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[귀여운마녀님의 글]

샐러드마스타제품은 ...

친구따라 한번 간적이 있어요.

그런데...제가 정말 마음에 든다고 만지작거리던 제품이 있었는데.

그곳담당하시는 분이 뭐라고 하셨는줄 아세요?

그건 샐마제품이 아니고 유사품을 비교하라고 갖다놓은거라고~~헐~

아무리 생각해도 전 그제품이 이뻤거든요...

그 제품이 바로~~건강냄비였다는거 아닙니까~~~ㅋㅋ

오래전일이어서 잊고 있다가 우연히 블로그 발견하고~

참 신기했어요.

인터넷으로 그것도 해외상품은 한번도 거래해본적이 없는 제가


언제나 친절히 답변주셔서 믿음이 갔구요~

샐마처럼 다른제품비방안하셔서 더 믿음이~~

그만큼 자신이 있으시니까요~~


참~~C세트는 언제쯤 배송되는지~~

C 세트도 007작전처럼~

제가 먼저 받아야하는뎅~~ㅋ

즐건 주말보내시구요~~

참 손잡이는 가격이 얼마인가요?


AS는 거의 받을일이 없겠지요?^^



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-I’ve really enjoyed using my cookware set that we purchased from your company over 25 years ago. one of your representatives came to our home. At the time we had only one child but we raised four kids using that cookware. Your product is really good.
Wilma O.
Oglethope, Georgia


-I have really enjoyed my pans and would hate to have to depend on the everyday pans sold in stores. Thanks so much.
Elaine F.
Joseph, Oregon


-In the early 1950’s, I purchased a complete set of stainless steel Lo-Heat cookware and baking pans. I was told at the time of purchase that they were guaranteed for life. My only problem is a need two new handles for my two skillets. I have been completely satisfied with this cookware and am amazed that the rest of the cookware still looks like new and has outlasted all my friends various kinds of cookware. They have purchased several sets of cookware over the years, but I am still using mine and hope to for along time yet. I have never seen this type of cookware in any department store or kitchen store. Please advise if my handles can be replaced.
Mrs. Marion W.
Westerville, Ohio


-Twenty –five years ago my mother bought a set of pots and pans from you company She is still to this day using that set and they are in good condition. I am writing to see if these pots and pans are still available. Would you please send me a catalog of your products.
Jenine C.
Tacoma Washington


-Hello, I have a question to ask. I have been looking for a good set of home use cookware. I have 2 very old Lo-Heat pans still in good condition, they were my mother in laws. My question is, "Would you tell me where they may be purchased?"
Edith C.
Los Angeles, California


-I purchased a set of T304 Stainless Steel Cookware back in 1987. we gave a waterless cookware party in our home. The representative talked me out of buying a second set of waterless cookware for our Charleston summer home. I wish I had gone ahead and purchased additional cookware back then. I find myself carrying pots and pans back and forth and would like information and purchasing two additional sets. We have a vacation home and a condominium and would like to find out about buying two more sets. I’m sure the prices have gone up since we first bought these. Please send me any information on a new purchase. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this cookware over the past years.
Nancy D.
Aiken, South Carolina


-I purchased my pans about 25 years ago and have enjoyed cooking in them. About three years ago, when my daughter was engaged and planning her wedding, a friend gave one of your salesmen her name, and he visited our home, this was the same procedure as when I purchased my pans. Because of having purchased my pans from you and being so happy with them, she in turn purchased hers as well. Thank you, A very satisfied customer!
JoAnne F
Pittsburgh, Ohio


-Over 30 years ago, I purchased a set of your cookware which had a lifetime warrant. I have been very satisfied with these products and continue to use then to this day. However, after 30 years of daily use, some repair was needed for a couple of the skillet in the et. I made a special trip from Atlanta to the factory to deliver these items for repair.

Once at you office, I met with Billy Austin of your customer service department and asked that the items be repaired. After inspecting the skillets Mr. Austin knew exactly what needed to be done and told me that he would make the necessary repairs and ship the items back in a very short time. Within two business days I received the skillets back with everything fixed as promised (at no charge). This was a remarkable experience for me given the state of customer service in our country.

I want to commend your company for the exceptional customer service. It is refreshing to know that some stand behind their guarantees with no hassles of questions asked. Additionally, I want you to know that purchasing this cookware over 30 years ago was on of the best investments I have made in my life. Thank you very much!
Vicki P.
Atlanta Georgia