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空手잠빌 2008. 11. 22. 00:15

Creative Photography by Robert Staudinger and Andreas Franke


The Staudinger + Franke studio has received a slew of major international awards for their advertising work and have been named one of the “200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide” by Luerzer’s Archive. When the team of Robert Staudinger and Andreas Franke started their careers in Austria seventeen years ago, they needed to shoot a wide array of subjects to survive in their small market. After entering the US market, where most photographers were specializing, Staudinger and Franke decided not to sacrifice their diverse interests. They welcomed the challenge of having to shoot a Boeing airplane one day, and then a portrait of a baby the next. “I try not to fall into one niche; I try for something new every day,” Franke says. The key, however, is to be able to do everything and anything and still maintain the style that ultimately brings it all together and keeps clients coming back for more.

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