Messiah God

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Messiah God

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Reaching nirvana(道通) means defeating oneself

    When one's consciousness of 'I' is removed completely, his/her essence becomes God and he/she reaches nirvana.


  ◇ Life of hating oneself is the life of objection

( In this sermon, I used capital letters to indicate the Savior in the middle of sentences, such as, This man, He, His, Him. -Ed)As this way is one to kill consciousness of 'I' if someone hates me, one should regard it as a gleeful thing and rather have a grateful mind to God at the moment. When Satan hates me, one should think of it as a chance that he/she can go near to God, rather should lead a contrast life to love more the man who hates you with a grateful mind.

  This way is neither that of loving me, nor hating a man who hates or is jealous of me. If one does like that, as he/she is dragged by Satan, he/she loses to it. If a hateful mind arises, one's blood decays. Then as the aim of Satan is accomplished, Satan likes it. So This man was happy if someone hated Him.

  Then He heard a lot, "You are crazy" Due to hating Him, He defeated Satan. Therefore, if someone hates This man, it was very thankful, so This man laughed. Also you can go this way by leading a life in contrast of what you wants. If one loves oneself, is conscious of others, or thinks and lives egotistically, he/ she is going toward death gradually.


  ◇ Consciousness of 'I' is the spirit of death

  This man(the Victor Savior) came to the world to save humanity. Consciousness of 'I' in humanity is the spirit of Satan, but people do not know this fact. If one continually hates Satan and leads a life in contrast of what he/she wants, the Satan becomes limp. If people acts as Satan controls, the spirit of God in them dies.

  At the moment, they die. If one's Satan becomes strong, his/her vitality becomes weak. The power of life becoming weak means that the spirit of God becomes weak and leads to being killed by Satan. The Victory Altar is the place where raises Victors, it is not where raises good people.

  Only when the Savior raises strong spiritual people enough to overcome Satan, they can become Saviors and accomplish salvation and immortality.

  So this place is where This man(the Savior) produces Saviors. Becoming Saviors is not so difficult. It is difficult from Satan. It is very easy from God or the Victor.

  However, it is not so easy because the way of going to heaven is a narrow and tough way. one can go to heaven when he/she kills himself/herself completely. If one does not kill oneself, he/she cannot go the way.

  Although people are close to the Savior or his relatives, their salvation are not guaranteed. This way is one that each person goes. Therefore, when you fight and defeat yourself, you can go this way. If you cannot defeat yourself, you cannot go this way.


  ◇ If one becomes a Victor, you can see the future very well

  If you become a Victor by doing so, you can see the future: you see what the will of God is, and how the work of God will be accomplished. Also, you can see if a person will go to heaven or not just by looking at his/her face. However, though his /her face shows that he/she will go to hell, as the Savior is almighty, He can solve his /her sins completely and save him/her.

  This man have a power to make all humanity God at one time. As This man overcame Satan and became God, His spirit is very strong. However, though people become God, they do not have the power to defeat the attack of Satan, they become Satan again. When one become strong God, if Satan overcomes him/her, he/she becomes stronger Satan.

  If one becomes strong Satan, it is very difficult to remove Satan in him/her. Although This man has the power to make all humanity God at one time, there is possibility that they become Satan again. once if they become Satan again, they become stronger Satan than before. So This man delays in making humanity God at the same time.

  To make God with a person who became Satan again, the Victor should pour the power that makes 1000 people God. Then because of the person, the will of God delays in accomplishing. So This man makes the followers to be trained continually. So when you have difficult and painful things, you should laugh in your sleeve. By doing so, and rather laughing, you knock down the Satan completely.


  ◇ The secret of overcoming 'I' is acting in contrast of consciousness of 'I'

  That is Tao(道). Praying or saying over again in the churches is not Tao. When one fights oneself and overcomes it completely, he/she reaches nirvana and becomes God(Buddha). You can see how This man became a Victor through listening to Him. When This man lived in the 'Secret Chamber' there was a young man who hated and was very jealous of Him.

  So This man hated the young man at first. Then His dream showed that He lost to Himself. He realized that life is a losing one. Therefore, This man changed His behavior. When the young man hated and jealous of Him, rather This man loved a lot. The next day, His dream indicated that He stepped a notch by winning Himself.

  This man fought against Himself with the mind. This man hated Himself continually. When someone hated This man, He admitted the fact, "Yes, I am a bad man. I am a captain of sinners. I am nothing." This man abused Himself. Bullying oneself, one removes oneself and upgrades. The man who brags himself loving and flattering on himself is Satan. He is the slave of Satan.


    ◇ Do you know why humanity became humanity

  Everybody has a habit to stand on their pride, confront and hate a person that hates them. Because of that character, humanity became humanity. That attribute is that of humanity. So humanity became Satan. To get out of the property of Satan, one should hate, bother, and cuss oneself continuously.

  Like Confucianism tells, "If one overcomes oneself, he/she defeats the world." by overcoming 'I' he/she defeats Satan in everybody. That is the process that the Victor stepped on. As This man lived a life 100 percent in contrast of what He wanted, continued it for several months, there was a bad smell in his urine and faces.

  It was the smell of a decayed corpse. The reason that blood has the smell is because the blood died. Dead blood has the smell. As He discharged that blood, it was the corpse of Satan.Because the corpse of Satan in the blood of This man was excreted, He forgot even his name. Through the process, Mr. Cho Hee Sung became a Victor.

  Forgetting His name is evidence that He became a Victor. Is it possible to forget His name that has been called for 50 years? As the consciousness of This man disappeared, He forgot even His name and home? address. That is evidence that This man became a Victor. It is that He got out of the character of humanity and became God.

  That is reaching nirvana. Although one did Tao in the mountains for 30 years or 100 years, if his/her's consciousness of 'I' is alive, he did not do Tao. When one's consciousness of 'I' is removed completely, though he/she wears human's body, his/her essence becomes God.*

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Messiah God

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