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2020. 11. 29.





TOMORROW X TOGETHER unfolds their story of growth and encounters in this new journey through the album concept The Dream Chapter. While The Dream Chapter: STAR expressed the “happiness and excitement of meeting that special someone”, The Dream Chapter: MAGIC tells the story of “magical adventures” that boys encounter together with their friends who are different, yet alike. Through this adventure, the boys share their transformation, confusion and exploding emotions that arise during their transition to adolescence.


The album includes 8 tracks: “New Rules” that talks about the desire of wanting to create their own rules of the world, the lead single “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)”, “Roller Coaster” which depicts the fearful but also an exciting moment like a rollercoaster ride, and “Angel Or Devil” singing about the two inner voices fighting endlessly.



TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Angel Or Devil' Official MV - Nov 28, 2019


Executive Producer : Flexible Pictures

Director : Kim Ja Kyoung

Assistant Director : Oh Hae Gyun, So Seong Hoon

Producer : Song Min Seo

Director of Photography : Yuninmo

Gaffer : Chung Joong hyuk, Park Jun Hee

Jimmy Jib : Kim Young Jung, Mun Ju Chun

MCC : 52th Robot Arm : Atom

Art Director : Kim Su Ji

2D Motion Design : Noh Seong Chan, Jun Min Jeong, Jeong Da Eun

Location Manager : Choi Jin Won

DI : Digital Factory

Visual Creative : Nu Kim, Lee Hyun Ju, Kang Sung Do, Cha Yeon Hwa

Performance Directing: Son Sung deuk, Kim Su Bin, Lee Ga Hun

Artist Management: Kim Shin Gyu, Kim Ji Soo, Yang Jun Hyeong, Oh Gwang Taek

Entertainment, Seoul, Korea



No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1 New Rules Supreme Boi, EL CAPITXN, Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, Candace Nicole Sosa, Max Lynedoch Graham, Matt Thomson, Wilhelm Börjesson, danke Supreme Boi 2:54
2 9 and Three Quarters (Run Away) 9와 4분의 3 승강장에서 너를 기다려 "hitman" bang, Supreme Boi, Slow Rabbit, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel 'Lindgren' Schulz, Andreas Carlsson, Pauline Skött, Peter St. James Slow Rabbit 3:31
3 Roller Coaster 간지러워 "hitman" bang, Supreme Boi, Sam Klempner, Jacob Attwooll, Slow Rabbit, ADORA, Huening Kai, EL CAPITXN, Bobby Chung Sam Klempner 3:34
4 Poppin' Star "hitman" bang, Shae Jacobs, Lauren Amber Aquilina, ADORA, Jung Su-kyung, Song Jae-kyung Shae Jacobs 3:13
5 Can't We Just Leave the Monster Alive? 그냥 괴물을 살려두면 안 되는 걸까 "hitman" bang, Wonderkid, Shinkung, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel 'Lindgren' Schulz, ADORA, Joni, Jung Su-kyung Wonderkid, Shinkung 3:50
6 Magic Island "hitman" bang, Supreme Boi, Slow Rabbit, Peter Thomas, Jake Torrey, Song Jae-kyung, Joni, GHSTLOOP Peter Thomas 3:12
7 20cm "hitman" bang, Supreme Boi, Jordan Kyle, 신혁, Jayrah Gibson, danke, ADORA, Hiss noise, Bobby Chung, Joni Jordan Kyle, Shinhyuk 3:37
8 Angel or Devil "hitman" bang, Supreme Boi, Pdogg, Slow Rabbit, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel 'Lindgren' Schulz, Peter Ibsen, Naitumela Masuku Pdogg, Slow Rabbit 3:52