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"It's my own fault.

Mr.Paek wanted to have given a birth and would marry me.

However a bachelor was considered to ruin his family

if he married a gisaeng in those days.

So I made my decision to be his concubine.

I would live with him although he kept a second establishment with me.

He was very disappointed with me in that point.

"Is it everything you can say to give up your love?"

He left me after saying that.



I stopped smoking after fifty years' heavy smoking.

But I'm missing him more than nicotian.

"Some religion preaches that soul can get restored even after death,

but I don't believe it.

Whenever I dreamt of him, he didn't appear in his age.

Instead, he is always young like his image of 60 years ago.

The moment DMZ is abolished I will run to his tomb and bow him."





'Me, Natasia and a White donkey' is the poem Baek Seok recited for his lover, Jaya. In fact her real name was Younghan Kim but she was called Madam Jinhyang, which means a strong perfume, who belonged to a group of gisaeng. She got famous after she donated her luxurious restaurant located at the back street of politics to her respectful buddhist monk, Beopjeong, who reformed it into a temple called Gilsangsa.

She used to be a poet's sweatheart and eventually devoted herself to buddhism. She wasn't a prostitute selling laughter and drinks, but a performing art dancing and reciting poems. She showed her deep interest in literature and made her debut publishing her essay in the magazine, SamCholli, letting the library world know her.

In those days she went off to Japan to study with the help and recommendation of Shin Younkuk, a regular member of Korean language society. She worked by day and studied by night there, however, she got heard the news that he was imprisoned. At the moment she wrapped and returned to her country in order to send in private supplies for him, which destined her to fall in love with the poet, Baek Seok.


However, their journey of love curved around the continuous corner of tension and trouble. His parents didn't like him to shack up with a gisaeng and urged him to get married three times. Each time he married, he ran away from his spouse without touching her on the hand and came back to Jaya silently as if nothing had happened. Everytime she was so sorry to see him in such a situation and said goodbye to him and hid herself in secret place.


One day he appeared in her presence while she dwelled in a house located at Cheongjindong in Kyeongseong, Seoul and reached out his hand to give his poem, which was the right one, Me, Natasia and a White donkey. The poem is a kind of confession Paek Seok made in reply to Jaya's poem, A Snowy Day released in the Magazine of Samcheolli. She also had a gift of writing poems and she displayed her talent in various parts of art.

On another day he left her after saying that he would leave for Manchuria and come back to her with one hundred poems. Although she believed he return to her as he had done before, he never showed up before her. When she realized that he could come back again due to the latitude 38 dividing Korea into two parts, she cried reading his poems again and falling into swoon.

Eventually he left behind the borderline and she became the incarnation of a legendary faithful wife who died and was turned to stone waiting for her husband.


At about the time she published her love story with him under the title of "My Love, Paek Seok", he breathed his last in a remote mountain in north Korea. They lived together upward of 4 years but her excitement hidden in her heart whispered all her life.

When one reporter asked her

"When did you miss him most of all?",

she ticked him off replying as follows

"Do you think of your love only at some special time?