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It’s not often that the perfect super-supplement with the perfect story comes around, but the story of Laminine is far from a mythical tale.

As far back as 1929, a Medical Doctor in Canada discovered a way to extract the ‘life-essence’ of a nine day old fertilized avian egg. Through research, it was found that on exactly the ninth day, all the ingredients necessary to create life are at its’ highest level. In fact, the life-giving proteins are so potent at this stage that a live chick is hatched a mere two weeks thereafter. This method of extraction and freeze-drying processes proved to be a historical monumental success for this Medical Doctor’s patients.

Unfortunately this revolutionary breakthrough discovery died when the doctor died.

Some 50 years later this extraction and freeze drying technique was rediscovered by Norwegian Scientists. Since then the processes have been patented and the amount of clinical studies and research that followed it has yielded nothing less than stunning results




Today, we call this product Laminine. The name comes from the word ‘Laminin’ which is the substance; found in all of us on a cellular level that literally “holds us all together”.

The benefits people receive from Laminine are so profound that it has become a metaphor for the ‘glue that holds us all together’ i.e. mentally, physically, and emotionally.

In short, we named this product Laminine because of its molecular structure; the health benefits it yields to our bodies; and because of the uniqueness in extracting the ‘life essence’ from a fertilized avian egg on exactly the ‘ninth day


 What can Laminin do for you?

LAMININE provides the most essential proteins and amino acids our body needs, along with the proper transport mechanisms to direct these nutritional building blocks to where our body needs it the most.

Laminine is a natural, synergistic super food that contains most known vitamins, important trace minerals, all eight essential amino acids along with other nutritional elements. Laminine is nature’s most perfect food and the perfect combination of life-giving sustenance sourced from land, sea and plant.

8 clinical tests have been conducted which showed laminine’s positive effects on Physical, Mental, Emotional Strengths and Overall Health.

So, can your life use a change? Can you use more stamina? How about an incredibly positive outlook on life? A new feeling of wanting to affect every area of your life…you simply have to try Laminine TODAY.



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