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The boys and girls, who are taught to me English, finally completed a term-end examination. For a half and a month, the students and I did supplementary lectures for the exam almost every day.

  Sometimes, frightening and encouraging them, I have taught an English subject to them very hard. I really have done my best and They also have followed me, while helping one another.

  When someone depended upon me and looked at me with charmingly clear eyes...

...... though being hard, I felt like I might live a life worth while to live1) with an overflowing mind.

  I hope these students` pure hearts won`t be damaged by adults`s feelings of selfish and jealousy. So I want it to be the biggest motive power beautifying our world.

  This world isn`t only mine. And sweet fruits given by the world is only shared for our students. We must let ourselves not to be consumer having fruits of improvement and to be producer making fruits of improvement.

  I said to my students received as valuable grades as they tried harder, "Thanks very much. How nice!!"   with a broad smile after a long interval...



1) 1. be worth something) to have a value in money; The house must be worth quite a lot of money now. one of the pictures is worth $50,000.

   2. be worth doing something) used to say that something is interesting, useful, or helpful; A lot of the small towns in the area are definitely worth visiting.

   3. be worth it) used to say that you gain something from an action; It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it.

   4. be not worth it) used to say that you do not gain anything from action; I thought about trying to talk to him about it, but decided it wasn`t worth it.

   5. be worth somebody`s while to do something) used to say that someone should spend time or money on something because they will gain something from it; It might be worth your while to talk to the head of department.

   6. make it worth somebody`s while) to offer something to someone so that they will do something for you; He promised to make it worth our while.

   7. what`s it worth to you?) used humorously to ask someone how they will reward you if you do something for them;

   8. worth his/her salt) doing their job well or deserving respect; Any player worth his salt would love to play for his country.