Life goes on... like an echo in the forest...

with Tolstoy in blue spirit toward sunrise...

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2005. 7. 14.



Divine And Human and other stories by Leo Tolstoy  


1900s 초에 "The Circle of Reading (Krug Chteniia) I, II" 로 Russia 에서 태어났지만

2000 년에 와서야 Russia 태생 Peter Sekirin 에 의해 처음 영문으로 번역 되었다는군요 


Alexander Nikoliukin 의 Foreword 부터 흥분상태 입니다


그 이유는...


Tolstoy's intoduction concluded with the following thought: "If someone will translate this book into other languages, do this not from the languages of the originals, but from the text" (vol.42, p. 473). In order to better understand the major message of the book—"it can, and must be continuous joy"—we may quote Tolstoy's diary of October 1, 1892:



         It is a strage thing to think and to say, that the purpose of our lives is

         either to reproduce the species,

         or to continue the family,

         or to serve mankind,

         or to serve God.

         This is all wrong.


         To what purpose do we reproduce our species?

         To what end might we serve mankind?

         And What should those people whom we seve do?

         To serve God?

         He can do all He needs to do without our help.

         And He does not need anything.

         Even if He orders us to serve Him,

         it is only for our own sake,

         for our own good.


         Life cannot have any purpose other than joy and goodness.


Only this purpose—joy—is ultimately worthy of life. (vol. 52, p. 73)




이렇게 명쾌하고 간략한 답을...



2004년 봄학기때 Group research paper 의 주제였답니다

writing—MPC 에 아직도 그 기록이 있답니다

그때 Tolstoy 를 만났어야 했는데 말이죠... ㅎㅎ

고민이 시작된 후 1년이 넘어서야 제대로 된 답을 찾은 셈이죠^^



더욱 시원한 것은...

Tolstoy 의 생각이 그대로 전해진다는 것이에요^^





After the completion of his work on The Circle of Reading, Tolstoy wrote in his diary on January 21, 1905:



          I have not noticed how I have descended from that spiritual, moral height

         which I achieved by communicating with the best and wisest people,

         whom I read and whose thoughts I meditated upon

         while working at my Circle of Reading. (vol. 55, p. 120)








On March 6, 1884, Tolstoy wrote to Nikolai Gusev, his assistant, that he was busy collecting and translatin wise thoughts and works by philosophers and writers from all times and peoples. This is the first time Tolstoy recorded a reference to the concept of the Circle of Reading. on March 15 in the same year, he wrote in his diary:




         I have to make a circle of reading for myself:


         Marcus Aurelius,




         the New Testament.


         This is necessary for all. (Complete Works in Ninety Volumes, vol. 49, p. 68)




반가운 분들의 이름이 보이는군요^^



이렇게 오늘...

새벽녘 동틀무렵의 푸른기운을 Tolstoy 와 함께 하고 있답니다^^



'Divine and Human' 외에 15 개의 글이 번역되어 있는데요^^

Tolstoy 의 말씀데로...

"do not from the languages of the originals, but from the text" 를 지켜가며...


Only this purpose—joy—is ultimately worthy of life 를 만끽하렵니다^^