: Paid family leave

[아기] 새부모가되는 가정 유급휴가


New parents will have more time to care for their child. Benefits under Paid Family Leave will increase from six weeks to eight weeks starting on July 1, 2020.


# HOUSING 주택 관련


AB 1482: Rent control

집세 통제, 매년 5%,

Communities without their own rent control laws will now be covered by statewide rent control protections. The law limits rent increases to 5 percent each year plus inflation,

but never above 10 percent total. The law does not apply to housing built in the 15 years prior. The limit is a rolling number so the date housing is excluded changes every year.


AB 652: Religious displays

종교적 전시물 보호받기


You have more protections to display religious items like menorahs[(유대교 전통 의식에 쓰이는 7-9개의) 여러 갈래로 나뉜 큰 촛대] or crosses[십자가] outside your home.

The law prohibits landlords and homeowner associations from banning the display of religious items on entry doors or door frames. The items cannot be larger than 26 by 12 inches.


SB 222: Housing discrimination

재향군인 주택차별 금지


This law expands existing law to protect veterans and military personnel against housing discrimination.


# PRIVACY 인터넽 사생활 보호


AB 375: online privacy

인터넽 정보수집, 사용자가 알아야


Want to know what information companies like Facebook or Google are collecting about you. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives internet users more control over their data. Among other things, the law gives users the right to know what data is collected, the right to reject the sale of your information and the right to delete your data.




SB 30: Domestic partners

사회적으로 동성애자에게 유리한법


What's good for same-sex couples is good for heterosexual couples.

This law allows heterosexual couples to register as domestic partners instead of getting married. Currently, only heterosexual couples age 62 or older were allowed to register as domestic partners because of social security benefits. The new law could help couples with combined higher incomes avoid the federal marriage tax penalty.




SB 419: School suspensions 학교 정학


Students in elementary school can't be so easily suspended for causing trouble at school. The law bans schools from suspending students in grades 4-8 for disrupting school activities or defying teachers and administrators. Students in grades K-3 already have this protection. High school students must wait until 2025 for the same benefit.




SB 104: Healthcare for undocumented immigrants

[불법체류자가 아니고 ] 서류미비자, 정부보조비 허용


California becomes the first state in the nation to offer government-subsidized health benefits to young adults living in the country illegally.

The law expands the Medicaid program to include low-income adults age 25 or younger regardless of their immigration status.


AB 2119: Transgender youth

성전환 젊은이들 의료혜택


Transgender youth in the foster care system will get appropriate health care.

The law is the first in the country to include access to gender-affirming medical services, mental health counseling, hormone therapy and surgery.




SB 439: Juvenile hall

청소년 구치소, 12 이하 부모에 돌려보냄


This law changes the age that a minor can be sent to juvenile hall. Minors under 12 who commit non-violent crimes would be released to his or her parent or legal guardian instead of being sent to juvenile hall.

The law does not apply to minors who commit murder, rape, or great bodily harm.


SB 970: Human trafficking

모텔 호텔, 장기 매매 희생자 신분 교육 필요


Operators of motels and hotels in California must provide training to teach its staff how to identify victims of human trafficking.




SB 1249: Animal testing

(신약 개발 등을 위한) 동물 실험,을 한 성분 재료 있는 화장품 판매금지


Prohibits the sale of cosmetic products with ingredients that were tested on animals after January 1, 2020.

The law does not affect products sold globally where animal testing is required by law.


AB 1762: Dog areas

주립 공원에 개 허용 포괄적 목록 설치


The California Department of Parks and Recreation has until July 1, 2020 to establish a comprehensive list of state parks that allow dogs, including the specific areas that allow dogs and the total miles of trails that are open to dogs.




SB 167: Public safety power shutoffs

공공 안전 [전기] 단전


Requires utilities like PG&E to devise plans on reducing the negative impact of planned power shutoffs to first responders and people with disabilities.


AB 247: Tree trimming

나무 다듬기 자르기


Gives the California Public Utilities Commission more oversight over tree trimming efforts by utilities. Power companies would have to submit timely reports on their brush and tree trimming work.


SB 209: Wildfire warning center

산불 경고 시설


Establishes a wildfire warning center to broaden the state's ability to predict and prepare for wildfire. The center would rely on a statewide network of automated weather stations and fire detection cameras.

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