Gennadiy Koufay

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2014. 11. 23.


Gennadiy Koufay was born in 1961 in the Sevastopol city of Crimea (Russia) on the picturesque coast of the Black Sea. Gennadiy’s imagination and inventiveness was inspired by his father, a brilliant engineer inventor himself, who encouraged four years old boy to make isometric drawings of objects. Gennady’s creative impulses were so diversified and broad that included even unusual for boy work on embroidery in the kindergarten. At the very early age Gennadiy went to Art Studio and simultaneously to Musical school. For five years he has been playing domra, an exotic long-necked, four-stringed instrument, somewhat similar to a banjo or a lute. In 1973 he attended the Sevastopol School of Arts.

The theater played a significant role in Gennadiy artistic career.After successful debut in theatrical production of " Mowgli", Book of Jungle by R. Kipling, twenty years old Gennadiy was appointed a Chief Decorator of the Sevastopol Theater. There followed interesting projects on the stages of many Russian cities, including Kiev and Moscow.

Along with the theatrical production Gennadiy experimented as courtier in the field of high fashion and in 1986 opened his own clothing business. This experience greatly helped him subsequently in New York where he came in December1995. Later Gennadiy moved to Key West, Florida, where he has been working independently as a free-lance artist and completed several noteworthy art projects. Among them highly prized in the press decorative works for the Key West Festivals in 1996, 1997. Now Gennadiy resides in Florida and after noticeable financial independence he start doing what he always want to do, glamour and pinup art.

His efforts achieved much more than combining the expressivity of moment with an emphasis on form and the inherent qualities of the medium: through works he initiated a revival of the true means and meaning of eternal beauty of sexuality.