2009 World HK Championship

    HK 2009. 8. 1. 23:58

    The feedback

    of 1st Haedong Kumdo World Championship in the year of 2009.





    Back to the 2 years ago ever since I started to inform 2009 Haedong Kumdo World Championship Hosting through Haedong Kumdo Events with bringing posters and catalogue etc. throughout the world.


    The situations just before HK Championship was getting so serious and too bad as well. one is financial crisis which cannot be made an afford to travel to come to Korea, the other one is Swein Flue spreading in the present in the world.


    So I cannot but stop to let many people in many countries come and participate in the 2009 World Championship.


    About 600 participants from 16 HK national members in the world and about 400 spectacles with their parents and so on including distinguished guests and many people related to the relevant authorities of athletics came and participated at this remarkable great event, 2009 Haedong Kumdo Championship from 24th to 28th July 2009.


    24th July Arrival & Referee Seminar

    25th & 26th July Competition & Farewell Party

    27th July Rest & Sightseeing

    28th July Departure


    About one month of HK Publicity on KBS TV was continued to be  broadcasted until 2009 World Championship end as well as on YTN TV & KNN TV right after World Championship it was televised all over the country.


    Many participants was enjoying with a little serious tension & getting nervous into the competition of each category, which are Kumbups and Sparring, Cutting and Group Kumbups etc.


    Especially, the creative forms of group people with two swords have been shown from the team of South Africa and Sweden, Finland and Korea etc. was really fantastic and made many spectacles be delighted and amused.


    Each HK nation will have annual competition and every 2 years for each Continental HK Union, every 4 years for World HK Championship in Korea.


    Hope to be able to see much better promoted & developed one and enjoy much more than 2009 at the next HK Championship as well as to get back to your home safe and sound with having a best & pleasant trip.


    See all of you next time again soon !!


    Have a good trip, everybody!





    United World Haedong Kumdo Federation 

    Chong Jae Nim 

    Kim, Jeong Seong  


    Many photos some more  will be shown at the below sites