Anastasia Vostrezova

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2014. 9. 18.


Anastasia Vostrezova I see painting as the art of depicting the world in its beauty, be it a person, landscape or flower. Everything has its own color, its own mood, its own soul. In the physical world, through the perfection of form, the divine manifests itself in beauty. Beauty reveals and depicts what is eternal. In my paintings, I try to follow this practice in an effort to ensure that in the hearts of viewers, the painting arouses a world of thoughts, emotions happy or sad, but always poetic and sublime. Not always and not in every artwork can this result be achieved, but this is the main objective, without which painting becomes meaningless.

I spend a lot of time in the ballet theater, and in the auditorium, as well as backstage during performances and rehearsals. It is impossible not to love this magnificent scenic world. I often talk with the artists, musicians, people of ballet and I am very close to the words of the great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, addressed towards all ballet dancers and artists alike and even towards all people: “Let’s dance more, and try to find more beauty in the dance as well as in life. A true artist whether he dances or does something else always strives for beauty. So let us become one with the world of true artists, just as we become one with the world of dancers, because by replacing ugliness with beauty in visual images and intangible areas, we come a little closer to happiness and completeness