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James S. Kim 2008. 8. 15. 18:49

Is it really beliveable fact? If that is truth, how about the importance of WiFi which will be important or after LTE is coming it will be disappeare? WiFi is good but we can not use iternet everywhere with WiFi but LTE will provide to use mobile internet everywhere like WiMAX. Or, do you think that WiFi and LTE will be going togerther to cover their weekness each other.



This could be the HTC Dream which will launch on T-mobile in Q4.


In addition, I heard an humor in the last year that apple only will have benefit from MS and Google's long fighting. Becuase two guys never want to go each other's stong position but keep staying their strong positions. MS's strong position is off-line software markets cooperating with pc or related manufactures while Google's strong position is advertising maket based on internet information services. However, as we can see in AppStore eventually, the concept of apple's approach is in the combination of two guy's approaches so that it is stronger than any of them.




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