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    Debut III The Pro-Ject Debut includes a pre-mounted Ortofon OM-5E moving magnet phono cartridge and is an excellent choice for the audiophile seeking a cost effective vinyl playback solution. A felt-covered steel platter mates to a chrome plated stainless-steel axle running in a brass bearing housing for exceptional speed stability and accuracy. The aluminum tonearm employs inverted hardened stainless-steel points for superior tracking with the supplied phono cartridge. A silicone-damped armlift is supplied. Matte Black finish. 16.5”w x 4.5”h (dust cover down) x 13.25”d. 14 lbs.

    The multicolor version comes with plinth available in your choice of BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, PIANO GLOSS BLACK, RED, SILVER, GLOSS WHITE OR CHAMPAGNE

    Pro-Ject Debut III

    Perspective Carbon is constructed using a visually stunning, clear acrylic plinth. Floating above the plinth is a sophisticated and complex sub-chassis system suspended by three height adjustable springs. Additional features include: an aluminum alloy platter with a vinyl mat, a threaded record clamp, adjustable cone feet, and a silicone damping trough to eliminate unwanted resonance from the sub-chassis. The tonearm uses a conical carbon fiber arm tube and superior bearing assembly to give the customer the ability to use more massive and rigid (lower compliant) moving coil cartridges. Female chassis mount RCA connectors on the rear panel allow for the use of any single ended interconnect cables. 18.25”w x 6.5”h (dust cover down) x 14.5”d. 16.5”h (dustcover open). 22 lbs. Transparent acrylic with black details.

    The Pro-Ject Perspective Turntable

    RM-6 SB The belt-drive RM-6 SB, provides the analog audiophile a well-built, aesthetically pleasing and fully featured turntable at a most affordable price. The minimal, circular plinth repels external vibration using three-point aluminum cones and the decoupled motor mount virtually eliminates any motor noise or vibration. The massive resonance-optimized platter is sandwich constructed using medium density fiberboard, flat-ground vinyl mat and a brass record puck for stable and articulate imaging and sound staging. This assembly is coupled with the plinth via an inverted stainless steel thrust bearing fitted with a ceramic ball and seated in a ceramic bearing plate for the best speed stability and lowest wow and flutter. A speed-box is included to provide easy speed change operations between 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm (depending upon motor pulley) for greatest speed accuracy. A high-precision aluminum tonearm and bearing housing is capable of being used with even the most demanding of moving coil phono cartridges.

    RM-6 SB turntable
    2 Xperience An artful blending of performance and aesthetics, the 2 Xperience features exceptionally advanced technology that belies its modest cost. The height-adjustable transparent acrylic plinth mates the massive 4.5 lb resonance-optimized platter’s stainless-steel axle, Teflon bearing plate and bronze housing with the ultra-quiet running decoupled AC synchronous motor. The advanced straight 9” carbon-fiber tonearm features a fixed aluminum headshell with high-grade copper wiring, inverted hardened Swiss-made stainless-steel bearings, silicone-damped armlift and easy adjustment of stylus azimuth and vertical tracking angle. Fitted to the tonearm is a high-performance Sumiko Pearl moving magnet phono cartridge. A pair of plinth-mounted phono input jacks allows for the use of upgraded connecting cables for even better audio performance. An external power supply avoids noise pickup and electro-mechanical interference. A threaded record clamp is included. 18.1”w x 5.25”h (dustcover down) x 13.75”d. 15.4”h (dustcover open). 17 lbs. Transparent acrylic with black details.
    Model 1 Xpression Manual Turntable with Sumiko Oyster phono cartridge Quiet running AC motor with two-step metal pulley employing a precision flat-ground belt. Four shock-absorbing feet support the rigid MDF plinth and greatly reduce vibration. The motor is decoupled from the plinth to further reduce noise and vibration. The spun balanced aluminum platter weighs in at over 5 lbs and comes complete with a felt mat. The plated stainless-steel axle runs against a polished ball bearing in a brass housing, maximizing speed stability. An external power supply prevents the potential of electro-mechanical interference. ProJect 1 Xpression turntable

    RM-9 is a new step into high performance at a very reasonable price point from Pro-Ject. This table is a mass loaded design with a thick, acrylic platter and clamp assembly set on top of an inverted thrust bearing. This gives the turntable great speed stability as it raises the center of gravity of the rotating platter. The completely isolated motor and base reduce motor noise to almost nil. The tonearm uses a carbon fiber arm tube and superior bearing assembly to give the you the ability to use more massive and rigid (lower compliant) moving coil cartridges. 18.5"w x 7.3"h x 14"d (with optional dust cover). 19 lbs.


    Pro-Ject RM-9 turntable