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 어휘 근거는 고2 모의고사 문제와 EBS영문법특강, 200제를 기준으로 잡았습니다.

 어휘 실력이 부족한 학생들에게 적합할 것이고,

 또한 예제를 준비하여 이해를 더욱 높이려고 노력했습니다.....



1. appeal 간청하다, 호소하다, (마음에)와닿다;

ex) * He said he would appeal after being found guilty on four counts of murder.

* The design has to appeal to all ages and social groups.

* I am appealing on behalf of the famine victims.


2. differ ~와 다르다(from)

ex) * French differs from English in this respect.

* Ideas in childcare may differ considerably between the parents.

* Each drawing differs only slightly from the drawing that comes before it and the one that comes after it.


3. generate (아이를)낳다, ~를 만들다, 생성하다

ex) * We need someone to generate a new ideas.

* The proposal has generated a lot of interest.

* This has become increasingly computer-generated recently.


4. ban 금지하다

ex) * Chemical weapons are banned internationally.

* She`s been banned from leaving Greece while the allegations are investigated.

* He was banned from driving for six months.


5. nutritious 영양분이 풍부한

ex) * Peanuts are nutritious and many kinds enjoy the taste of them.


6. manage ~을 관리/경영하다, ~을 잘 해내다

ex) * I don`t now exactly how we`ll manage it, but we will, somehow.

* We managed to get to the airport in time.

* We need people who are good at managing.


7. furthemore 더욱이

ex) * He said he had not discussed the matter with her. Furthemore, he had not even contacted her.


8. poverty 가난, 결핍

ex) * Many elderly people live in poverty.

* There is a poverty of color in her work.


9. rush 돌진하다, 급하게 가다

ex) * We`ve got plenty of time; there`s no need to rush.

* I`ve been rushing around all day trying to get everything.

* Ambulances rushed the injured to the hospital.

10. seem ~인 것 같다,

ex) * It seems that they know what they`re doing.

* It seems only reasonable to ask students to buy a dictionary.


11. productive 생산적인

ex) * My time spent in the library was very productive.


12. cozy 편안한, 안락한

ex) * I felt warm and cozy sitting by the fire.

* The firm has a cozy relationship with the Ministry of Defence.

* The hotel where we stayed was comfortable and cozy.


13. apply 적용하다, 지원하다, 신청하다

ex) * He has applied to join the army.

* The new technology was applied to farming.

* Anyone who is interested in the job is advised to apply before next Tuesday.


14. messy 뒤범벅의, 혼란된, 불결한

ex) * The house was always messy.

* The divorce was painful and messy.

* My fellow citizens, I promise that I will help to clean up this city from its messy state.


15. arrest 체포하다, ~을 만류하다

ex) * A man has been arrested in connection with the robbery.

* Five people were arrested for drug-related offences.


16. opportunity 기회

ex) * You`ll have the opportunity to ask any questions at the end.

* At least give him the opportunity of explaining what happened.


17. attentive 주의 깊은, ~을 경청하는

ex) * The hotel staff are friendly and attentive.

* He stood on the sidelines and watched the game attentively.


18. respond 응답하다, 반응하다

ex) * I asked him his name, but he didn`t respond.

* When asked about the company`s future, the director responded that he remained optimistic.


19. comment 논평, 설명, 언급

ex) * She made helpful comments on my work.

* Have you any comment to make about the cause of the disaster?

* He handed me the document without comment.


20. stray 길을 잃다, 방황하다, 안절부절하다

ex) * Her parents fear that, living in this neighborhood, she might stray into the wrong company.




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