Thomas Miles Richardson

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2014. 9. 24.


Thomas Miles Richardson (17841848) was an English landscape-painter.

He was born at Newcastle on 15 May 1784. His father, George Richardson (died 1806) was the master of St. Andrew's grammar school, Newcastle; Moses Aaron Richardson was a younger brother.


Richardson was at first apprenticed to an engraver and afterwards to a cabinet-maker, whom he left to set up in business for himself. After five years of cabinet-making, he became a teacher, and from 1806 to 1813 filled the post which his father had held at the grammar school. Then he decided to adopt an artistic career, and soon acquired a reputation as a painter of landscape. He worked chiefly in watercolour, and found most of his subjects in the scenery of the Borders and the Scottish Highlands, though in later life he went as far afield as Italy and Switzerland.

He died at Newcastle on 7 March 1848, leaving a widow and a large family, one of whom, Thomas Miles Richardson Jr., followed the father's profession.