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 LifePharm® Global Network offers you 10 different ways to earn income...

라이프팜 글로벌 네트워크는 10가지 수익을 드리는 보상플랜을 운영합니다. 

1. Retail Sales Commissions/소매마진
2. Fast Start Bonus/직판수입
3. Break Even Bonus/매달 공짜구매
4. 2 x 12 Matrix Bonus/메트릭스 보너스
5. Matching Matrix Bonus/매트릭스 매칭 보너스
6. Coded Bonuses/코디드 보너스
7. Matching Coded Bonus/코디드매칭 보너스
8. Leadership Bonus/리더쉽 보너스
9. Leadership Matching Bonus/리더쉽 메칭 보너스

10.Global Bonus Pool/글로벌 매출 보너스
11. Cash And Rewards Bonus/
현금 보너스와 시상


11 가지 보상플랜


1. Retail Sales Commissions/소매마진
Earn $10/box of our Laminine™ product for for fast building income! Customers can order direct from your company replicated website or you can purchase at wholesale and sell at retail.

소매마진은 대략 $10에서 $18까지 수익을 내실수 있읍니다. 

구매단가 $32.00 - 소매 $50.00 =$18.00 마진


2. Fast Start Bonuses/직판수입
As a Distributor, each time you personally sponsor someone in your sales team, you receive a 15% Fast Start Bonus on their initial product order. This can add up quickly and get fast cash in your pocket. Fast Start Bonuses are paid weekly! (Pays $12 whenever someone activates their business center.)
사업자는 새로운 멤버나 사업자를 등록하실때 마다 그분의 등록(구매)상품의 포인트(PV)점수의 15%가 수익으로 발생합니다. 예) 3병/78CV X 15% = $12.00


3. Break Even Bonus/공짜 구매
The Break Even Bonus (BEB) helps you "break even" on your own monthly autoship product purchases! You can receive a Break Even Bonus of $4 per box on ALL of the autoship purchases made by those people that you have personally sponsored, up to the amount of your own monthly autoship. This bonus is also paid weekly.

공짜로 매달 물건을 받으실수 있읍니다. 만약 여러분이 매달 3병씩 자동으로 주문하시고 여러분이 소개하신분 10분이 매달 3병씩 주문하시면 본인의 주문금액은 소개 수당으로 커버됩니다.




4. 2 x 12 Matrix Bonus/매트리스 보너스
Earn commissions on sales from your team. Commission is calculated from the total commissionable volume from all products sold in a given week.

메트리스 보너스는 2X12 시스템으로 여러분의 직급에 따라 다운라인 12대까지(본인 추천과 상관없음), 12단계 까지 안에 있는 분들의 1주일치 주문 실적 단위로,각 단계별 다른 퍼센트로 매주 지급됩니다.

직급;Asso,Builder,Leader,Premier(4 직급)


    [직급 및 자격 조건]


For qualification purposes, a personal enrollment means that you have sponsored someone who "activated" their business by purchasing either a 3, 10, 20 or 40 box package.



[매월 1병씩 주문할 경우]

***만약 모두가 매월 3병씩 주문할 경우는 인컴은 3배가 됩니다.


5. Matrix Matching Bonus/매트릭스 매칭보너스

Receive an additional bonus on your first two personally enrolled distributors matrix earnings. This is paid as a percentage from their weekly matrix income.

등록 후 최초 직추천한 사업자 2명의 각각의 메트릭스 인컴$$$에 대하여 최대 20%까지 매주 지급합니다.


6. Coded Bonus/코니드 보너스
You will be paid a coded bonus starting from the 3rd distributor you personally enroll and each one you personally enroll thereafter. The coded bonus also applies to the first two active distributors that they enroll as well. The coded bonus pays infinitely wide, and infinitely deep, down to unlimited generations! When the implications of this bonus (and its power) truly sink in, you will be astounded !

여러분이 직추천한 사업자 3번이 처음 추천한 1,2번 사업자에 대하여 10%를 지급하며 그 아래로 같은 방식으로 무한대로 지급합니다. 


7. Matching Coded Bonus/매칭 코디드 보너스
When people within your group begin to receive their own coded bonuses, you will be paid an additional bonus on that is based upon the coded bonuses that they receive, down through 5 generations. This bonus is valid for life as long as you remain active. This bonus is paid weekly and standard compression applies.

여러분이 추천한 사업자중 코디드 보너스를 받계되는 사업자가 발생하면 그 코디드 보너스의 5대까지 매칭으로 5%-15%까지 수익이 발생합니다.


8. Leadership Bonus/리더쉽 보너스

For distributors at Builder rank and above, reach 20,000 CV in ‘Team Volume’ or Generational Volume in a given month and earn extra 2% from your team’s total volume. Premier rank receives 5% monthly.

자격; 1,총 그룹 볼륨이 월 20,000 CV 이상

        2,직 추천 팀의 그룹 CV에 최대 5% 지급(최소 그룹CV없음)



9. Leadership Matchin Bonus/리더쉽 매칭 보너스
      20,000 CV가 되는 그룹은 Break Away됨으로 차상위 그룹에 5% 매칭($1,000 Max)

만일 레그 1개가 20,000점이 넘어서 breakaway 경우, 레그에는 보너스가 지급되지 않는 대신, 두번째로 볼륨이 높은 레그에서 받는 리더십 보너스 액수를 매칭시켜줌.

, 매칭되는 레그의 리더십+리더십매칭의 총액수가 $1,000 넘을수 없음. 




10. Global Bonus Pool/글로벌 풀 보너스(글로벌 CV의 3%)

만일 레그중 2개의 레그가 20,000점이 넘을 경우, 글로발 자격을 얻게되며, 2개의 share 받게됨. 2개이상의 레그가 20,000점을 넘을 경우, 넘는 레그당 1 share씩을 받게됨. (: 4개의 레그가 20000점을 넘을 , 4 share 받게됨)




11. Cash & Bonus Awards/현금 보너스와 시상
Cash Bonuses, Cars, Computers and More with our Cash and Bonus Rewards Plan!

The Edge and Edge Plus Promotion Packages for those who are serious...

For people who are serious about this business, the Edge and Edge Plus Packages are available to jumpstart their business. Thousands of dollars can be earned in a very short period of time by anyone who takes this business seriously.

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The Edge Package includes:

- 18 Boxes of Laminine & 2 Free Boxes
- 40 Laminine Brochures
- Personalized Website
- Professional Virtual Office

*You can receive Premier Benefits for 60 Days. In order to get paid as Premier, you need to enroll 6 Independent Business Owners or enroll 3 Builders with this Promotion. Continue to receive Premier Benefits beyond 60 Days by enrolling 4 more IBOs (totaling 10 IBOs) or 2 more Builders (totaling 5 Builders)


The Edge Plus Package includes:
- 36 Boxes of Laminine & 4 Free Boxes
- 40 Laminine Brochures
- Choice of Marketing Set**
- Personalized Website
- Professional Virtual Office

*You can receive Premier Benefits for 60 Days. In order to get paid as Premier, you need to enroll 4 Independent Business Owners or enroll 2 Builders. Continue to receive Premier Benefits beyond 60 Days by enrolling 6 more IBOs (totaling 10 IBOs) or 3 more Builders (totaling 5 Builders).
**On the time of purchasing The Edge Plus Promotion, You will receive a Marketing Set Redemption Code by email. Use this code to get your Marketing Set at

LifePharm® Global Network is a 10 year old debt free company that is established around the world. The pre-launch occurred in June, 2011.

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