3D WORKS(installation)

hwaejung 2012. 7. 1. 14:01



hwaejung 2010. 9. 18. 03:55



Scholars landscape Installation commentary설치전보도.pdf




hwaejung 2010. 9. 18. 03:42



I have been focusing in creating

 2 and 3 dimensional drawings in different spaces.

My works can be sculptures and installation pieces

but  I always view them as drawing.

Finding something very familiar and natural yet slightly alien while I create a situation or

environment for letting things happen by chance

this is what I'm intrigued visually as an artist.

Being and standing always in between of things, ambiguous area is where I am and what I like.

I want to make things

that wouldn't show much of my hands or time that I spent on it,

I'd like to make things that would look effortlessly natural somehow for the viewer.

I do not like teasing or puzzling audience with art.

When I show things that I made,

the visual aspect of work itself should suffice to connect and communicate with viewers.

Now this is my goal as a visual artist.



 Light and air are important elements to me.

 I should be able to feel the air and space,

should be able to breathe with and within my work.


I like to have a moment of escape from the physical place we are in

and hold that escape within my work,

like the moment we can be given when we are in a beautiful place, in our dreams, or in our prayers.

It is odd, it is unsettling, it is restful, it is relieving.

I am not interested in shouting.

I like to whisper, 

I want to whisper, 

one of those quiet but so clear whispers that you still can't forget ..