2017. 11. 6. 16:44

ETL 작업을 하다보면, source 쪽에 처리가 완료되면 이후 처리를 진행하는 경우가 발생함.

문제는 Source 쪽에서 언제 JOB이 끝날지 알려주지 않는 경우 polling을 할 수 밖에 없음.

이렇게 지속적으로 Polling을 하다가 Source가 준비가 끝나면 실제 JOB을 수행하기 위한 TIP


  1. First Build Step:
    1. Does the regular work. In your case: building, unit testing and packaging of the web application
    2. Depending on the result let it create a file with a specific name.
    3. This means if you want the low-risk-change to run afterwards create a file low-risk.prop
  2. Second Build Step:
    1. Create a Trigger/call builds on other projects Step from the Parameterized-Trigger plugin.
    2. Entery the name of your low-risk job into the Projects to build field
    3. Click on: Add Parameter
    4. Choose: Parameters from properties File
    5. Enter low-risk.prop into the Use properties from file Field
    6. Enable Don't trigger if any files are missing
  3. Third Build Step:
    1. Check if a low-risk.prop file exists
    2. Delete the File