Herman Tulp

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2013. 10. 3.


Herman Tulp was born in Zwolle in 1955 and completed his training at Academie Minerva, the academy of art in Groningen, in 1980.
Among his teachers were the renowned Dutch painters Wout Muller and DiederikKraaijpoel.Tulp developed into a painter who paid great attention to detail, and he became known for his intricate and intimate still lives.
In recent years the female nude has played a central role in his paintings. The models he portrays radiate both strength and gentleness and are often situated in dreamy spaces.
His repertoire also includes houses, trains, cows and landscapes.
His work is available via Galerie Wildevuur (Hooghalen) and Galerie Utrecht. A number of his paintings form part of the collections of Museum Møhlmann and the Drents Museum; others are in private collections all over the world.