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    Kimu(Kimusul, Kimuye :기무- 기무술, 기무예)

    Ki(energy) in the martial arts

    It is a fundamental factor in the martial arts 

    which has to be learned and taught definitely from the beginning stage 

    and lead trainees to right training.

    It is impossible for trainee to reach to a core of Kimu(musul or muye) 

    only if  remembering many kinds of forms with weapons. 

    As we are getting to understand and be able to know & experience 

    where Ki(energy) move and what it is, 

    it will be much helpful for sure 

    for both better & right training and even for better life.

    Only experience over and over with a proper breathing 

    will be able to be acquired with body and mind, spirit with. 

    Finally, we should know the principle of body system first which we can see and 

    understand by modern medicine and the one of mind & spirit system which we cannot 

    see for both better training and better life in quality in 21C.

    Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu system teach it.

    Showing basic kimu at the below by Master Mikko in Finland

    ■First stage 

    Relax, and feel the energy

    Second stage

    Focus, and see it

    Third stage

    Realize, and do it

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