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 제가 여러 중학교 아이들을 가르켜 왔지만, 가장 어렵게 영어시험문제를 제출하는 곳이 서곡중인것 같습니다... 난이도 편차도 심해서..  아이들의 성적도 들쑥날쑥 하더군요... 또한, 출제교사의 성향에 따라서도.. 점수편차가 아주 심합니다.. 타 중학교 영어 성적으로 90점대가 나오는 아이가 70점대 점수가 나온다고 할 수 있겠네요....  도움이 되기를 바랍니다...



* 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (1~4)



 There`s an old couple in my neighborhood. They are poor and they

have no children. My mother and I went to their house this afternoon.

We cleaned their house and washed their clothes. We made some

food for them and (b)had dinner together. We (c)did the dishes after

dinner. We came back home at eight. I feel tired now, but I feel

(d)                 .


1. 윗글은 ‘8월 5일, 일요일, 비오는 날’에 쓴 일기이다. (a)에 들어가기에

   적당한 표현은?

 ① August 5, Sunday, Rainy.     ② October 5, Sunday, Rainy.

 ③ Cloudy, Sunday, October 5th. ④ Sunday, August 5th. Rainy.

 ⑤ August 5th. Rainy, Sunday.

2. 일기를 쓴 사람과 어머니가 한 일이 아닌 것은?

 ① 청소     ② 설거지     ③ 운동     ④ 음식장만     ⑤ 빨래

3. 윗글의 (b)와 (c)를 의미가 같은 다른 말로 바꿔 쓸 때 차례대로 알맞은


 ① ate - washed     ② eat - wash     ③ made - worked

 ④ ate - work        ⑤ felt - worked

4. 윗글의 내용상 (d)에 적당한 표현은?

 ① afraid of myself     ② proud of myself     ③ tired of myself

 ④ poor of myself      ⑤ sick of myself

* 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (주관식 1, 5번)


 A : Hello. Is Paul there?

 B : Speaking. Who`s calling, please?

 A : Hi, Paul. (a) This is Min-su.


주관식 1. Who called whom?

            이(가)         에게 전화함.

5. 밑줄 친 (a)대신 바꿔 쓰기에 적당하지 않은 것은?

 ① This is he.          ② This is Min-su speaking.

 ③ This is speaking.    ④ This is he speaking.

 ⑤ I am Min-su.

* 다음 Mike의 수첩을 보고 빈 칸에 알맞은 단어를 쓰시오. (주관식 2~3번)

   Mike did a lot of things last weekend.

   주관식2. He         Min-su on Friday.

   주관식3. He                 on Saturday.

   And he played computer games on Sunday.

   He was busy.

6. 다음 빈 칸에 알맞은 단어는?

   A : How old       you last year?

   B : I was 12.

 ① did     ② were     ③ was     ④ do     ⑤ does

7. 다음 글의 내용으로 보아 밑줄에 가장 적당한 말은?


 My parents and I visited my grandparents. They are farmers and they

grow rice. After lunch, my parents and I worked in the fields. It was

hard work, but I learned a lot about         .


 ① farming     ① flower     ③ grow     ④ animals     ⑤ parents

8. 밑줄 친 it의 쓰임이 다른 하나는?

 ① It rained all day long today.     ② It`s cold in winter.

 ③ It`s a nice cap.                 ④ It`s too dark.

 ⑤ What day is it?

9. 다음 대화의 밑줄에 들어갈 말로 적당하지 않은 것은?


 A : What did you do during the summer vacation?

 B : I went to my grandparents`.

 A :                           

 B : I went to my grandparents` house.


 ① You went where?     ② Pardon me?     ③ Excuse me?

 ④ I`m sorry.            ⑤ What did you say?

* 다음 대화를 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (10번, 주관식4)


 Woman : Can I help you?

 Mike : Yes, please. I`d like to take a swimming class.

        (a)        does it start?

 W : Next month.

 M : Okay. How many students (b)          in a class?

 W : Fifteen.

 M : Thanks.


10. 윗글의 내용상 (a)에 알맞은 말은?

 ① How     ② When     ③ Where     ④ Why     ⑤ What

주관식 4. (b)에 어울리는 두 단어의 영어를 쓰시오.

11. B의 밑줄에 어울리지 않는 표현은?

   A : I`d like to go bowling now. Do you want to join me?

   B :                   . Maybe next time.

 ① I`m tired.          ② It`s too late.          ③ I`m busy.

 ④ I have other plans. ⑤ That sounds great.

12. B의 응답으로 옳은 표현은?

   A : What are you going to do tonight?

   B :                                            

 ① I`m doing my homework.       ② I am going to watched TV.

 ③ I`m going to do the dishes.    ④ I`m play computer games.

 ⑤ I go to school.

13. 다음 빈 칸에 어울리지 않는 표현은?

   A : What is he going to do        ?

   B : He is going to go on a picnic.

 ① this holiday       ② on Saturday       ③ tomorrow

 ④ last Sunday      ⑤ tonight

* 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (14~15, 주관식5)


 Mi-na : Let`s (a)        Next month.

              (계획을 세우다)

 Mike : Okay, do you have any ideas?

 Mi-na : Yes. How about (b)take some classes at the Seoul

         Community Center?

 Mike : That`s a great idea. Let`s go and (c)       a class

        schedule there.

 Mi-na : Here is the list of the classes.

         Let`s (d)           it.

 Mike : There are five classes on Saturday and four classes

        on Sunday.


14. (a)에 들어갈 알맞은 말은?

 ① make plans for       ② making plans for

 ③ made a plan on      ④ take classes

 ⑤ have ideas

주관식 5. 밑줄 친 (b)를 알맞게 고치시오.

15. 윗글의 내용상 (c)와 (d)에 적절한 표현을 차례로 썼을 때 맞는 것은?

 ① turn up - take a rest          ② pick up - take a look at

 ③ pick up - take it easy         ④ turn up - take it easy

 ⑤ get up - take a look at

16. 다음 중 옳은 문장은?

 ① I want eat pizza.

 ② He will like to going to church.

 ③ What do your mother want to do this Sunday?

 ④ I want to orange juice.

 ⑤ What do you want to drink?

17. 다음 단어의 설명이 잘못된 것은?

 ① cart : a large wire basket on wheels that you use in a supermarket

 ② empty : having nothing inside

 ③ schedule : a plan of what someone is going to do

 ④ pea : a plant with a long thick orange pointed root that you eat as

          a vegetable

 ⑤ aisle : a long passage between rows of seats, shelves

18. 밑줄 친 부분의 발음이 다른 하나는?

 ① cough     ② around     ③ loud     ④ blouse     ⑤ out

* 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (19, 주관식6~7번)


 Ann said, "You needed (a)      at the store, (b)          ?"

"Yes, I did." said Mike. "But I can`t remember (c)      . It wasn`t

peas or carrots. I just cannot remember!" "Next time, make a shopping

list and be a wise (d)shop." said Ann. "You can write (e)      down.

Then you won`t forget it." "That`s it" said Mike. "Thank you, Ann. Now

I remember! I need some paper and pencils for a shopping list."


19 . 밑줄 친 (a), (c), (e)에 적절한 표현을 순서대로 바르게 쓴 것은?

 ① anything - something - nothing

 ② anything - anything - something

 ③ something - something - everything

 ④ something - anything - nothing

 ⑤ something - anything - everything

주관식 6. (b)에 들어갈 부가의문문을 쓰시오.

주관식 7. 글의 내용에 맞게 (d)shop을 알맞은 형태로 바꿔 쓰시오.

20. 대화의 내용상 밑줄에 적절한 표현은?

   A : Did you bring your shopping list?

   B : Oh, no. I forgot it.

       I        it in the living room.

 ① remembered     ② left     ③ brought     ④ wanted     ⑤ was

21. 주어진 문장이 들어가기에 알맞은 곳은?

     ** Anything else? **

 ◎ Can I hel you?

 ◎ Yes, please. I want a blouse.


 ◎ How about this blue one?


 ◎ It`s nice, I`ll take it.


 ◎ No, thanks. Can you wrap it, please?

    It`s a gift for my mom.


 ◎ No, problem.


22. B의 응답으로 알맞은 것은?

   A : The music is too loud.

   B :                       .

 ① I`ll get a drink for you.       ② I`ll open the window for you.

 ③ I`ll turn it down for you.      ④ I`ll turn it up for you.

 ⑤ I`ll turn it on for you.

23. 다음 대화의 빈 칸에 (a), (b) 차례대로 알맞은 말은?

   A : What does your brother do every Saturday?

   B : He (a)      swimming.

   A : What will your brother do next Sunday?

   B : He (b)      fishing.

 ① went - went       ② goes - go       ③ will go - went

 ④ goes - went       ⑤ goes - will go

24. 다음 대화에서 B는 어느 곳에서 원하는 물건을 살 수 있을까요?

   A : May I help you?

   B : I`m looking for books.

 ① 1층     ② 2층     ③ 3층     ④ 4층     ⑤ 모든 층에서

주관식 8. 밑줄 친 곳에 알맞은 단어를 쓰시오.

   A : I`m looking for a       of gloves. (한 컬레의 장갑)

   B : What size do you want?

   A : Medium.

   B : What color would you like?

   A : Black.

   B : Here you are.