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Plitvice lakes, Croatia



Berry Creek Falls in Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California, is an example of a cascade waterfall.




Salto Angel, Canaima, Venezuela



Angel Falls panorama



Elgine Falls



Bakers Falls



Ramboda water falls - Nuwar Aliya, Srilanka



The Ravana Falls located in Ella in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka.



A view of St. Clair's Falls, Sri Lanka



Cascades d'Ouzoud in North/Central Morocco in full-ish flow.






Keila juga (The Keila Falls)



Pihtsusköngäs waterfall in Enontekiö, Finland.



Gavarnie_Falls in France



The Amsel Falls ca. 1820 : Water fall in the black bird-valley, Saxon Switzerland, Germany


Amsel fall - the artifical waterfall in Saxon Switzerland {{anonymous work}} Kunstanstalt Hermann Poy,

Dresden - postcard ca. 1901-1921 Category : Saxon Switzerland Category:Waterfalls of Germany



Waterfall in Triberg, Black Forest, Germany



Hraunfossar (Borgarfjörður, western Iceland)



Hraunfossar im Winter



Gjáin with its small waterfalls, ponds, and volcanic structures is situated in the south of Iceland



Glymur, with a cascade of 196 m, is the highest waterfall of Iceland.



Goðafoss (Icelandic : waterfall of the gods or waterfall of the goði)



Gullfoss (English: Golden Falls) is a waterfall located in the canyon of Hvítá river in southwest Iceland.



Háifoss is situated near the volcano Hekla in the south of Iceland.



Selfoss View From NorthEast  in the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum in the north of Iceland

[Reflections (The Promise) / Tim Janis]

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