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    ■What is the reality of Energy

    in the martial arts in the universe ?




    Through 2016 Finnish Haedong Kumdo Summer Camp, we all had a great time to practice many kinds of new stuffs in HK at the inside and outside of  gyms, especially at the Suomalian Island as well as we enjoyed so much to drink and talk at the resturant and into the Sauna etc. every day and night, also especially visited to Sibelious house at the Jarvenpaa city.  


    The Byuel Hyung(Star forms, 별형) learned this time has to be able to obtain the universal Consciousness for better life and better spiritual growth through JSKR-HK

    Training. It is a training physically and a study for cultivating mind mentally as well.


    It is a core of Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu Haedong Kumdo Training

    for developments and enhancement of  body & mind, Spirit.




    1. Universal consciousness


    know yourself on and on.

    recognize yourself lies in the universe

    as a tiniest one in the part of nature.

    3) Third
    recognize all is interconnected with myself in the universe.




    Knowledge is merely knowledge.

    Try to do one best to experience on and on through daily life,

    it will make us realize at every moment with awareness and mindfulness.


    Sooner or later

    you will get to understand the reality of Energy in the universe,

    which is not mine and also will make us control

    as a fundamental essence of pure energy.

    you will come to know human should follow the principle of nature.

    Why? It is for myself and better life in quality. After we know and do it, we need to make use of it practicially and usefully in daily life.


    Your teacher will have to be able to guide you to get there.

    Just showing some parts by a teacher could be good for better understanding, but it is impossible for students to get to a certain degree and level.


    It is very simple and clear, which is a principle of the Nature. Only experience little by little step by step between a teacher and students together in order to explain will be made us move forward gradually in life.


    Me and Finnish HK members with Jose now came up here since in 2007.

    It should be a long journey!! Still too far. Let's move it on and on!


    In 21C, we live in modern times, we should know what we have to learn,

    what most important thing is through martial arts.




    2. One Circle -Mu(무) or   Kong (공)



    1)Nothing or emptiness, but fullness
    2)Pure energy( myself(ego)is not there)
    3)Light = Wavelength = power (strength)
    4) Love
    5)The origin of Happiness, health, money, fortune etc.

    with spiritual growth physically and mentally, materially

    3.The mean of Mu


    Chiness character

    舞 ▶▶▶▶▶

    無 ▶▶▶▶▶









    Martial arts

    ■Movements like Forms(kumbups) or dance etc. will lead us to get to the "Nothing"

    ■Martial arts will be able to get Energy from "Nothing"

    ■That energy from there will be based on our daily life. It must be Pure Energy which will give us Health, Happiness, Poverty with spiritual growth

    and so on.


     e,g) Finnish sauna during my stay there, it makes me realize why we take so often and how it works all over human body machine according to the principle of the Nature. Only if we could come to know it, we will probably be able to make a use of it more practically and usefully in life than ever.




    4. What is Kummu?


    Kum mean sword
    Mu mean Dance, Nothing and Martial arts

    5.What is Kimu?



    Ki mean Energy
    Mu mean Dance, Nothing and Martial arts

    6. Principle of the Nature









    ■3 kinds of basic steps for training







     ●First stage

      Relax, and Feel the energy


     ●Second stage

     Focus, and See it


     ●Third stage

      Realize, and Do it






    ■ Explanition of Gaewun Kikong

    ●Gaewun KiKong


     Gaewun Kikong






     Heaven(Cheon),Earth(Ji), Human(In)



     Twist both hands(Tuel)



     Mu kuk






    ■Meditation with swords on the basic stance

    ●Meditation on the Daedosae with swords with breathing.

      1   <=>      2 <=>       3

    It is simple and clear just same as above.


    7. Conclusion





    I would like sincerely to give my great thanks to Jose, an organizer of this events in 2016 & Rep. of Finnish HK with Tiina, Mikko, Tomi and all Finnish HK instructors and black belts, all trainees, and Risto who has shown his warmful hospitality to all at his house as a God Father(?), also to Tommi Vainikka with Sami of Jarvenpaa Haedong Kumdo instructor made a T shirt with Takuk design with two swords at the below.  It made me explain  more clearly in details about universal consciousness by the principle of Nature. 

    And also on 16th Aug. first day of my arrival in Helsinki at the resturant ,
    thanks lot for listening my descriptions I tried to make with some drawings on that papers(napkin) at the below. photos taken by Hugo Gavert, HK Espoo Dojang instructor.

    Explanation about the design of T shirt as follows;

    Making Power with turning with two swords into the Taekuk in the universe! It comes from the principle of Nature, which is the core of JSKR-HAEDONG KUMDO teaching!♡







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