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Frequently Asked Questions


How did you come to develop the process of producing YTE?
I spent a great deal of my professional life working in the egg industry in Norway. In the 1990s, I hypothesized that there existed in incubated and fertilized eggs a special protein fraction that could help increase and enhance the human body’s natural testosterone production.
My colleague, Nils Christian Mortensen, and I developed the procedure to extract the special protein from fertilized eggs.

How soon after one begins taking YTE can he/she expect to experience some results?
Some people noticed a very positive change after six or seven days, but on average, most individuals experienced the full effects after ten to fourteen days.

To whom would you recommend this product?
I would highly recommend YTE to everyone, but in particular, to the baby boomers who desire active lifestyles.
Because YTE is derived from fertilized hen eggs,

How it can be cholesterol free?
Because most of the egg’s cholesterol is found in the egg yolk, and YTE is derived from the egg’s white, there is virtually no cholesterol in YTE.

Does the recommended dose vary with age, gender, or weight?
No, the recommend dose is 1,600–1,680 mg taken for the first two weeks. Maintenance is 800–840 mg daily.

Are there any side effects to taking YTE?
YTE has no known side effects, but people who are allergic to egg products should avoid it.


If you are currently taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs, should you be concerned about also taking YTE?
Although YTE is an all-natural product, we do recommend that anyone taking medication consult their health-care practitioner prior to taking any nutritional

If YTE is derived from eggs, couldn’t a person simply eat more hen eggs to achieve the
same successful results as your YTE?
Most eggs sold today are not fertilized. The key point of YTE is that it comes from fertilized eggs. Fertilization mobilizes and activates the tremendous amount of nutrients
in the egg.

I understand that you first perfected this procedure in the 1990s and that you conducted a clinical study. What were your findings?
We found that YTE actually had a great fourfold benefit to human health: increased sexual health and desire, energy and stamina, muscle strength in athletes, and
enhanced sense of well-being.


Does YTE contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients?
No, there are no artificial ingredients found in YTE.


Can women safely take YTE without worrying about the effects of testosterone?
YTE contains powerful nutrients that help the body restore testosterone to a normal, healthy level. It’s important to note that YTE is not a testosterone preparation, so it will not raise the level of testosterone beyond what nature intended. Therefore, it will not produce the presumed side effects in women that are associated with supplementation.