The 316PLC™ Advantage

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"316PLC" Healthy Cookware are not like others!

It has five main characteristics.

1) All 7-layered structure using new materials:
316PLC products are made of a 7-layer structure that uses a combination of aluminum, which has high heat conductivity, and a new type of stainless steel, which has high functionality. Experience the amazing heat efficiency, the delicious taste trapped within your dishes, and the unending self-improvement and luxury that these products provide you with.

2) New materials of impressive functionality:
316PLC products contain two types of stainless steel that offer high functionality.

a. 316L stainless steel. Also known as surgical stainless steel, it is often used in medical instruments. By using this advanced material with world-class resistance to corrosion, 316PLC  has succeeded in creating cookware that boasts long-lived performance.

b. 304 stainless steel. This steel is very hard and resistant to corrosion, and thus maintains a gloss and luster that is second to none. 316PLC  has cleverly used this material on the surface to make its products strong against hits, scratches, and corrosion.


c. Ferritic Steel is used for the best heat efficency with IH,Gas,Electric and Halloge Cooktop.

3) Boiling Whistle:
316PLC products come installed with ultra-sensitive steam sensors that catch the steam produced when the contents of the pot start to boil, which triggers a whistle that attracts your attention wherever you are. The high heat efficiency of the 316PLC products allows you to simply close the whistle and set your heat source to “low” following the sound of the alarm, thus being more energy efficient and eco-friendly while avoiding the risks of the contents overflowing.

4) Water sealing effect:
Much steam is created during cooking. 316PLC products have been intelligently designed so that this steam accumulates between the pot and the lid, creating a layer of water that seals off the inside from the outside and does not allow heat or moisture to escape. This helps create an ideal cooking atmosphere within the pot, and makes it possible to cook without excess heat, water, or pressure.

5) Increased simplicity and speed:
The high heat tolerance and hardness of the materials used make 316PLC products less likely to char and dent. Such toughness makes cooking with and tidying of these pots and pans faster and easier. They are bound to make your everyday life in the kitchen more fun and stylish.


Enhance taste, maintain nutritional value, and be eco-friendly all at once with these professional and durable pots and pans.

The “316PLC” uses intelligent technology to make the most of the liquids contained in vegetables, allowing you to cook without excess water and thus preventing the escape of vitamins and minerals that are susceptible to water and heat. Such efficient cooking comes from the high heat conductivity and moisture-retaining qualities that these pots and pans boast. These features are essential not only for cooking that is healthy to your body but also for cooking that is healthy to the environment, as they allow for more speed and energy efficiency in the kitchen.

These pots and pans are multifunctional too. For example, if you use a smaller size pot as a lid for a larger size pot, these two works together to function as an oven. The high heat conductivity will no doubt make this little oven a valuable partner of yours as you cook grilled dishes and desserts.

Pots with Two Handles: A medium-sized pot with two handles that is useful for cooking curry, stew, and other boiled dishes. Comes with a lid, which makes it easy to cook steamed foods as well.

Frying Pans: A useful frying pan that can also be used as a shallow pot. In addition to stir-fries and such, use this pot to cook sauces and soups, and speed up and optimize your cooking experience!


Please contact us for further inquiries!

In response to the increasing trend of making all parts of the house, including the kitchen, electric, IH cooking heaters have enjoyed tremendous popularity in USA, with annual sales increasing by one million products. We are looking for business and sales partners for our IH-recommended original cookware. We are confident that our business will lead to increased profits and customer satisfaction for any company that already handles similar products. Of course, we are also open to industrial and personal purchases.


Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have any question at email or Call me at 213-798-6659.



I received C set last week.It is my birthday gift from my mother who lives in LA.Could you send me Korean cookbook?
We gave Korean Cookbook to your mother.Please ask her again.Thank you so much.
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The 316PLC™ Advantage

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A Simple choice with lifetime of results.


Enjoy cooking with 316PLC




316 PLC Advantage

More time for family and things you enjoy:

316 PLC cooking system is engineered to cook so you don’t have to. The enhanced full body 7-ply Thermal Core construction, unique to our cookware, distributes heat evenly. That means no pot watching or stirring. Meals are ready fast because food cooks from all sides, not just from the bottom. Our precision vapor seal creates a vacuum, locking in moisture and flavor. And, after dinner, our durable non-porous cookware is designed for fast, easy clean up.


Buy quality once, benefit for a lifetime…


316 PLC is an investment in quality demonstrated by our lifetime warranty. This cooking system saves your family time and money by using lower heat and less cooking time, which means lower energy bills. It encourages families to dine at home with faster, easier, tastier meals. With our minimum moisture, vacuum sealed cooking system, food shrinkage is reduced resulting in more bang for your grocery dollar.


Effortless healthy living…


Make health a priority in your home with highly nutritious and delicious meals. Superior heat distribution minimizes the need for moisture and heat thus maximizing vitamins and nutrients in your fruits and vegetables. And, with little need for grease and oil, low-fat cooking becomes effortless. The 316PLC 7ply surgical stainless steel with titanium is non-reactive, providing assurance that your cookware is safe and is not leaching chemicals or metals into your food.


Great flavor guaranteed…


Low-moisture cooking retains and maximizes the natural flavor of your food. Our vacuum seal ensures tender, juicy meats and lively, colorful vegetables thereby eliminating the need for butter, salts and other additives.





The Seven Layer Difference


By using advanced metal-working techniques and a 7-ply design on all sides, 316PLC has layered pure aluminum and the finest surgical stainless steel available to create cookware that is unequalled in efficiency and durability.


1. 316L Surgical Steel with Titanium and Molybdenum

Durable, beautiful, easy to clean, chemically non-reactive


2. 1145 Pure Aluminum:

Distributes heat evenly


3. 3004 Aluminum:

Optimum heat conductor spreads heat quickly and evenly


4. 1145 Pure Aluminum:

Distributes hear evenly


5. 304S Surgical Steel with Titanium:

Bonding layer, added strength


6. Ferritic Steel:

Allows cookware to be used on induction cooktops, retains heat


7. 304L Surgical Steel with Titanium:

Durable, beautiful, easy to clean



Easy Store Cover

Easy-store covers are perfect for any kitchen and every lifestyle.

Cookware easily stacks in the handle in an organized way.

Plus, the self-nesting design uses a minimal amount of space.

You’ll never search for a cover again!


Moisture Seal

Engineered moisture seal locks in flavor, nutrients, and aroma.

-Helps prevent dry, tasteless food.

-Improves nutritional value of your meals.

-Cooks faster using less heat.


Tight seal prevents moisture escape.




Vapor Lock Whistle Switch

3-in-1 : Whistle, Lock, Vent

-The whistle indicates that your food has reached the proper cooking temperature.

-The vent setting switch allows you to release vapor.

-Choose the lock setting to lock in moisture, nutrients, and flavor.



Cool and Easy Grip Handles

Ergonomic handles created with your comfort in mind. Extremely durable, withstanding up to 350 degrees, the Cool Grip design eliminates the need for pot holders.  


Oil Core Essentials

The oil core liquid is sealed between layers of a superior quality carbon core stainless steel to provide the ultimate in heat conduction.

-         Eliminates hot spots

-         Keep foods warm even after the skillet is unplugged

-         Energy efficient

Goes from kitchen to table for serving convenience. Perfect for tailgating, potlucks and traveling.


Welcome Home … Dinner is Ready

-         Stews

-         Soups

-         Pot Roasts

-         Sauces

-         Beans

-         Rice Cooker


A Must For Every Kitchen

-         Sear meats sealing in flavor

-         Fry without grease/oil for heart-healthy meals

-         Frozen to finished meals in less than 30 minutes

-         Casseroles and lasagna in a third of the time.

-         Stir-fry meats and vegetables

-         Bake pizza, potatoes, vegetables, or rolls

-         Poach fish or fruit

-         Perfect for delicate seafood






Prefer the sleek look of stainless steel? All of our cookware is available with stainless steel handles. Just ask!



316PLC vs. Store-Bought

316PLC is engineered and constructed of the finest quality materials in the industry. We combine 316L Surgical Stainless 7 ply full body construction, an engineered moisture seal, a tri-vent whistle, and some of the heaviest cover steel available to create a complete cooking system. This is not just another set of pots and pans. 316PLC cookware provides excellent heat conduction, a non-reactive surface that will not leach metals or chemicals into your food, and a minimum-moisture method of preparation. This state-of-the-art cooking system ensures highly nutritious foods that are flavorful and tender. In addition to maximizing time, saving money, and providing peace of mind, this high-quality cookware has a lifetime warranty.


316PLC … unlike all other options.


Non-surgical stainless steel cookware

-         Poor heat distribution

-         Must use oil or water

-         Hard to clean

-         Food can stick and burn


Non Stick-coated cookware

-         Will typically scratch, chip, and flake

-         Most brands are not dishwasher safe

-         Can leach chemicals into your food

-         Not recommended to use on high heat

-         Fumes from overheated pans can be harmful;


Aluminum Cookware

-         Very soft metal, can pit and warp

-         Can leach into your food when cooking acidic foods, such as tomato sauce

-         Many brands are not dishwasher safe


316PLC, quality for a lifetime and more!


316PLC: Unlike All Others

Many cookware companies advertise their cookware as multi-ply cookware. What they don't tell you is that it is only multi-ply on the bottom of the pan. This creates um-even heat distribution, and the need to use excess water to cook. 316PLC Cookware is 7-ply on all sides, which distributes the heat perfectly for true waterless cooking.



Lifetime Warranty

316PLC Cookware has manufactured your products to the highest standards. Each stainless steel part is unconditionally warranted against defective material and workmanship for the purchaser’s lifetime and is transferable once. To transfer the warranty, simply send a copy of the original purchase documents and the new owner’s name and address to 316PLC at the address below.

If a stainless steel part rusts, warps, chips, cracks, bends, melts or breaks, this is considered defective. Simply return the piece, postage prepaid, and we will repair or replace the item with an equivalent pan at no charge.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or alterations to the product. If a phenolic part(handle or knob) breaks or no longer functions, 316PLC will make a replacement without inquiry as to cause provided the purchaser pay a nominal fee for such phenolic parts.

This warranty gives you specific rights; and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

If service becomes necessary, send the product along with a description of the claimed defect to your local authorized distributor or to:


316PLC Cookware

Customer Service Department

3700 Wilshire Blvd

Suite# 740

Los Angeles, CA 90010