Delphin Introduction

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*전기로 작동되는 파워 브러쉬

*기존 브러쉬(밧데리)를 대체하여 사용(밧데리 충전 불필요)









Delphin Introduction

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Delphin Introduction

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Tips on charging your delphin battery right way.


1. Use your battery until the light on your power head changes color or stops. 

The brush will still continue to spin but with any pressure it will stop.


2. Never leave your battery on the charger more than 12 hours. 

This will over charge your battery and shorten the life.


3. The life span for any rechargeable battery is 2-3 years. 

They are designed to be charged a certain number of times and then will have to be replaced


4. Do not leave your charger plugged in all the time.

This leaves your charger open to power surges and could damage your charger.