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Our Services

Our services incorporate Investment Banking, Private Banking & Wealth Management, Asset & Financial Management, Investment Funding and Project Finance through the Facilitation of Specialist Banking Contracts for entering the bank secured Investment Programs / Private Placement Programs (Primary Market) conducted by AAA / AA rated European Prime Banks or Money Center Banks in Switzerland, Germany, UK and USA in close cooperation with Trading Platforms, Traders and Program Managers.

Contracts are provided to qualified Clients, whose investments are under their own account name, under their control during the period contracted, guaranteed, insured, safe guarded and monitored by banking authorities. Qualified applications can be processed any time in due course of action according to banking rules and regulations without particular dates or other time limits. That assures our Clients a safe transaction.

Bank Secured Investment Programs

The trading in "debt instruments" is a multi trillion dollar industry worldwide. Top world banks (Money Center Banks) are authorized to issue blocks of debt instruments like Bank Purchase Orders (BPOs), Promissory Bank Notes or Mid-Term Notes (MTNs), Zero Coupon Bonds (Zeros), Documentary Letters of Credit (DLCs), Stand By Letters of Credit (SLCs), or Bank Debenture Instruments (BDls) under International Chamber of Commerce guidelines (ICC - 500 & 600). The prices of these instruments are quoted as a percentage of the face amount of the instrument, with the initial market price being established when first issued. Thereafter, as they are resold to other banks, they are sold at escalating higher prices, thus realizing a profit on each transaction, which can take as little as one day to complete. As these debt instruments are bought and sold within the banking community, the trading cycles generally move from the higher level banks to lower level (smaller) banks. Often they move through as many as seven or eight trading cycles, until they eventually are sold to an already contracted retail customer or "exit buyer" such as a pension fund, trust fund, foundation, insurance company, security dealer, etc. that is seeking a conservative, reasonable yield investment that is suitable for 8 figure amounts. By the time the bank debentures ultimately reach the "retail" or secondary market level, they are of course selling at substantially higher prices than when originally issued. For example, while the original issuing bank might sell a "MTN" at 80% of it's face value, by the time it finally reaches the "retail/exit" buyer it can sell for 91% to 93% of it's face value. Since these transactions are intended for large financial institutions, they are denominated in face amounts commonly ranging from US $10 million. 
Several types of arrangements are available for investors to place their funds in trading programs. Returns vary from program to program, but most offer a contractual minimum return to the investor or a fixed yield per trade and minimum number of trades per year. 

1. Direct Programs: In most cases, the investor’s funds are directly employed for the trading program. The trading is actually done in an investor transaction account while granting the program’s trading manager limited power of attorney to conduct the trades. These programs offer high return and high “perceived risk”. 

2. Indirect Programs: In this case, the investor’s funds are utilized by the program’s trading manager to obtain a line of credit or loan. The proceeds are utilized by him to conduct a trading program in his own name. Through an arrangement between the program’s trading manager and the bank in which the funds are deposited, the investor’s funds are not encumbered by the loan and are therefore not placed at risk. The investment may be secured by a bank guarantee or CD that guarantees repayment of principal and often at least a minimum return to the investor. These programs offer medium to high returns and full security.  



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