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 제가 여러 중학교 아이들을 가르켜 왔지만, 가장 어렵게 영어시험문제를 제출하는 곳이 서곡중인것 같습니다... 난이도 편차도 심해서..  아이들의 성적도 들쑥날쑥 하더군요... 또한, 출제교사의 성향에 따라서도.. 점수편차가 아주 심합니다.. 타 중학교 영어 성적으로 90점대가 나오는 아이가 70점대 점수가 나온다고 할 수 있겠네요....  도움이 되기를 바랍니다...

* 대화를 읽고 물음에 답하시오.


Mike : Hello. (A)                      ?

Mi-na : Speaking. (B) 누구시죠?

Mike : Hi, Mi-na. This is Mike.

Mi-na : Hi, Mike. How are you doing?

Mike : Fine, How was your summer?

Mi-na : Oh, it was great.


1. (A)에 들어갈 표현으로 바르지 못한 것은?      

 ① May I speak to Mi-na?       ② Can I speak to Mi-na?

 ③ Is Mi-na there?              ④ Can you speak to Mi-na?

 ⑤ Can I talk to Mi-na?

2. (B)에 해당하는 표현으로 가장 적당하지 않은 것은?

 ① Who`s speaking, please?       ② Who`s calling, please?

 ③ Who`s this, please?            ④ Who are you, please?

 ⑤ May I ask who`s calling?

3. 다음 중 대화의 표현이 바른 것은?

 ① A : What did you do yesterday?

    B : I go to my grandparents`.

 ② A : What do you want?

    B : I want to pizza.

 ③ A : What are you going to do after school?

    B : I`m going to shopping.

 ④ A : How was your holiday?

    B : Oh, it is great.

 ⑤ A : How are you doing?

    B : I`m doing all right.

4. 다음 중 대화의 내용과 일치하는 것은?


A : Hello. May I speak to Min-ho, please?

B : Speaking.

A : Hi, Min-ho. This is Mike. Gi-ho and I are going to play baseball

    tomorrow. Do you want to join us?

B : No, thanks. Maybe next time.


 ① Min-ho and Gi-ho are talking on the phone.

 ② Gi-ho and Mike are going to play baseball tomorrow.

 ③ Min-ho is going to play baseball tomorrow.

 ④ Min-ho wants to join Gi-ho and Mike.

 ⑤ Min-ho called Mike on the phone.

5. 다음 대화의 순서로 올바른 것은?


ⓐ Seventeen.

ⓑ Next Tuesday.

ⓒ May I help you?

ⓓ When does it start?

ⓔ How many people are there in a class?

ⓕ Yes, please. I`d like to take a swimming class.


 ① ⓒⓕⓓⓑⓔⓐ       ② ⓒⓕⓑⓓⓐⓔ       ③ ⓔⓐⓓⓑⓒⓕ

 ④ ⓓⓑⓒⓕⓐⓔ       ⑤ ⓕⓒⓓⓑⓐⓔ

6. 다음 대화를 읽고 물음에 답하시오.


Mi-na : You brought your shopping list, didn`t you?

Mike : No, I didn`t. I forgot it.

Mi-na : What are you going to do?

Mike : Well, then I`ll buy a shirt for my dad. Next Sunday is his


Mi-na : Okay. Let`s go to the clothing store.


Q : What did Mike forget to bring?

① a shirt          ② a birthday gift          ③ a shopping list

④ a clothing store ⑤ a shopping list

* 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.


A : May I help you?

B : Yes, please. I`m looking for a shirt.

A : The shirts are over there.

B : Do you have this shirt in medium?

A : Yes, Here you are.

B : it`s nice. I`ll take it. Can you wrap it, please. It`s a gift for

    my dad.

A : No problem.


7. 위 대화가 이루어지는 장소는? (2점)

 ① at the gift shop          ② at the post office      

 ③ at the clothing store      ④ on the street

 ⑤ at the bakery

8. 위 대화의 밑줄 핀 표현과 바꿔 쓸 수 있는 표현은?

 ① Here we are.       ② Here it is.       ③ There you go.

 ④ Here it go.         ⑤ There it is.

* 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.


Sunday, August 5th. Rainy.

There`s an old couple in my neighborhood. They are poor and they

have no children. My mother and I went to their house this afternoon.

We cleaned their house and washed their clothes. We made some

food for them and had dinner together. We did the dishes after

dinner. We came back home at eight. I feel tired now, but I feel

proud of        .


9. 위 글을 읽은 후 느낄 수 있는 주인공의 심정은? (2점)

 ① 후회스러운       ② 슬픈       ③ 지루한

 ④ 미안한           ⑤ 자랑스러운

10. 위 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은?

 ① 나의 이웃에는 노부부가 산다.

 ② 노부부에게는 자식들이 없다.

 ③ 우리는 설거지도 하고 빨래도 해주었다.

 ④ 우리는 집에 돌아와서 함께 저녁을 먹었다.

 ⑤ 나는 지금 피곤하다.

주관식 1. 윗 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 단어를 쓰시오. (3점)

   I feel tired now, but I feel proud of        .

* 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.


Saturday, July 21st. Warm and sunny.

 My parents and I visited my grandparents today. They`re (A)     .

They grow rice and vegetables. They have animals, too. They work

very hard. After lunch, my parents and I worked in the fields. It was

hard work, but I learned a lot about farming.


11. 위 글에서 밑줄 친 They가 공통으로 가리키는 말은?

 ① my grandparents             ② my parents

 ③ my parents and I             ④ farmers

 ⑤ my parents and grandparents

주관식 2. 윗 글 (A)에 들어갈 말을 쓰시오. (3점)

   They are         (s)

12. 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.


I was very busy today. I washed the dishes after breakfast. After

lunch, I went shopping with my mother. In the evening, I helped

my brother with his homework. It was a very busy day.


Q. 주인공 ‘I'가 오늘 가장 먼저 한 일은 무엇입니까?

 ① washing the dishes       ② going shopping

 ③ eating lunch              ④ helping my brother

 ⑤ having breakfast

13. 다음 주어진 문장 다음에 이어질 문장들의 순서로 바른 것은?

   Monday, September 3rd. Rainy.

   It rained all day long today.

ⓐ I was late for class.

ⓑ I was very tired last night, and I got up late this morning

ⓒ It was a terrible day.

ⓓ I hurried to the bus stop.

ⓔ I missed the school bus and walked to school.

 ① ⓓⓑⓔⓒⓐ      ② ⓑⓓⓐⓔⓒ      ③ ⓑⓓⓔⓐⓒ

 ④ ⓐⓔⓑⓓⓒ      ⑤ ⓐⓓⓔⓒⓓ

14. 다음 중 ‘be going to'의 의미가 다른 하나는?  

A : Where are you going?

B : ①I`m going to the Seoul Community Center.

A : What ②are you going to do there?

B : ③I`m going to take a swimming class.

A : Do you want to join me?

B : No, thanks. Maybe next time?

A : What ④are you going to take, then?

B : ⑤I`m going to take a computer class.

15. 다음 대화에서 어법상 옳은 표현은? (4점)

Mi-na : Let`s make plans for next month.

Mike : Okay. ①Do you have some ideas?

Mi-na : Yes. ②How about take some classes at the Seoul Community


Mike : That`s a great idea. ③Let`s go and pick up a class schedule


Mi-na : ④Here are the list of the classes.

        ⑤Let`s take a look at them.


* 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.


Mike : There are five classes on Saturday and four classes on Sunday.

Mi-na : What are you going to take, Mike?

Mike : I`d like to take a swimming class. Do you want to join me?

Mi-na : No thanks. Maybe next time.

Mike : Why?

Mi-na : Because I (A)      it last month.

Mike : Oh, I see. (B)What are you going to take, then?

Mi-na : I`m going to take a bowling class on Saturday. And I`d like

        to take a computer class on Sunday. You like computer

        games, don`t you?

Mike : Yes, I do. (C)I`d like to join you on Sunday.

Mi-na : Wonderful.


16. 윗글의 ‘class schedule'의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? (4점)

 ① It`s a class schedule for weekend.

 ② There are five classes on Saturday.

 ③ There is a dancing class at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday.

 ④ There are four classes on Sunday.

 ⑤ There is a computer class only on Saturday.

17. 윗글 (A)에 들어갈 동사의 형태로 알맞은 것은?

 ① took     ② takes     ③ taken     ④ taking     ⑤ take

18. 윗글 (C)가 의미하는 내용은?

 ① 너랑 함께 일요일에 컴퓨터 게임을 하고 싶다.

 ② 너랑 함께 일요일에 컴퓨터 사고 싶다.

 ③ 너랑 함께 일요일에 볼링수업 받고 싶다.

 ④ 너랑 함께 일요일에 컴퓨터 수업을 받고 싶다.

 ⑤ 너랑 함께 일요일에 볼링장에 가고 싶다.

주관식 3. 윗글에서 (B)의 표현을 비슷한 표현으로 바꿀 때 다음 문장에 들어갈

알맞은 조동사를 쓰시오. (3점)

   What are you going to take, then?

   = What        you take, then?

19. 다음 주어진 문장이 들어갈 가장 알맞은 곳은?

   Mike and Ann went shopping together.

① Mike needed some thing at the store. ② They pushed the cart. ③

They just looked at the yellow bananas, the green peas, and the orange

carrots. ④ They saw candy and chocolate. ⑤ Mike didn`t put anything

in the cart.

20. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 알맞은 표현은?


They walked up and down every aisle, and their shopping cart was

still (A)      . They were getting very (B)      .


 ① (A) empty  (B) boring       ② (A) full  (B) tired

 ③ (A) empty  (B) tired         ④ (A) large  (B) boring

 ⑤ (A) small  (B) tired

21. 다음 글에서 Ann이 Mike에게 한 말의 의도는?


“Next time, make a shopping list and be a wise shopper." said Ann.

"You can write everything down. Then you won`t forget it."

"That`s it!" said Mike. "Thank you, Ann. Now I resemble! I need some

paper and pencils for a shopping list."


 ① 초대     ② 경고     ③ 충고     ④ 사과     ⑤ 칭찬

* 다음 물음에 답하시오.


Ann said, "You needed something at the store,            ?" "Yes,

I did." said Mike. "But I can`t remember anything. It wasn`t peas or

carrots. I just cannot remember!"


주관식 4. 윗글 빈칸에 들어갈 말을 쓰시오. (5점) (부가의문문)

   You needed something at the store,             ?

22. 윗글에서 느껴지는 Mike의 심정으로 알맞은 것은?

 ① 즐거움     ② 답답함     ③ 지루함     ④ 행복함     ⑤ 놀라움

23. 다음 대화 중 서로 어울리지 않는 것은? (2점)     

 ① A : It`s too dark here.

    B : I`ll turn the light off.

 ② A : I`m thirsty.

    B : I`ll get a drink for you.

 ③ A : It`s very hot in this room.

    B : I`ll open the window for you.

 ④ A : I have a headache.

    B : I`ll get some hot tea for you.

 ⑤ A : The music is too loud.

    B : I`ll turn it down for you.

24. 다음 밑줄 친 부분의 발음이 나머지 넷과 다른 하나는? (2점)    

 ① brought     ② bought     ③ cough     ④ fought     ⑤ house

주관식 5. 다음 대화에 들어갈 알맞은 말을 순서대로 쓰시오. (4점)

A : I`m looking for a pair of gloves.

B : What (A)      do you want?

A : Medium.

B : What (B)      would you like?

A : Black.

B : Here you are.

주관식 6. 다음 문장을 의문문으로 바꾸시오. (4점)

   You brought your shopping list.

   =>        you        your shopping list?

주관식 7. 다음은 Mike가 엄마에게 쓴 메모입니다. 괄호안의 동사를 알맞은

형태로 바꾸시오. (5점)


Mom, I`m going to the market. I (buy) some paper, erasers and

stamps. I (buy) some books and notebook, too. I`ll back around

5:00 p.m.



buy ->             (두 단어로 쓰시오)          

주관식 8. 다음을 영작할 때 빈칸에 들어갈 알맞은 말을 쓰시오. (3점)

   책은 1층에서 살 수 있습니다.

   You        buy books on the first floor. 



담아갈께요 답은어디있나요?