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BTS 방탄소년단 - Rolling Stone Collectors Edition 2020

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2021. 1. 16.

BTS! The Rolling Stone India Collectors Edition: The Ultimate Guide to BTS dives deep into the complex artistry of the world’s biggest boyband with powerful pieces that explore BTS’ lyricism, music videos, digital content, fashion, showmanship, production and impact on the globe.

Curated by BTS and photographed by Yeongjun Kim, the cover image of Rolling Stone India‘s November 2020 issue presents an exclusive snapshot from the group’s upcoming record, BE.




[TinyTAN l ANIMATION] - Magic Door

Every dreamer has their own magic door

TinyTAN inspired by BTS

Creative : Big Hit

IP Chief Producer : Sejung Ha

Producer : Yoon A Ko

Director : Moohyun Jang

Art Director : Kibin Kim

CG Supervisor : Min Kyu Lee

Line Producer : Soohyun Lee, Jeayoon Lee

Assistant Director / Editor : Gyungjin Kim

Storyboards : Ha Yan Park

Character / Production Design : Sugeun Eom, Yeobeen Yun, Sungho Lee, Young jun Jeon, Hye Lim Chun, Juhyeon Han, Rosa GiHun Houng

Modeling / Look Development Leads : Youngsam Kim, Yeree Kim, Hyunsub Kim, Hongseok Kim

Layout / Animation Leads : Joongho Kum, Sunghee Cho, Sohyun Cho

Character TD (Rig / Chr. FX) : Mina Choi

Lighting / Compositing Leads: Ji Sub Park, Seo Hyun Jang, Hannah Jang

Pipeline TD : Jonghwan Moon, Sangjin Lee

Associate Artists : Yoongkun Kim, Soo yeon Mo, Eui Kook Lee

Co-production : GIANTSTEP / Goldframe / Storyfarm / JLmuse



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