How To Choose The Best Video Editing Software For Your Business

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2022. 2. 27.

Learn how to find the right video editing software such as Wondershare UniConverter and you can create videos today to help your business grow. You can choose the right video editing software for you based on your requirements and level of skill. Because of its integration with SEO and social media, video has been an integral part of the marketing toolkit. These are the key considerations when choosing video editing software.


Cloud integration

Cloud integration is essential if multiple people plan to edit the video or access it. Anyone with an application and login credentials can access the editing suite on their own devices. Certain systems, like Adobe Cloud, will integrate the video editing software and other design tools automatically. Editors can also work on multiple platforms with cloud integration. While some software is restricted to certain types of computers, many can now be accessed on PC and Mac on both desktops and mobiles.


Stock content licensed

Any music or images used in a video must be purchased by the creator. The owner of the rights to a song or picture will still be entitled to a portion of any profits made from the video. If the video is shared on social media platforms, this can quickly add up. There is no way for an uploader to know when the viewership will spike. This could lead to significant royalty fees. Video editing software usually comes with a royalty-free, pre-loaded music library and an image catalog. These rights are fully licensed for creators. Stock imagery and music are critical elements in production quality. The larger the libraries, the more creative the production team will be.


Multiple video formats

The number of devices available to filmmakers is unprecedented. However, each device can capture video at different resolutions. This affects the overall picture quality. While most people will record at the same resolutions and auto reframe the aspect ratios as 1080p and 720p, some programs are limited in their ability to edit certain resolutions. Make sure the software is compatible with your recording device. Many offerings include compatibility with 4k or 8k as the base, while professional equipment will require higher compatibility features. Programs with tiered pricing structures will often offer a basic or free option to allow users to get familiar with the system and process.



The software's complexity increases with the same technology exponentially improving. Many programs have too many features that the majority of users won't use. Final Cut Pro X is an example of a program that aims to simplify its product by offering tutorials to help new users learn the basics and how the core functions work.


Export to social media

Another feature that is widely available is the ability to export videos directly to YouTube or other major social networks. Companies are likely to create videos for social media sharing. A program that automatically formats and posts video to these sites can help save time and simplify the complex video formatting process.


Tiered plans

Beginners may not be aware of the most important features or how fast their skills will advance. Most programs that offer tiered pricing structures and plans will have a basic or free option that allows users to get familiar with the system and process. This will help users make informed decisions and reduce future costs. A platform can be upgraded to multiple tiers to ensure it is scalable in the event that its video department grows. Upgrades can be purchased at higher tiers by businesses to gain access to more advanced features like compress video, motion tracking and simultaneous editing tracks. Some plans can even be fully customized so users can choose the features that are most important to them.


Smart features

Smart features are automated tools that can handle simple but repetitive tasks. This is a huge time-saver for editors. Although not all software has smart features and only a few tools offer all the relevant options, these tools are becoming more popular.


Effects. Transitions, moving text and visual elements.

These features are subtle and professional, but require advanced skills. These programs can automatically apply these fixes to transform your recording into a compelling story that showcases your brand best to your audience.



Video editing, uploading and rendering required powerful computers hardware. Video editors required specialized hardware to complete the task. Many programs now offer optimization tools that can improve system performance and simultaneously import and render video footage. This makes it easier for everyone to access the program and eliminates the need for expensive or specialized equipment.