World Brotherhood and Peace Through Poetry for Natural Modernism

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2010. 5. 21.

XXX World Congress of Poets/WAAC

World Brotherhood and Peace Through Poetry for Natural Modernism

자연현대(開天+開闢)自然現代 Natural Modernism

Natural Modernism means that only the enjoyment of sublimated culture let human overcome natural disaster and have peace and welfare societies by harmonizing with mother nature, life, human being, and civilizations.       XXXWCP ORGANIZING COMMITTEE:

WAAC=Emeritus Tin-Wen Chung. Justice Mohan. Partron Yu Hsi. Advisory Joseph Azar. Wangyu Jiga. Choi Lai Shrung Pres Han-Yi Baek.. Vice Pres Ada Aharoni. Chi-Lung Wang. Manuel S. Leyva. Nikolaos Moshovos. Robyn Lenssen. Dorin Popa. Lucy Cabieles. Mend Ooyo. Maria E. Soberannia. S.G Park Seong-Cheol. V.S.G Mary Ann Lacbovich. Ashok Chakravarthy. Takis Ioannides. Elizabeth Leyva. Patricia G. Soberanis. M. Directors Chang-Hoi Do. Zuou Yuming. Panapiota Zaionis 고문=계순. 강영환. 김년균. 김승곤 김종택 문효치. 박일동. 박종국 유자효. 이철호. 정영자. 최광호. 최은하. 황적인 회장=백한이, 부회장 함현진, 이영석, 에르네스토 카한(Ernesto Kahan), S. 크리소울라 V. 바라(S. Chrissoulla V. Varra), 테레싱카 페레이라(Teresinka Pereira), 타키 유리코(Taki Yuriko) 장지 Zhang Zi. 집행부=도창회. 동방원. 박성철. 백성호 박영대. 박옥태래진. 백성희. 백성숙. 백성해. 유춘환. 이종화 인소리. 장용준. 차주성. 황성희 Kurt F. Svatek. George Giakouminakis. 운영팀: 김철민 홍보영접: 박명춘 미디어: 문일석 유충섭 미술: 한현삼 회계: 김정태 조용식 감사:유춘환 다음각부서는 이후 통합 발표합니다.


Delegate Person

First Name:                     Last Name:                    Gender: Male Female

Accompanying Person:

First Name:                     Last Name:                    Gender: Male Female

Home Address:

Email Address:                      Tel:              Fax:            Mobile:

Nationality: Language:                       Registries Organization:

Room size: Single Twin

I would like to participate in book exhibition & contest.

I would like to participate in Post Congress Tour.

I would like to participate in Post Congress Tour. (2 nights, 3days) fee US$300 or 220 euros.

XXX WCP Registration fee US$200 or 140 euros (meals, enthology, etc.)

Room fee(include breakfast) 4 nights US$400 or 300 euros (TOTAL US$900 or 660 euros)

Bank Accounts: Nonghyup 023-01-504951 hWAACF(World Hangchon Culture Foundation) Baek Han-Yi

 Korean Post( Hwagok4dong) 013151-02-170970 Baek Han-Yi

** Anthology (The dictionary of national poets) **

You need to submit 2 pictures of you and, more than 5 pieces of poetry.

The Deadline is on June 30, 2010.

(If you submit the documents after the deadline, the interposition of your poetry would be impossible.)

Please send the documents to by e-mail.

Every participants will recite poetries and speech (for 3~5 minutes).

THE ITINERARY (The more detailed schedule will be on later.)

vAUGUST 24 (TUE) 17:00 Celebrate the Eve

vAUGUST 25 (WED) 10:00 The Opening Ceremony Recitation Poems Presentation the Subject Lunch Time Recitation the Subject

vAUGUST 26 (THU) 09:00 Departure National Central Museum Lunch Time Visiting the Literature Gallery of WAAC and etc.

vAUGUST 27 (FRI) 09:00 Departure Visiting Ancient Palaces, Korean Folk Things, and Noted Places The Closing Ceremony ( Awarding Prizes, Honorable Degrees, Recitation Poems, Performances, Dancing, and Dinner)

vAUGUST 28 (SAT) ~ AUGUST 30 (MON) POST CONGRESS TOUR to Jeju Island or the whole country

AUGUST 30 (MON) 11:00 Arrival at Inch eon Airport Returning Home


SUPORT: Seoul garden Hotel. Korea. L.. S. The Moon Light of Corea. W .P. Q in Chine K. N. T. O. The Korea Language Society. The King Sejong Memorial Society


837-4 Hwangok4-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel. +82-02-2601-6854

Fax. +82-02-2901-6855

Mobile. 016-734-6854