Induction Cooktop

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최근 인덕션랜지가 인기 있는 이유.....

1.불꽂이 없어 산소를 태우지 않아 이산화 탄소배출이 없고

 공기를 오염시키지 않는 환경친화적 무공해제품이다.

2.자동으로 꺼짐으로 외출시에도 화재등 걱정할 필요없다.

3.열효율이 좋고 개스비절약(인덕션 90%,개스 55%)

4.온도,시간 조절기능으로 편리하다.

5.그을음이나 불꽂이 없어 냄새가 없다.

6.청소가 쉽고 위생적이다.

7.전기나 개스보다 관리가 쉽다.

8.냄비 자체를 가열하므로 화상의 염려가없다.









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316PLC Induction Cooktop(Digital)


1.No pre-heating, no waiting time when changing cooking

       temperatures, no hot cooking zones without pots.

2.Two liters of water are brought to a boil up to 60% faster than

  on conventional stoves. Cooking on induction, you practically

  cook on a cold cooking zone.

3.The heat is generated in the base of the pot directly.

4.This prevents fingers from getting burnt.

5.If there is no pot on the cooking zone, nothing happens

  - even if the cooking zone is turned on.

6.The automatic switch-off mechanism detects pots whose

   contents have evaporated and turns the cooking zone off.

   Because the cooking zone itself does not heat up, practically

   nothing can get burnt onto it.

7.Precise with induction.

8.Precise temperature-regulated cooking is child's play because

   energy can be regulated precisely and immediately.


  The selected power of energy is supplied as soon as the cooking

   zone is turned on. Pot detection ensures that the heated-up

   cooking zone automatically adjusts itself to the diameter of

   the pot. A temperature sensor detects pots whose contents have

   evaporated and turns off the cooking zone automatically. This

   way no energy is used unnecessarily.


   Because the cooking zone practically stays cold, fingers don't

   get burnt. If there is no pot on the cooking zone, it doesn't heat

   up, even if it is turned on. The automatic switch-off mechanism

   turns the cooking zone off if it has been in constant operation

   for a certain amount of time.


   Because the cooking zone itself does not heat up, practically

   nothing can get burnt on. No tiresome scraping off of burnt-on

   residue. Simply wipe off the cooking zone with a moist cloth.