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Future Pass

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2012. 5. 25.







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The touring program “Future Pass” curated by Victoria LU will take place at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts from May 12, 2012. The grand opening ceremony will be held in the afternoon of May 12 and following up the program of Artist Talks next day on May 13.

Future Pass features a total of 180 exhibit works by 130 artists/teams widely from many countries in the world. After the success of the expositions both in Venice and Rotterdam, the program continues its third tour in Taiwan.

You are cordially invited to the opening of Future Pass and we welcome your visiting in the exhibition program of Future Pass at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts from May 12 till July 15, 2012.





Museum info.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

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Museum Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 9:00 ~17:00
Saturday and Sunday 9:00 ~18:00

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Ticket Prices: Free.

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Future Pass exhibits at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts from March 12


Future Pass exhibition planned by Vitoria Lu (陸蓉之), a senior curator, opened at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts today (May 12). Centering around the concept of Animamix (動漫美學), nearly 130 artists from Asia and other regions were invited to showcase about 180 of their masterpieces. As 90% of the creators and works in this large-scale joint exhibition are from Asia, including some top representative Asian artists, this show is considered an event to highlight the creativity of Asian contemporary art.

Tsai Bing-kun (蔡炳坤), Deputy Mayor of Taichung City, pointed out that the five themes of this exhibition is very enlightening to Taichung City, as Taichung City is building up its "Pass" into the future, which requires us to integrate the Eastern and Western cultures, give consideration to both the past and the future, link up the actual with the virtual, and construct not only the hardware architecture but also the software.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is not only a landmark and a museum loved by the 6 million people in central Taiwan but also the best art museums in Taiwan, said Deputy Mayor Tsai. The number of visitors last year has crossed the one-million mark; on March 25, 2012, the day to celebrate Fine Arts Festival, 24,000 visitors showed up in a single day, a record high in the history of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, claimed Deputy Mayor Tsai. Another record-breaking event has happened today, continued Deputy Mayor Tsai, in that there are 130 artists to display 180 works.

Deputy Mayor Tsai encouraged visitors, after enjoying the exhibition, to take a walk on the 3.6-km-long Calligraphy Greenway (草悟道) stretching from National Museum of Natural Science to National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Held on this Taichung’s new landmark tonight will be a parade and a lighting ceremony to showcase the beauty of Taichung City at night.

Integrating the diverse interpretations of the artists in the 21st century, the exhibition has sorted out 5 themes, including East vs. West (東與西), Past vs. Future (過去與未來), Yin vs. Yang (陰與陽), Universe vs. Individual (宇宙與個體), and Virtual vs. Reality (虛擬與現實). You may get some feeling from the exhibition on how Asian artists have been inspired to create their own animation styles and cultures and how they have been struggling to blend and renovate their own cultural traditions to create new forms of visual stimulation.

Jointly organized by Fondazione Claudio Buziol of Venice, the World Arts Museum in Rotterdam, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, UNEEC (晟銘) Culture and Education Foundation, and the Beijing Today Art Museum, the Future Pass has started its international rotation tour since the 54th Venice Biennale in June 2011. Its collection of art works from Asia first won the attention of people in Venice. Then, it toured to World Arts Museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Now, it is exhibited in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Its next stop will be the Beijing Today Art Museum in October, 2012. The international tour of the exhibition has clearly demonstrated its intention to present its Asian artistic perspective and to carry out a dialogue with the global vision.

Future Pass is exhibited from May 12 to July 15 at the exhibition rooms C, D and E of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Fine Art Street. The Future Pass Art Forum will be held at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts on May 13, in which artists from Taiwan, Japan, China, Peru, and Germany are invited to explore the aesthetic styles of Animamix, the perception of the digital age media, and interdisciplinary creative trends.