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ONLY clients co-operating / having their funds with AA rated prime banks in Western Europe, USA, Hong Kong or Singapore, are considered as qualified for getting invited for participating in a private placement program. For program participation, at least a MINIMUM of USD/EUR 1M as cash deposit, credit line or bank instruments are required.    

Investment Program / Trading Contracts are directly signed between the principal / investor and the prime bank / trader for the placement of funds into the investment program. The contract period is in general one year – if not special programs - based on 40 or 48 weeks trading per year; returns are guaranteed by the contract and are variable with every program, also depending on the investment sum. Extensions for a second year or more are possible.  

Generally, funds should be cash deposited on principal's account (minimum A+ prime bank), clean and clear, unencumbered and free of any liens; larger funds stay in principal's account as blocked or reserved funds in his bank and no transfer is necessary as long as the bank allows the issuance of a MT760; with principal’s deposit, only prime banks in Western Europe and United States are acceptable; Asian clients should cooperate with AA / A+ rated banks/ their branches in Western Europe or USA. Banks in Asia only with exceptional rating (Hong Kong, Singapore) and affiliated / correspondence banks in Western Europe; Besides cash deposited funds, also financial instruments as Bank Guarantee (BG formats ICC487/500 or ICC600), Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) guaranteed by client's bank and backed by bankable asset, Certificate of Deposit (CD) originating from prime banks and a Credit Line can be utilized as well for investment programs; however, cash deposited funds are most suitable for fund's placement. ONLY clients co-operating with Western European or US American A+ and AA rated banks are considered as qualified for getting invited for placement of their funds into an investment program.
The process from client's application up to the fund's placement may take up to 4 weeks, which requires close cooperation with the client.  Market related and operational changes in Terms & Conditions may occur and will be reported on request. As we are working only with the principal, the documentation is to be sent to us directly from the investor / principal owner of the funds to be invested; after having received qualified documentation, further instructions will follow. Qualified applications can be processed any time in due course of action according to banking rules and regulations without particular dates or other time limits. That assures you a safe administrative and operational process of program implementation. The documentation has to be fully in place; otherwise the application cannot be considered and forwarded directly to the Program Management.


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