Jan Schmuckal

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2013. 10. 5.


Jan Schmuckal Thanks for taking time to read about me! My name is Jan Schmuckal, and I live in Geneva, Illinois on the banks of the Fox River. I grew up on a farm north of St. Charles, Illinois, the town just north of Geneva. As a kid, I was always doing some sort of art project, thanks to my very indulgent parents! I graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Industrial Design, and spent the following twelve years as a designer in the Point-of-Purchase industry. After many, many years as a designer, I had an overwhelming desire to start painting again (which I had not done since high school) and started to paint in a little makeshift studio in the corner of my apartment bedroom. I decided it was time to start painting what I wanted to, instead of what I had to. I took classes with nationally accredited artists such as Charles Movalli, Ron Riddick, Howard Carr, Kevin McPherson, Stan Sampson, George Strickland and other members of the Plein Air Painters of America. I entered regional shows, then national shows, then started winning national awards, placing work in galleries, giving workshops, (quitting my design job! Eeek!) opening 3 studios, teaching art... and finally opening my own gallery in a 112-year-old house that I renovated.  If you are ever in Geneva, stop by Gallery 28!