Pursuit of Mentoring/창업경영

도미니크 2012. 11. 20. 16:00

IT업계의 후배 Tadd가 소프트웨어 개발 회사를 위하여 디자인한 영업 프로세스 단계를 7단계로 정의하고 설명을 붙였다.  S/W 솔루션을 판매하는 업체의 경우는 아래의 프로세스가 영업 활동 보고서에 명기될 경우 영업의 진척도를 이해하기가 쉬울 것이다. 


영업의 진척도를 평가하는 단계는 다국적 기업의 경우 다양한 단계명칭과 코드를 사용하고 활용하고 있지만, 판매하는 제품의 특성상 영업사이클의 특징이 결정된다면, 업체별로 적합한 단계를 구분하고 명칭을 부여할 수 있겠다.


해당 프로세스는 GSP(General Sales Process) 7 Step으로 정의되어 있습니다.



Stage Name




Business as usual. Sales and marketing activities with customers



PoC(Proof of Concept) for customer devices or platforms. This process will provide to customers the softwares(or hardware) portability of our solutions on customer platforms for free.


KPI Agreement

During the PoC, a customer has to be agreed with KPI(Key Performance Indicator) when they using our solutions. For example, if customer wants to use our solution for their communication device, we and customer should agree with KPI, under the condition of a certain kind of “performance” value, before going forwards.


Pre-Installation Service Contract


Once we and customer agreed with the KPI, a customer has to sign on Pre-Installation Service Contract(PIS Contract) for going to the next business step. After signing on the PIC Contract, we will provide to customer total installation service for customer device and our technical engineer will be assigned for taking care of customer problem. The PIC Contract is just for cost recovery contract, that is to say, we will charge to customer for small amount of service fee. The fee calculated based upon a time card usage of our engineer. Through the PIS process, we will provides a very intensive and responsible installation service for target customer device or platform and the fine tuning service. As everybody know, the PIS needs a lot of time and resources.


Evaluation for PIS

After PIS process, customer and we have to be taken an evaluation process for evaluating improved customer device or platform, under the condition of agreed KPI in PoC process.


Main Contract

If customer wants to use our solution for commercial market on their device, they could sign on Main Contract. It means that customer will be given permission  to use our solution in commercial area. The Main Contract will be proposed  two different kinds of conditions. one is Royalty Model and the other is OTC(One Time Charge) Model. The Royalty Model Contract will charge license fee per unit, line or copy. The OTC Model Contract will charge for a periodical software usage(normally, one year) of our solution for a defined device. This kind of the main contract will be proposed by us, after investigating a volume of customer business.


Customer Product Launching

After being placed the main contract, customer will be able to announce and launch their solution which used our solution to the commercial market.


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