Nongtraw 마을의 지역 먹거리

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2012. 4. 8.

A participatory video made by community members of the Khasi village of Nongtraw, East Khasi Hills, Khatarshnong, Meghalaya, North East India. These 3 film chapters were made as part of an InsightShare participatory video project initiated and funded by the Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty. The film involves up to 50 members of the community in dramas that show the traditional processes for growing local millet, for collecting a root for medicinal tea, and for beekeeping. The team's aim is to show these films to neighbouring communities, to rejuvenate these traditional practices, take care of their local agrobiodiversity and reduce dependence on expensive shop-bought items such as rice and tea. The project was hosted by local NGO Khatarshnong Socio-Organisation. 

See the newest film from Nongtraw here: