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 제가 여러 중학교 아이들을 가르켜 왔지만, 가장 어렵게 영어시험문제를 제출하는 곳이 서곡중인것 같습니다... 난이도 편차도 심해서..  아이들의 성적도 들쑥날쑥 하더군요... 또한, 출제교사의 성향에 따라서도.. 점수편차가 아주 심합니다.. 타 중학교 영어 성적으로 90점대가 나오는 아이가 70점대 점수가 나온다고 할 수 있겠네요....  도움이 되기를 바랍니다...


※ 다음 대화를 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (1~3)


Mike : Hello. May I speak to Mi-na, please?

Mi-na : ⓐ           . Who`s calling, please?

Mike : Hi, Mi-na. This is Mike.

Mi-na : Hi, Mike. ⓑHow are you doing?

Mike : Fine. How was your summer?

Mi-na : Oh, ⓒIt was great! 


1. 밑줄 친 ⓐ에 적당하지 않은 것은? (2점)

 ① This is she       ② This is Mi-na speaking       ③ Speaking

 ④ This is speaking  ⑤ She is Mi-na

2. 밑줄 친 ⓑ와 의미가 같지 않은 것은? (2점)

 ① How`s it going?       ② How are you?       ③ How do you do?

 ④ How`s everything?     ⑤ How are things?

3. 다음 중 밑줄 친 ⓒ의 의미가 아닌 것은? (2점)

 ① It was wonderful.       ② I had a great summer.

 ③ It was fantastic.        ④ It was terrible.

 ⑤ I had fun.

※ 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (4~6)


Thursday, October 6th. Rainy.

 It rained all day long today. I was very tired last night, and I got up

late this morning. I ⓐ      to the bus stop. I missed the school

bus and walked to school. I was late for class.  


4. 윗글의 종류는?

 ① Novel     ② Diary     ③ Letter     ④ Essay     ⑤ Poem

5. 윗글의 ⓐ에 들어갈 적당한 말은?

 ① hurried     ② hurry     ③ hurryed     ④ hurries     ⑤ will hurry

6. 윗글을 쓴 주인공의 마음을 가장 잘 나타낸 것은?

 ① happy     ② terrible     ③ excited     ④ bored     ⑤ proud

※ 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (주1, 7, 주2, 8)


 There`s an old couple in my neighborhood. They are poor and ⓐthey

don`t have any children. My mother and I went to their house this

afternoon. We cleaned their house and ⓑ      their clothes. We

made some food for them and had dinner together. We ⓑ           

the dishes after dinner. We ⓒcame (      ) home at eight. I feel

                               (집에 돌아오다)

tired now, but I feel proud of myself.


주관식 1. (4점)

밑줄 친 ⓐ를 같은 뜻의 문장으로 만들 때 빈 칸에 알맞은 말은?

   They             children.

7. 밑줄 친 ⓑ에 공통으로 들어가기에 적당한 말은?

 ① got     ② were     ③ closed     ④ worked     ⑤ washed

주관식 2. (3점)

밑줄 친 ⓒ의 괄호 안에 알맞은 단어를 쓰시오.

8. 윗글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은?

 ① An old couple in my neighborhood is poor.

 ② My mother and I made food for an old couple.

 ③ My mother and I had dinner with an old couple after doing

    the dishes.

 ④ My mother and I got home at 8:00 p.m.

 ⑤ I am proud of myself.

9. 다음 빈 칸에 쓸 수 없는 것은?      

   I visited my uncle          .

 ① the day after tomorrow       ② last Monday

 ③ this morning                  ④ after school

 ⑤ the day before yesterday

10. 다음 대화에서 제의에 대한 거절의 표현이 아닌 것은?

   A : I want to go mountain climbing.

       Would you like to join me?

   B :                     .

 ① I`m busy.           ② No thanks. Maybe next time.

 ③ I have other plans.  ④ Sounds great.

 ⑤ I`m tired.

11. 밑줄 친 문장과 의미가 같은 표현은?

   A : I`m going to go hiking. How about joining me?

   B : I`d love to.

 ① Would you like to come with me?

 ② What are you going to do?

 ③ Do you love me?

 ④ Where do you want to go hiking?

 ⑤ How wonderful it is!

※ 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (12, 주3, 주4, 13)


Mi-na : Here is the list of the classes.

        Let`s take a look at it. ⓐ                          

Mike : There are five classes on Saturday and four classes

       on Sunday. ⓑ                          

Mi-na : What are you going to take, Mike?

Mike : I`d like to take a swimming class.


Mi-na : I`m sorry, I can`t.

Mike : Why?

Mi-na : Because I took it last month.

Mike : Oh, I see. ⓓ                               

       What are you going to take, then?

Mi-na : I`m going to take a bowling class on Saturday.


        And I`d like to take a computer class on Sunday.

        You like computer games, don`t you?

Mike : Yes, I do. I`d like to join you on ⓕ             

Mi-na : Wonderful.


12. 다음 주어진 문장이 들어가기에 알맞은 곳은?

   Do you want to join me?

 ① ⓐ     ② ⓑ     ③ ⓒ     ④ ⓓ     ⑤ ⓔ

주관식 3. (4점 : 각 2점씩)

   Why won`t Mi-na take a swimming class?

   -> Because she (      ) it (      ) time.

주관식 4. (3점)

윗글의 내용상 밑줄 ⓕ에 알맞은 요일을 영어로 쓰시오.

13. 윗글의 내용과 일치하는 것은?

 ① Mi-na and Mike don`t know the list of the classes.

 ② There are 5 class on Sunday.

 ③ Mike will take a bowling class on Saturday.

 ④ Mi-na and Mike will take a computer class together.

 ⑤ Mike doesn`t like computer games.

14. John은 한국어를 배우려고 한다. 그 과정을 순서에 맞게 배열했을 때

    가장 적절한 것은?


ⓐ He`s going to buy a Korean-English dictionary.

ⓑ He`s going to practice some Korean words with his Korean friends.

ⓒ He`s going to ask her how to use the dictionary.

ⓓ He`s going to call Mi-na.


 ① ⓐ-ⓑ-ⓒ-ⓓ      ② ⓑ-ⓓ-ⓐ-ⓒ      ③ ⓒ-ⓐ-ⓑ-ⓓ

 ④ ⓓ-ⓑ-ⓒ-ⓐ      ⑤ ⓐ-ⓓ-ⓒ-ⓑ

15. 다음 중 밑줄 친 부분이 잘못된 것은?

 ① I want pizza.

 ② How about take some classes there?

 ③ I would like to go on a picnic.

 ④ I`m going to the Seoul Community Center.

 ⑤ Do you have any ideas?

16. 다음 대화의 빈 칸에 가장 알맞은 말은?

   A :                              

   B : Take a rest at home.

 ① I`m thirsty.            ② I`m going to do my homework.

 ③ I`m hungry.           ④ I don`t feel well today.

 ⑤ You are a good friend.

17. 다음 단어의 관계가 나머지 넷과 다른 하나는?

 ① forget - remember       ② empty - full 

 ③ expensive - cheap       ④ push - pull

 ⑤ gift - present

18. 다음 중 밑줄 친 부분의 발음이 다른 하나는?

 ① loved     ② washed     ③ looked     ④ watched     ⑤ liked

19. 다음은 어떤 단어를 설명한 것인가?

   having nothing inside

 ① empty     ② carrot     ③ outside     ④ wise     ⑤ still

20. 다음 중 대화가 어울리지 않는 것은?

 ① A : Do you have this blouse in size 14?

    B : Yes, we do.

 ② A : It`s too dark, isn`t it?

    B : Yes, it is. I`ll turn on the light for you.

 ③ A : Could you wrap it, please?

    B : No problem.

 ④ A : The music is too loud, isn`t it?

    B : Yes, it`s very loud. I`ll turn it up.

 ⑤ A : What are you going to do?

    B : Well, I`ll just buy books.

주관식 5. (3점)

다음 두 대화의 빈 칸에 공통으로 들어갈 단어를 쓰시오.

   A : May I help you?

   B : I`m looking       a skirt.

   A : Can you wrap it, please? It`s a gift       my son.   

   B : Sure.

※ 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (21, 22, 주6)


 Mike needed some things at the store. Mike and Ann went shopping

together. Mike didn`t put ⓐ       in the cart because he forgot

what to buy.

  "Next time, make a shopping list and ⓑ(      ) a wise shopper."

                                        (현명한 구매가자 되어라)

said Ann. "You can write everything down. Then you won`t forget it."

"That`s it!" said Mike. "Thank you, Ann. Now I remember!"


21. 밑줄 친 ⓐ에 들어갈 적당한 표현은?

 ① something       ② nothing       ③ anything

 ④ shopping        ⑤ getting

22. 윗글의 내용상 마지막 말에 이어질 내용으로 가장 적당한 것은?

 ① Mike will be angry.

 ② Ann won`t go shopping with Mike.

 ③ Mike will give up shopping.

 ④ Mike and Ann will not talk to each other.

 ⑤ Mike will buy some paper and pencils for a shopping list.

주관식 6. (3점)

밑줄 친 ⓑ의 괄호 안에 알맞은 단어를 쓰시오.

23. 다음 중 A에 대한 B의 응답으로 어색한 것은?

   A : Will you close the door, please?

   B :                                 

 ① No, I won`t.        ② That`s OK.        ③ Yes, I will

 ④ Sure.               ⑤ Sorry, but I can`t.

24. 주어진 문장 중 내용이 다른 하나는?

 ① I want to buy a sweater.

 ② I`d like to try this sweater on.

 ③ I need a sweater.

 ④ I want a sweater.

 ⑤ I`d like to buy a sweater.

주관식 7. (4점)

다음 빈 칸에 알맞은 단어를 쓰시오.

   A :       you late for school last Tuesday?

   B : Yes, I was.

주관식 8. (3점)

다음 밑줄 친 부분을 괄호 안의 말로 바꾸어 문장을 자연스럽게 고치시오.

   What did she do yesterday? (next month)

   -> What       she             do next month?

주관식 9. (4점)

다음 대화의 빈 칸에 ‘bring'의 알맞은 형태를 쓰시오.

   A : Tom, Did you bring your English book?

   B : Yes, I       it.