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이번에 소개해 드릴 방광의 양성 종양은 Inverted Papilloma 입니다.

Inverted Papilloma 라는 용어는 우리말로 도립유두종, 반전성 유두종, 반전 유두종, 내번형 유두종 등 다양한 용어로 번역 됩니다.

이유 불문하고 Inverted papilloma는 바깥쪽이 아닌 조직의 lamina propria 방향으로 역으로 자라기 때문에 붙여진 이름이며, Muscularis propria는 침범하지 않는 것이 특징입니다.


치료는 Transurethral resection이 TOC 이구요.


이 자료 또한 PPT로 남겨 놓습니다. 발표 시 참고 하시면 좋을 거 같아요.




Inverted Papilloma


• Rare, ~1% of urothelial neoplasms seen over a wide age range
• Cystoscopy shows small (<3 cm) solitary sessile lesion or may have a short stalk.

• Histology:
   ◦Urothelium invaginates into lamina propria (inverted).
   ◦Characterized by cords or trabeculae with peripheral palisading of basal cells and central streaming cells.
   ◦Cords should be thin (a must, to distinguish from higher grade inverted urothelial neoplasms).
   ◦Bland cytology, but may have scattered degenerative atypia.





Benign proliferative lesion (associated with chronic inflammation or bladder outlet obstruction)
Can be located throughout the bladder but most commonly on the trigone, comprising less than 1% of all bladder tumors
Inverted growth pattern (anastomosing islands of histologically and cytologically normal urothelial cells invaginating from the surface urothelium into the lamina propria but not into the muscularis propria)
Behave in a benign fashion with only a 1% incidence of tumor recurrence. (Negligible recurrence rate (<1%))
Occasionally, present with coexistent urothelial cancer elsewhere in the urinary system, occurring more commonly in the upper tract than the bladder
The use of fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) to evaluate chromosomal changes can distinguish between an inverted papilloma and a urothelial cancer with an inverted growth pattern (Jones et al, 2007).
Transurethral resection is the treatment of choice.



   1. Campbell Urology

    Chapter 80 : Urothelial Tumors of the Bladder



Inverted Papilloma.ppt


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Inverted Papilloma.ppt